This short story is not done, so editting will probably be useless, the spelling is probably horrible too but i'll fix it when i wake up.

Everything that happens in your life will affect you.

You don't even notice the effect that most things have, they are so insignificant by themselves that it is alsmost impossible to keep track of them.

But sometimes things happen that have a big impact on the lives of the people involved, something that will follow them for the rest of their lives, things they will tell to their grandchilderen.

This is one of those events.

You can wake up in several ways, sometimes everything is just rught and it seems that the day ahead will be perfect.

Other times you feel like you slept far too little and are tired, or you oversleep and have to dress as fast as you can to give the impressions that you at least tried to get in on time.

For Blake this was more one of those latter mornings, in fact he had something of both.

But he managed to not stand out too much, and finished half of his morning shift already.

This alloweded him to take a small brake and eat some food, get some rest, the usual things that he had to skip when he got out of bed.

But destiny has different plans with Blake, just as he was ready to order some coffee and the like there was a ear shatering sound, and the ground movements you would expect with such a sound didn't take long either.

Blake imidiatly dropped what he was doing and ran around the corner to see what happen, so did everyone else anyway.

When Blake turned around the corner he could not belief his eyes, there was a huge mess with pieces of building blown all around the place, people wandering around in shock and bleeding, and a general chaos.

After what seemed seconds Blake decided what to do, he rank back to his car and picked up a radio: "There has been a major accident, i need to help of everyone availible at..."

Luann was here because she was asked to run a errand.

Personally she had no reason to be here, but why make enemies in the office, it's not like this place is on the other side of town or something.

Luann was sitting in the hallway, waiting around until someone had the time to help her.

She didn't know it yet, but the errand would be the last of her worries in mere seconds.

The one moment she was sitting there, and the following she was lying several meters down the hall with no idea what just happend.

She couldn't even feel her own body yet but as she looked up and started to focus she saw a immense mess of what was previously the office and other people lying on te ground in several places.

She also saw smoke, and when her hearing and smell came back she could hear other people moan in pain and smell the strong smell of smoke.

She tried to move but her left leg wouldn't move, and when she looked down she was horrified to see that the leg of her pants was torn off and that her leg was filled with splinters.

Luann used a nearby wall to get herself on her one food, using the wall to replace her left leg.

As she stood there she had a good overview of the chaos that was all around here.

People slowly getting up, other looking around with eyes that were completly empty, other people were clearly suffering from dangerous wounds.

After observing the situation for some time she decided that she could be of no use to others in her current state, so she started making her way to the stairs in the hope they were still there.

On her way there she passed closely by someone who clearly suffered a lot of wounds to his arms and legs, but was still awake.

He looked ay Luann with a look that begged her to help him, to try to get him out of there.

But, despite it being very hard, Luann pressed on towards the staircase and saw it still existed.

As she walked away the wounded man looked at her limping away, slowly disapearing into the staircase.

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