Warning: This may contain adult themes so please leave if you are not into that stuff.

Chapter 1 Edit

It was one of those times when people feel things were not as they were, thinking of the normal stuff that happen. Like making a pleasent life as it can get, get a job, make friends and find those close to them to be with. But sometimes things don't go as many have thought in their lives. Like the young Rina Haist, a young teenage adult who ran away from home due to the neglect of and was taken in by her best friend Alison Cane who knew her for a long while and being her babysitter when she was a little girl. They have been like sisters and Alison didn't regret the day she took her friend in and immediately moved away seeing as it was a chance for Rina to begin a new life. Travelled to another country for their vacation, the pair walk through a market and admire the things they offer but many were very expensive. Rina was looking through the dresses and always thought of what it be like to dress up like a belly dancer "So what do you think?" Rina was looking theough the dresses when her friend came out and saw Alison, dressed up as a dancer. She was stunningly beauitful, creamy coloured skin and bright red hair. Sometimes she was a little jealous for her thick womanly curves and her large bountiful bosom bigger then hers but didn't bother by it as she did recall her friend having trouble finding the right bra and tops to fit which can be bothersome for her.

"Amazing, anything i could tryy on. Always wondered whalit be like." The young brunette ask, watchign her triwl around to show the rest of herself. tryingng one herself and found it a little embarrassing to reveal so much skin in a store. Decided to get what they needed after their fun, the two left the store and decided to go for something to eat after going to many shops.

The two girls made their way into a cafe and having their meals and talk about stuff, when they were suddenly greeted by a beautiful woman who dressed up in expensive looking purple silk robes. "Evening ladies, my name is Casirana Faldessh. Apologies for disturbing you on your meals but thought of introducing myself to you after catching the sight of two beautiful women."

Both women blush and smile softly at her. Rina was the first to respond to the woman. "It's no problem and love your outfit, it's so gorgeous."

"Thank you." Offered a seat and accepted. "I noticed you two earlier and trying some outfits, and I thought perhaps inviting you two over to my lady's mansion. She allows people into her home and thought you two would enjoy a time there."

Alison was surprised by this and didn't expect them to be invited to a party. "Wow, I-I never expected to be invited… but, I dunno. I mean, we're honoured just-"

"Oh please Alison, can we? If Casriana feels generous we can have a nice time." Rina was anxious to and pleaded to her best friend, giving the old puppy-look.

(more to come)

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