a very short film script based on a joke.


  • Lollie and Hamid - middle aged couple
  • Bank Teller
  • Random Hostage
  • Man in Bank Queue

exterior day urban bank

Lollie and Hamid arrive outside a bank - they are a married couple with the usual relationship. They move inside to join the queue for a teller. Man in front of them pulls a nylon stocking onto his head and takes out a sawn-off shotgun.

Robber: (to bank teller) Stick em up!

Teller: (shocked) Oh gosh

Robber: (To all present) Everybody down! Put all your money in this bag. Anybody moves and I shoot. You all keep still and nobody gets hurt.

Movement audible

Robber: (to random hostage) Did you move?

Victim: Just a bit

Gunshot audible (Robber shoots victim off-screen)

(pause) movement audible

Robber: (To Hamid) Did you move then, fella?

Hamid: No, but my wife did.

blackout, roll credits

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