Laura McDaniels works two jobs in South Carolina. She works at a state licensing agency and some days, she works at Wal-Mart.

Fictional Reality ProgramsEdit

Stranded on an Island-Life in Reality 1: Cook IslandsEdit

She started on the Aitutonga tribe, moved to the Puka Puka tribe, and the second merged tribe Rarotonga. She finished in third, loosing to Angie & Maria in the final tribal council vote.

Stranded on an Island-Life in Reality 2: FijiEdit

She was on Moto, the moved to the merged Buto and once again made the final tribal, but this time she beat someone by finshing second. She was defeated by Robert, but beat Oliver.

Stranded on an Island-Life in Reality 3: ThailandEdit

She was on the women's Sook Jai, then was a member of a mixed gender Sook Jai. She made the merge once again, becoming a member of the Sai Yok tribe. She was voted out by Maria in the final three, becoming the eighth jury member.

Stranded on an Island-Life in Reality 5: ChinaEdit

She was a member of the Fei Long tribe, then merged with Zhan Hu to become the Shang Zhou tribe. She beat Ben in the final vote to become the winner.

The Amazing Race-Fictional Style 1Edit

She was paired with Scott for the eighteen legs. They defeated Maria & Anthony and Apolo & Julianne.

Fictional Big Brother 2Edit

She lasted most of the game, making it to the final four and being evicted by sole voter, Angie. She won HoH twice during the series. She did win other competitions and was nominated throughout the series.

Ben & Scott's Island ContestEdit

She started off on Daniel's team, being a member of the Lavender Team, with Charles. They split apart on Day 13, becoming a member of Michael's Kota team, or team color: Brown, while Charles became a red team member. Charles, her teammate was voted out on Day 21, leaving her to represent the lavender team in the game.

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