Jared McGrady

Wow, who knew someone could change so much in such little time? Two weeks? That’s nothing. A person changes so much in a day and two weeks has fourteen of them. That’s fourteen twenty-four hour opportunities to morph—if even a little—who you are, who you think you are, and who other people are to you. I did. I definitely did.

Hanna Watson

I can’t believe him, I can’t believe his guts. He told me for the longest time that he would always be there. His reason was because “he loved me”. But that wasn’t true. I wonder for how long that wasn’t true. We had been going steady for so long. I lost count of the days…while he lost his interest. It’s a really sad truth, but people really change.

Danielle Layton

Going to a new school is going to bring new experiences. The people are always different, and the opportunities are always fresher. Even if I can’t re-learn what I already did learn, then I can always at least have no problem on assignments and stuff. I wonder what St. Mary’s will be like. A new start, wow. I hope people won’t find out these changes I’ve made.

Christian Blanchard

People never change. Day in and day out it’s the same thing, with the same things going on inside and outside peoples’ heads. I don’t change, either. I’ve always been what I ever needed to be, which is myself. Unfortunately, myself is just too different for them to accept. So what can I be? I can only be myself. I can’t change—neither will they.

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