User:Serprex 16:50, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

They have keys. That's the last thought I have before ending another session of reliving the past. Of what I should've done if I'd wanted a third time for all that time. Slower, so that when the knock finally came, I could react and put an assault forward that wouldn't leave me in that naturally timid state

The world stole my future, so now I'm stealing its past. I stole others' others to get what I had, and I didn't expect to give it back. Ransoms? You don't kidnap people and give them back. What's mine is mine forever: if only I could remember that nobody but me can tell me that. You have to listen to yourself say "This is mine," not something else say "I'm yours"

People who talk to things, those people are crazy. Nobody belongs in your head but you. You know what happens to people who get brain parasites? They die

Now I'm not saying that I'm going to kill all the brains I steal. A lot of them are really dead, even if the body is still alive. But I'll admit, I've hurt a few. Sometimes, I feed them some of the other brains I have. Ever see a cock fight? A battle of the minds can be much more devilish

I don't act to be right, only to be playing for the win. This is the fact: treaties between countries are only valid in so far as they can be held against the offending party. If all your money tricks can't stop some bastard from punching you in the face, then I guess you're out of luck at life's casino. The argument is that the mass form a coalition so that one against many can't break the system. Here's the hole in that plan: nobody cares

You know what pride and dignity are? Bluffs others are getting you to pull for their own sake. At least straight up lies require an active mind to maintain their farce. Altruists are scarce, but they exist. So long as stupid people exist, altruists will exist both because of them and for them

If you don't want to lose something, don't get it in the first place. I don't want people stealing my money, so I cut my credit card. I don't want people stealing my identity, so I cut the rest too

Now nobody's gonna know who I am when I go down but me. Because all I wanna do is run

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