A light shined over the quiet plains of Hezorath, the moon shining brightly overhead. On one side of the great plain laid a great mass of confusion and disarray, a place where bandits and pirates traded their goods and captives for the almighty coin, the patrol guards enjoying in the revelry and chaos. This is the Port City of Ru’Daurg, a place of scumbags and scam-dealers; you had to watch your purse in this town. Run by Demon lordship it kept ticking by the shady and the dark, Orcs, Trolls, Drow, Goblins. The running of the city was the pleasure of the vile Demons; the whole chaotic mess fueled their energies, making them strong! A mining company was used for the city, using Ogre labor for the task of hewing the rough stone, then loading it on the great galleys and sending it to the city quarries.

On a happier note, the great and vast woods of Aorian were wild and untamed, seldom seen were the Wild Elves, who were thought to live in a joyous kingdom, this gave hope… yet that is a children’s tale.

And on the other side stood the beautiful city of Eanier Qu’Vadas, with a great mix of cultures: Human, Dwarven and Gnomish. At a high point stood a keep of everlasting stone, thin and tall like a sword prepared to strike, the keep was the great tower, built years ago as a border fort for the Human Empire, but their day has long past, being replaced by a newer system. The Alliance of the Stone-Men (or Kingdom) does not agree with all, many humans have left the Alliance and gone to see, seeking their own land. To be clearer, the Alliance binds together the three races of Dwarf, Gnome and Human together, to protect and to fight.

Then in the North, near by Aorian, the farmlands of the Halflings, alongside the small Wood Elven Cities and vast High Elven tower towns, the three peoples knew little of each other, but there was unification, run by Lords of the Middle-Lands, a great keep, made once by the Great Yggtars of legend. With a meeting of the three barons and the great lord... that is how they were joined.

Now all legend and beliefs of the East were broken with the sudden brute actions of the rulers Ru’Daurg. The destruction of the ‘Peace’ (a great wall, once made by the great Mage, Linrem, and his djinn, Durubasta) made a great impact upon the land, causing the mercenaries of the Demon Lord, Karatk, break through...

The carnage was unnumerable, the Halfling militia falling in the trenches, with the small hope that allies would arrive. The days grew worse, disease and low moral spread amongst the troops, causing many to go mad and have a run for it or face the enemy armies as a lone trooper.

Seeing the impending doom, under cover of darkness, messengers ran from the front lines going to the surrounding towns for help, now their last hope was in the hands of the squad of 'elite' messengers (as elite as militias could go)...

The Soldiers StoryEdit

"Damn!" scowled one, "These cowards ran away! Thinking we couldn't do a good enough job..."

"Awww, quit your muttering Terbot," replied another, "You know bloody well we aren't cut out for this, even you!! I'm surprised they even let you out of prison for this job!"

"So that means I'm the toughest in the army then!! Hmm.. Waric... answer that for once!!"

"Calm down you two! This arguing will get us nowhere, we need to go back with news," he looked at Terbot, "good news..."


"Yes... what?"

"Yes..." he struggled, "sir."

The squad continued Northward, seeing no-one on their way, when it struck Waric...


"Yes soldier? Oh, at ease.."

"Sir, I've just thought... why not go west, to the mountains?" Asked Waric, "We still are at peace with the Stone Kingdom, are we not?"

The Sergeant sighed, "Look kid, we know they aren't our enemies, but who said the want to help us, its been quite a long time and we've been dismissed as visions, fairy stories..."

"Yes sir..." mumbled Waric meekly.

Pity formed in the Sergeants eyes, who was this kid anyways? Looks to young to even be here, man...

"Well... uh... good idea though soldier, dismissed!"

During the march Northward, the sounds of steel crashing against steel could be heard, battle was being made. The group hastened close by, it seems that a group of Drow had split off from the main host and had unleashed felbeasts on a Human caravan going North, sadly they were too late and the carnage was over...

"Oh by the love of..." said Waric, "That could of been us!"

While Waric was emptying his bowels of their contents, the group laid low, thinking that yet again those bastard elves could appear.

Once it was clear, the party scavenged around the area, taking items for clear usage later on and throwing countless scrolls which had no meaning to them...

"Wait!" Shouted Waric, "You have no idea what you're doing, White Magic for Necromancers, The Longsword: Origins , Differences in the Child-Rearing Habits of the Jabberwock and the Bugbear ... this is literature!"

"Bah!" snorted Terbot, "This is just fancy fire kindling!"

"Why you..."

Both of you calm down!" intervened the Sergeant, "It's crap anyways, could by it anywhere for a copper."

With no response from either of the soldiers, they moved on, but now with an extensive supply of food, new clothes, armor and weapons and a cloak that once belonged to a Sir Defabir, Drow Esquire.

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