We’re WorryingEdit

Write down the letters
Write down the numbers
Write down the letters
Write down the numbers

Do you recognize my voice?
I think you should know
That I shouldn’t tell you this
Impound the radios

Stay two hours ahead of your target
That’s right we’re not lying
Relay the message
Call what’s his name
And remember peace is our profession

The phones are dead
Please don’t say blast off
Fire then inquire
If you should desire

The fools
The mad fools
The doomsday machine

I know something’s wrong
Hey, what about Major Kong


“The sky, it cracked, in two
to end you loathsome lot”
And I never saw the end

The smoke, and flames, flooded
Out all the seas
Sun and stars were gutted clean

When, will, you learn to live up
We’ve sacrificed our lives to make it clear
This early evening
The dusty snow it settled
In the coming months ‘fore morning
Though I was gone
My boy reached dawn
To live to tell the warning

The bunkers crammed with settlers
Afraid to breathe the air
Told tales of ghosts
Of vagrant hosts
Outside in the nightmare

One stood among others
A small and brazen fool
Whose kind before
Had made a war
Of which we were the tool

Fear nothing that can do you harm
You’re lucky if you die
The living fire
Of our desire
Will hear their children cry

Amidst the retribution
One man, he thought alone
In fear and in
To repay his mercy shown

When, will, you learn to live up
They sacrificed their lives to make it clear
That early evening

I'm Sorry.....Edit

Walking down an empty lane
With no on else but you
Talking like we were dear old friends
With nothing else to do
And every morning feeling as though
I could almost fly
And then I think of all the pain
My chance has said goodbye
For all the tears I never meant
To ever make you shed
As if my heart, that pumps my blood
Was made of solid lead
I freeze to think that every day
Your tears were meant for me
And knowing that I let you down
For just being me...

You’re SecurityEdit

A shallow tide
I know you tried

On this ocean gently foaming
All the shores the you’ve been roaming
You can feel lost
But I’m telling you
There similar enough

‘Cause one answer’s good as others
We’re your sisters we’re your brothers
And you’re not alone
Think of love
You’ve been shown
You’ve been shown

This world its been rolling on down a dirt road
And it twists and it turns
I don’t know where we’ll go
But when it slows, then it stops
I’ll take you back home
You back home

You know that your life it sure hasn’t been long
In the sands and the seas know
You got to live on
There’s an earth full of people who miss you
Whenever you’re gone

I know

The Longest Winter DayEdit

You hear me
In the cover of the winter
Down where the snow
Fills in all your footsteps

In the day of the night
From the sky to ground below
Where warm don’t need cold
And hate is lost in snow

I can never tell
With this clean and pure horizon
Where the sun can move
And I’m allowed to walk

Painting in the fields
On a white crystal canvas
And the children come to watch
In their coats

Colors all around
All reflecting in the world
But we only see the mirrors
Which they ride

So we play until we’re tired
And on the snow we lie
With closed eyes
I still see white

Night’s tide descends
And stars all fall from heaven
How I awake to find
Bright blankets warm and dry

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