Summary: A space traveler discovers a dead planet.






Today, was another day of disappointment, but as always, we were asked to travel down to the planet for first level post-cataclysm survey. So this is how it went, the ship was cruising the system until we passed one planet that we surveyed, it is a prime candiadate for terra-forming, we sent back the data on it. After we came into focus of a bright red-blue planet, with a thick haze of brown in it's atmosphere,the cloud tops were different than those of other worlds that I have seen. They were tall and puffy, highly unusual. After taking scans of the surface, we found that most of the planet had nations, over 200 at last count! The capitals were destroyed, by some type of nuclear weapons, ICBMs apparently. Other major cities perhaps, were hit by some kind of chemical or biological weapons. We think that this is how the final members of this planet died. Once released the contaminants in the bombs and radioactivity from the others. Lead to this races extinction. After, we were mapping out many of this worlds ruined cities. Which prepared us for landing, we finally entered the planet's atmosphere, we passed through the layers of cloud. Luckily, all but people survived, and most of what they had built had survived. The first few cities, were magnificent, even though their inhabitants have been long since dead. One city, had a circular shaped arena, another pyramid shaped buildings however these may be older than the actual destruction, at least 5,000 years older. Then, I set my sights on another city, it was an oasis, in a big expanse of desert. I and my crew went ashore to pick up any surviving works of their culture, I split away from the rest of the group. I went exporing, dead corpses littered the place. However I was safe from disease, but eitherway my eyes are too weak to look at such things. As I ended my tour of this place, I stepped on a sign, a glass sign, I believe. I tried to put it together, and the moment I did, I took out my translator, to read what was inscribed on it. It read, "Welcome to Fabulous, Las Vegas, Nevada". My comm crackled, and one of my crew members, came on and said,"Sir, we have to return to the ship, to brief Ardan Command". So I journeyed back to the ship. But as a journeyed back I wondered. "Why did these 'humans' die? They were so young, they had potential". I hate being apart of this, but there is nothing I can do, I hate the fact that I can't intervene, and that every one out here, is dead, except my race. We then passed their homeplanet's moon, a red planet, an asteroid belt, four gas giants and we then traveled back to what brought us here to this planet they called, Earth. A little robotic space probe that read in big bold white letters, "Voyager 2".


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