This plot is about the fantasy story Life in the Lamia's Harem which focuses on two young women living an ordinary life until one day they met a mysterious woman and found themselves in a different world. What's more surprising was they were taken by the woman who was in fact a Lamia noble who has taken them as her harem girls. Can the girls adjust to being her lovers or find away back home?


Two young women travel to an unnamed country and travel. Lisa heist, a young girl who was recently ran away from home a year ago because of her negletful parents and in the care of her best friend Alison Cane who thought of going places to visit places. when on their vacational trip, they were appraoched by a woman of nobility and even her stunning figure and beauty. Given her name as Casriana Faldeesh invited them to her mansion as her guests. The two thought it be fun and once they arrived by a limo they were asked by the mistress of the mansion asked if they were to wear something suitable, to their surprise and shock the outfits resemble more like skimpy harem outfits.

(more to come) 


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