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The Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp series are a series of 9 books centering around Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp in their everlasting fight against Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse.


The folllowing is a list of books in the series (Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp and the...) The years are when the events took place.

Sword of Destiny (2000-01)Edit

Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp and Sword of Destiny is the first book the Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp series.

Chapter 1Edit

One Autumn day in east Indonesia a Komodo Dragon called Gilbert, but usually called Komodo Dragon, had a dream in which he was chasing a boar. He was going to get it-
"Wake up, Lazybones!" shrieked his sidekick, Jack P. Slithery, a.k.a. Galliwasp.
"Do you mind?" hissed Komodo Dragon. "It's the weekend."
"So what?" said Galliwasp. "I'm sure there's some missions today."
"I will NOT get out of bed!" shrieked Komodo Dragon.
"Get Out!" shrieked Galliwasp. "Or else!"
"Or else what?"
"Or else you'll miss breakfast."
Komodo Dragon bounced out of bed.
"Why do you have to do that every morning?" he said.
"'Cause," said Galliwasp.
"'Cause why?" said Komodo Dragon.
"Just because."
"Is there any reasons why?" asked Komodo Dragon.
"There has to be some reasons why," said Komodo Dragon.
"Come on, boys," called Komodo Dragon's wife. "Breakfast's ready."
Komodo Dragon sauntered into the kitchen. Galliwasp followed.
"Mmm, Yummy!" said Komodo Dragon. "Boar's my fave."
"Lovely Fish," said Galliwasp. "That's my fave."
"Nah Nah ne Nah Nah, I got up first," chortled Galliwasp.
"Who Cares?" said Komodo Dragon.
"I care."
Komodo Dragon scowled. This was one bad Saturday.
"Get out the door," ordered Galliwasp.
"Why?" yawned Komodo Dragon.
"Because there's some missions to do."
"But I don't hear any beeping," protested Komodo Dragon.
"Told you so!" chuckled Galliwasp.
Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp rushed upstairs. They got on their superhero suits. They then rushed downstairs.
"Now GEDDOUT!" shouted Galliwasp.
"NO!" shouted Komodo Dragon.
"YES!" shouted Galliwasp.
Komodo Dragon slammed the door and scowled again.
"Look!" screamed Galliwasp.
"Whadissit?" hissed Komodo Dragon.
"The place where they broadcast Panda in Space."
"But I though we were going on a mission," said Komodo Dragon.
"We are," said Galliwasp.
"When?" muttered Komodo Dragon.
"Just after this," said Galliwasp.
"How long will this take?" demanded Komodo Dragon.
"15 minutes," answered Galliwasp.
"15 minutes?" gasped Komodo Dragon.
"Yes," said Galliwasp.
"NO!" screamed Komodo Dragon.
"YES!" screamed Galliwasp.
Komodo Dragon sauntered into the Broadcasting room. Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp's friend, Barry the Badger, sat there.
"How are we today?" asked Barry the Badger.
"Fine," replied Galliwasp.
"No we're not," said Komodo Dragon.
"Yes we are," hissed Galliwasp. "As I was saying, it's fine," he added.
"I see," said Barry.
"Right, we're going," said Galliwasp.
"It's only been a minute," said Komodo Dragon.
"The writer had nothing else on his mind," explained Galliwasp.
"I see," said Komodo Dragon.
"The mission is at the Museum," said Galliwasp.
The dynamic duo hopped into the car, a modified 1995 Audi A4. They then started the car, and headed toward the Museum. Outside the Museum stood Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse, Komodo Dragon's arch-nemesis.
"You won't get me this time, Kommy boy!" said Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse.
"Oh yes I will!" cried Komodo Dragon.
Galliwasp turned to his scardeycat face. Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse released his evil pets, some enlarged flies.
Komodo Dragon flew into the sky. His razor-sharp teeth slashed at the flies, biting their heads off.
Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse's face turned red. "GRR!" he roared. "I'll get him," muttered Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse.
"That was good, wasn't it?" beamed Komodo Dragon.
"Yup!" nodded Galliwasp.
The dynamic duo drove back to the garage. They then went in the door.
"Hello boys!" said Komodo Dragon's wife. "You're just in time for lunch."
Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp took off their superhero suits, then walked into the kitchen.
"Lovely boar sandwich," said Komodo Dragon, tucking into his lunch.
"Yummy!" said Galliwasp, tucking into his tuna sandwich.
Galliwasp went downstairs, and turned into his room. He inserted his "Dance Contest" game, and switched on his PS2. He chose the song as "Right Round" by Flo Rida Feat. Ke$ha.
Meanwhile, Komodo Dragon turned on the TV. He was just in time for Southenders, an Indonesian TV show that was set in the south of Jakarta.
Galliwasp looked at the TV. "You're a Dance Legend!" shrieked the Text.
Meanwhile Komodo Dragon's wife turned into his room.
"How are things, dear?" she asked.
"Fine," said Komodo Dragon.
Komodo Dragon looked back at the TV.
"What the?"
When Southenders ended, Komodo Dragon went into Galliwasp's room. He was watching Panda in Space.
"Yes, Yes."
"I thought your were playing Dance Contest," said Komodo Dragon.
"I was," said Galliwasp.
"But how come you're watching this?"
"The game finished."
"How? Did you quit?"
"I did."
"Hmm, I see," said Komodo Dragon.
Komodo Dragon went into the computer Room. He went onto the Computer then went to his Inbox. He had 15 new messages. He read them. I knew most of them were junk, he thought.

