Lost Land with IDeKay is the first split album by Lost Land and also the first split album by IDeKay and is the first one featuring IDeKay. The album was released by Heart Records in 1976 in December and was their first hit album-based musical release.

Track listing Edit

Lost Land Edit

  1. "Love Lost Well" - 2:44
  2. "Hearts of Hate" - 2:21
  3. "The Land" - 2:00
  4. "For Justice..." - 1:00
  5. "No Peaceful..." - 3:22

IDeKay Edit

  1. "Getting a Chance to Die" - 2:34
  2. "Get Bloodied" - 2:33
  3. "Capricorn of Darkness" - 3:00
  4. "Tropics" - 3:44
  5. "Do You Wanna Die?" - 3:00

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