130311. Wikipedia:Harmonia axyridisUser:Serprex 15:49, March 13, 2013 (UTC)

Ladybugs are often portrayed as evil pitchfork bearing monsters out to push propaganda in favor of biological warfare. While this may have true instances, it cannot be generalized. Just as it should not be generalized that all ladybugs smell as bad as the Chinese. Do we not all like cute bumble bee puns on Valentine's? We don't allow Africanized bees to ruin our cute moments. It must be understood that we ladybugs are simply better gardeners than your average Joe Shmuck. You may think chemical warfare is the more humane way of waging these unimportant battles, but you're wrong. These battles are important. What kind of world are we teaching our precious children about if we let any aphid could climb up a branch and feel proud? Which is why today we need to seek out and destroy imposters of our fine race. Masking themselves as us, they decide to eat like an aphid. Disgusting. There are so many plant eating pests out there, it's important that we protect those plants. Larger animals are not diligent. They don't have our numbers. Those species out there who think you can multiply without laying eggs in the quadruple digits have got some reckoning to do. We are ladies, and it's time the world start treating us so

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