"Dinner time!" called Komodo Dragon's wife.
Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp rushed into the room.
Komodo Dragon took a bite out of his Boar pie.
"YEEAGH!" he cried. "This is burning! I need water!"
"Mine's hot as well!" panted Galliwasp.
Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp both blew on their meals, then eat them. They then burped. Next they gulped down their water. They burped again, but less than the last time.
Komodo Dragon went upstairs. He was just in time for Inauguration Street, another Indonesian soap opera, but set in Sumatra.
Meanwhile, Galliwasp inserted his "Dance Contest" game for the second time that day. He selected the song as "The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)" by Deep Dish with Everything but the Girl.
Komodo Dragon's wife turned into his room.
"How are things, dear?" she asked.
"Fine," said Komodo Dragon.
Komodo Dragon looked back at the screen.
"Of course I believe you!"
Galliwasp looked at the TV. "You're a Dance Legend!" shrieked the text.
When Inauguration Street ended, Komodo Dragon went into Galliwasp's room. He was watching Panda in Space.
"Tianjin, we have a problem."
"I thought you were playing Dance Contest," said Komodo Dragon.
"I was," said Galliwasp.
"But how come you're playing this again?"
"The game finished."
"How? Did you quit?"
"I did."
"Hmm, I see," said Komodo Dragon.
Through the door came 7 letters addressed to Komodo Dragon, the Jejwendi Post, and a package addressed to Galliwasp.
"There is a package for you," informed Komodo Dragon, marching into Galliwasp's room.
What is it? thought Galliwasp.
Galliwasp ripped open the package. It was the boxsets of seasons 5 and 6 of Panda in Space.
"Wow!" gawped Galliwasp. "Just what I wanted. It may be 3 days too late, but I do love that birthday present! Thank you, Aunt Josephine!"
Komodo Dragon went upstairs. He read his newspaper. "Hmm," he said. "Governor Subargo re-elected, lion escaped from zoo..."
"Wait a minute!" he yelled. "Lions aren't meant to be in zoos. They are meant to be free."
After Komodo Dragon had finished his newspaper, he went downstairs and read his letters. One of them said that he had won a Ferrari.
"Marina!" he yelled, running into the living room.
"What is it?" asked Komodo Dragon's wife.
"I won a Ferrari!"
"I'm so proud of you, Gilbert! When will it arrive?"
"Oct. 2nd," said Komodo Dragon.
"Oh," sighed Komodo Dragon's wife.

"My, I feel sleepy," yawned Komodo Dragon.
"Me too," yawned Komodo Dragon's wife.
They both went to bed, and fell asleep soon.

"Wake up, lazybones!" yelled Galliwasp.
"Unh," grunted Komodo Dragon.
"I said wake up!" hissed Galliwasp.
"Unh," grunted Komodo Dragon.
"Wake up!" screeched Galliwasp.
"Alright, I get it!" interrupted Galliwasp.
"I've decided on what we will do today," said Komodo Dragon.
"What is it?" asked Galliwasp.
"We'll go hunting," insisted Komodo Dragon.
"Good idea," said Galliwasp.

