Author Nonimportant (Works) is fine with any constructive edits you wish to make to this literary work.

I wish I could live
Like a knife would live
If a knife had some sort of circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems.

I wish I could speak
Like a knife would speak
If a knife had anything at all to say, which it doesn't.

I wish I could hear
Like a knife would hear
If a knife had those little thingies we have inside our ears.

I wish I could walk
Like a knife would walk
If a knife had any of the millions of potential walking appendages.

I wish I could yell
Like a knife would yell
If a knife had vocal cords, a mouth and other yelling stuff.

I wish I could smile
Like a knife would smile
If a knife had teeth or something that could conceivably look like them.

I wish I could cry
Like a knife would cry
If a knife somehow had the ability to produce tears.

I wish I could think
Like a knife would think
If it could.

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