Krahestadt: An Essay on a Fictional Country

Somewhere by the Bavarian Alps which were renamed Konigheim, there is a City known by the same name which is the center of all attention for Krahestadt, a descent from German, Polish, French, and Spanish Origins. The Language Spoken from them is an Old language originating from Latin, Germanic, and Ancient Russian. They are very old, but are treasured as a Respectable nation.

The Nation was once part of Germania as the Nolgotha Tribe of the Goths. They believed and worshiped in the Three Deities of Alnag, Forag, and Eiatag. When the Invasion on the Goths was given, they were all converted to Christianity and were given the choice to follow god or to fall before the Church's Feet.

After they became Christian, they began to construct their own language to separate away from their ancestors. In turn, they constructed the first language for the Krahean People known as Lower Krahe Speech. It combined elements of Nordic Languages, Polish and French to form a complicated language that separated from all the other languages.

From there, they developed their languages a bit further and came up with the Idea for another language to speak. In time, the Higher Krahe Speech came into being and was called that because it combined elements of German, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Greek. Because of the Revolutionary genius of this language, it is considered a great gift to be able to speak and read this language because knowing this can help you speak all other languages.

As time progressed, their nation became a very respected one as they developed new Technologies and worked with fine craftsmanship. They built upon Europe and constructed a great Nation, engulfing what is now Part of Germany, Selesia, Part of the Czech Republic, and part of the Ukraine. They were considered of the highest standard, Gods among Royals and Emperors among peasants. None were ever poor in honor and all were never weak.

When the Duchy of Prussia Came around, Krahestadt was conquered and taken as a part of the Duchy. They became a Province among the Duchy and developed along with them.

Please forgive me if I have some information wrong about the times and about some of these places, but if you could help me correct some of the information, it would be much appreciated.

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