This work is featured fiction.

By: F.<話して~!!> A legendary account of the Tymains' genocide by Dassinthi poet Anduam'eglia.

When our world was still so young
Unspoiled and kind, yet brittle
There stood the greatest land of all
An Avalon; however little.

In this land lived Holy Shikha
The Goddess of One Love
She cast away the blasphemy
And sent Drimah from above.

But oh, Dear Shikha did commit
The greatest sin of all
Her lies against Dear Lih'Ka-Teuh
Caused Val-Tymia to fall.

Oh my sister, oh Dear Shikha
For why have you blasphemed?
For why have you lied to Father Lih'Ka-Teuh?
Is it jealousy that you dream?

Dear Shikha's kin T'in'Ah-en-Tuei
Lied for his sister; to no avail
But the Father was too sharp for his tricks
And so he caused his heart to fail.

Soon, the Tymains had no sooner left
Their paradise that they once dreamed
For all of it now; for all that it is
Is forever a battle of Gods between.

But had they not left their Home
They would not have had to die
For under the oppressive eye of the world
The Tymains lost their lives.

Dear Shikha, seeing what she had done
Implored her kin to stop fighting
But still, her lies; ever so deep
Had not moved Lih'Ka-Teuh so blighting.

And Dear Shikha died with her Avalon;
Her Val-Tymia once great
For had she not schemed, it would have been saved
But to the Father, it was all too late.

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