Chapter 2Edit

Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp rushed downstairs.
"Hello boys!" said Komodo Dragon's wife. "Just in time for breakfast."
"No, Marina," said Komodo Dragon. "We'll go hunting."
"Oh," said Komodo Dragon's wife.
Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp went outside, and got into the car. They drove it to the forest.
Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp got out of the car.
"I see a goat," whispered Komodo Dragon."
"I thought you liked boar," said Galliwasp.
"I do!" hissed Komodo Dragon. "Now be quiet," he added quietly.
"Grr," growled Komodo Dragon.
LEAP! Komodo Dragon leaped at the goat.
SLASH! Komodo Dragon slashed his claws at the goat.
"Maaa," bleated the goat weakly.
"Now it's my turn," said Galliwasp.
Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp walked towards the pond.
Galliwasp held out his claw, hoping to catch a fish.
LEAP! A fish leapt out of the water.
CATCH! Galliwasp caught it.
Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp took their catches, and stuffed them in the boot of the car. They then drove back home.
Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp took their food out of the boot, then closed it.
"Yummy," said Komodo Dragon.
"Mmm," said Galliwasp.
Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp licked their lips, then went inside.
"Hello boys!" said Komodo Dragon's wife. "Care to look for my frying-pan?"
"I'm not looking for your-" began Komodo Dragon.
"Oh yes you are," said Komodo Dragon's wife sternly.
Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp split up. Komodo Dragon went upstairs, while Galliwasp went downstairs.
Komodo Dragon went into the attic. There was the frying-pan!
"Found it!" cried Komodo Dragon.
Komodo Dragon thundered downstairs, holding the frying-pan.
"Found it!" repeated Komodo Dragon.
"Have you, Gilbert?"
"I have, Marina!"
Then, Galliwasp came up from downstairs, coughing. He was covered with cobwebs.
"It was horrible down there!" complained Galliwasp. "Geroff!" he snapped, looking at a spider on his shoulder.
"No way!" hissed the spider.
"Yes, Spincy!" said Galliwasp.
"You know a spider?" asked Komodo Dragon's wife.
"I see," said Komodo Dragon's wife. She then turned to her husband.
"Call on the kids, as it's lunchtime," she said.
"That time already?" said Komodo Dragon, astonished.
"It's lunch," called Komodo Dragon, who was looking upstairs, and calling for his 8 children. The kids stormed downstairs.
"Lovely boar sandwich," said Komodo Dragon.
"Yay!" said the kids.
"Mmm!" said Galliwasp. "Lovely salmon sandwich."
"Nay!" said the kids.
"Hey," said Galliwasp after lunch, looking at Komodo Dragon's wife.
"Hay is for horses."
"Sorry," said Galliwasp. "I've also got a wife."
"Not surprised," said Komodo Dragon's wife. "When can I meet her?"
"Today!" said Galliwasp cheerfully.
"I see. Does she have kids?"
"Of course," said Galliwasp. "She has ten. Two more than you."


  1. Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp and the Stone of Desire (2001-02)
  2. Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp and the Chamber of Mysteries (2002-03)
  3. Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp and the Pillar of Chaos (2003-04)
  4. Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp and the Funnel of Invisibility (2004-05)
  5. Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp and the Torch of Secrets (2005-06)
  6. Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp and the Cup of Ice (2006-07)
  7. Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp and the Golden Hand (2007-08)
  8. Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp and the Ring of Power (2008-09)


Komodo DragonEdit

Gilbert Lizard, usually called Komodo Dragon, is a Komodo Dragon (a brown lizard living in Indonesia). He is 29 years old in the first novel and is a superhero. He gained his super powers at age 3, when he drunk some super-power juice disguised as milk bought by his Grandmother. He is Galliwasp's best friend. He is 29 in the first novel, having been born in 1971.

Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Komodo Dragon's early life. At age 3, he drunk some Super-power juice disguised as milk bought by his grandmother.


At age 11, Komodo Dragon started attending high school. It was here that he met his arch-nemesis, Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse. At age 17 he met Galliwasp and soon became friends with him.


At age 18, when he left school, he married his wife. They had 4 kids a year later, and another 4 kids 2 years after their first batch. It was in Komodo Dragon's early adulthood when he and Galliwasp started their fight against Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse.


Jack P. Slithery, usually called Galliwasp, is a Eurasian Galliwasp (an orange-headed lizard, followed (respectively) with a black-and-white striped bit with Red and Blue bits on the top and bottom, respectively, a yellow patch with 2 black spots, and a green tail). There is such a lizard as a Galliwasp, but there is no such one called the "Eurasian Galliwasp". He is a scaredycat sometimes and is unfortunate at times, sometimes getting his head stuck in things. He is 19 years old in the first novel. He is Komodo Dragon's best friend and a superhero just like him. He is one of the protagonists in the Komodo Dragon & Galliwasp series.


Galliwasp was born in 1981, 10 years after Komodo Dragon was. When Galliwasp was 7, he met Komodo Dragon and soon befriended him.


Galliwasp decided to join in with Komodo Dragon in his fight against Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse when he left school. He was only a young adult when the first novel began, and thus had just started being a superhero.

