Lost Land is an American punk rock band from California. They formed in 1970, they also went on hiatus in 1995-2002. By that time they hardly had new fans and young people looked down on them looked down on them because they were really, really old punks. No amount of botox could hide that.

History Edit

In the summer of 1965, teenager Nick Raynier, the son of Dick Raynier, an engineer at Boeing in Seal Beach, California, began a garage band with some neighborhood buddies. This was not the Lost Land that would form later; this band was a learning experience for Nick.

With the help of Nick's father, the teens began performing near the then-brand-new University of California-Irvine, where the elder Raynier became an engineering professor. Nick was a huge fan of legendary guitarist Duane Eddy as well as the Beach Boys.

The boys performed in the summers of 1965 and 1966 and then went their separate ways. Vintage Super 8 home movies of some of these performances were recently posted by Raynier on YouTube.

Nick and one of the buddies, Dave Dykhoff, another Duane Eddy devotee who, unlike Nick, actually played the guitar, began attending UCI in the fall of 1969. They began surfing and playing small coffeehouses in and around the Los Angeles/Orange County area. Drummer Cam Winklehoff joined the two soon afterward. In 1970 they decided to name themselves "Lost Land" as a commentary on the dull but strangely interesting suburban lifestyle they experienced on a day-to-day basis.

In the fall of 1971, Nick decided to go on an around-the-world surfing tour to "follow the sun", he got as far as Miami, Florida and ended up meeting his future wife there as well as forming the band for which he is now best known, IDeKay.

Line-up Edit

Discography Edit

Studio releases Edit

EPs Edit

Compilations Edit

Live Edit

Split albums Edit

  1. Lost Land with IDeKay (1976)
  2. Lost Land with Burn House (1979)
  3. Lost Land with Fleshgrind (1986)
  4. Lost Land with IDeKay & Flesh (1989)
  5. Lost Land with Flesh (1995)
  6. Lost Land with Rip Room (1999)
  7. Lost Land with Residence of Evil (2002)
  8. Lost Land with Residence of Evil II (2005)
  9. Lost Land with Room of FEAR (2009)

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