Daniel the DragonEdit

Daniel the Dragon is a black German dragon. He comes from the Black Forest, making him German. He was kicked out, but he eventually returned.

Barry the BadgerEdit

Barry the Badger is Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp's friend. He broadcasts Panda in Space, which is Galliwasp's favourite TV show. His species is a European badger.

Panda in SpaceEdit

Panda in Space is a TV show. It is broadcasted just across the road from Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp's house. It is Galliwasp's favourite show, and is broadcast by Barry the Badger, Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp's friend. The show is obviously about the adventures of a Giant Panda in space.

Komodo Dragon's wifeEdit

Marina Lizard is Komodo Dragon's wife. She is exactly same as her husband, except she has orange hair, red lipstick, and a pink dress.

Galliwasp's wifeEdit

Rona Slithery is Galliwasp's wife. She is exactly the same as her husband, except she has orange hair, red lipstick, and a pink dress.

Mr. Mammal-Chewing LouseEdit

Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse is the antagonist in the series. He is a Mammal-Chewing Louse, a blue louse. However, he is about the size of a 20-year old, due to nuclear radiation. He tries to stop Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp, but they always stop him.

Mammal-Chewing Louse, hence the name is a Mammal-Chewing Louse, a biological family of lice. His species is a Rhinoceros-Chewing Louse (which is a fictional species).

Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse's sonEdit

Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse's son is the son of the above. He looks just like his father, and always wears a black top with a white skull-and-crossbones on it.


Quely is a Red-bodied Quelea, another fictional species. Both her body and her head is red. Like most other birds, she has a yellow beak and black talons/claws/whatever. She originally belonged to a human, but she flew away because he did not care for her very much. She is also a superhero, and became one right after she came into the possesion of Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp.


The Valfriga is yet another fictional species. It looks like a ferret with (respectively) Red, Green, Yellow, and Red stripes, and a pouch. It can also bounce. Komodo Dragon once tripped over a Valfriga, and angrily demanded to hear why the Valfriga (very scared at the presence of Komodo Dragon) tripped him up. It then angrily (no longer scared) said that it didn't do anything (it also did that when it was scared), but then did tell Komodo Dragon.

Sally the SnailEdit

Sally the Snail is a very large Snail. She is owned by Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse, and, as a result, is one of Mammal-Chewing Louse's evil pets. She is not naturally big, since Mammal-Chewing Louse zapped her to be really big.

Sally first appeared in Quely's first superhero mission with Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp. Sally was called out by Mr. Mammal-Chewing Louse, and slithered over the net (a trap for Komodo Dragon, Galliwasp, and Quely), covering it with slime.

Hilbert the HyraxEdit

Hilbert the Hyrax is a Red-Footed Hyrax. Hyraxes are Guinea pig-like mammals that are actually most closely related to Elephants. Hilbert lives in a house near the Pyramids in Egypt, but he also works in the Panda in Space studios. Hilbert is friends with Barry the Badger, Komodo Dragon, and Galliwasp. Hilbert is an antihero.

Komodo Dragon's FatherEdit

Komodo Dragon's Father, is, of course the father of Komodo Dragon. He was born in the 1940s, when the Second World War was on. He knows a lot about the Sword of Destiny. Komodo Dragon, Galliwasp, and Quely visit him for some more information about the Sword of Destiny.

Peter the PangolinEdit

Peter the Pangolin is a Sunda Pangolin, which is one of the eight species of pangolin. A pangolin is a mammal which is covered with scales. It eats ants and termites, and rolls into a ball when threatened. Peter first appears when Galliwasp is trying to fix the satellite dish. When Galliwasp goes up to try and fix it, he sees Peter chewing on it. Galliwasp tries to capture Peter, only for the mischievous Peter to dart away, leaving Galliwasp with his head stuck in the aerial. Peter is considered to be a pest by Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp.



George the GorillaEdit

George the Gorilla is an Indonesian comedy TV show. Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp like to watch it. George the Gorilla is about a gorilla called George. Each scene of an episode begins with George spotting a banana, saying that he wants to get it, and trying to get it, only for something unfortunate to happen to George, such as getting hit on the head by a coconut. The show has a laughing audience (or canned laughter), which is played when something unfortunate happens to George.


The Jejwendi PostEdit

The Jejwendi Post is a newspaper that Komodo Dragon reads. It is delivered through his door every day. It is the main newspaper in Jejwendi - which is the city in which Komodo Dragon and Galliwasp reside in - and Lukmaja - the Indonesian island of which Jejwendi is the capital.

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