Carl Denham is been discharged with attemped murder and was been to freed. Jack Driscoll and Ann Darrrow joined Denham on the farther adventure after their Charleston marriage. Carl Denham is also married and has an son named Carl Denham Junior. When Carl Jr. was kidnapped and end up as John Hammond's aide. John Hammond's field agent Fred Louise Irwin wanted to help the boy to contract his father and the Driscolls. But, John refused to let her. But Fred created the giant gorilla named Kong. Little Carl Denham stated it was an same monster that raise his dad's fund. John is realizing that Fred Louise Irwin is an CIA. Fred and little Denham flees into Richmond with Kong to help the legendary Carl Denham and the Driscolls. Will John will be able to survive against the rebellion? No one will know.

Carl Denham; former movie producer now turned into an skipper of naval force. After his son was abducted. Carl Knew another survivor Fred Louise Irwin is an CIA agent and have brought Kong to life. Jack and Ann Driscoll; playwright and actress lovers to joined Carl Denham and his son on adventure. Was less safe when the sleaze-bag Fred Louise Irwin have brought Kong back. Little Carl Denham Junior; seven year old son of Carl Denham Senior which he is learned to be an film-maker. Carl Jr was kidnapped by John Hammond. Which Fred Louise Irwin brought his father's creation to life. John Hammond; creator of Jurassic Park is the story's villian. Fred Louise Irwin; an CIA agent who is plain crazy as heck. She betrayed John Hammond and brought King Kong to life and escaped with little Carl Denham Junior; the son of heroic, foolhardy producer Carl Denham Senior and lead Kong's enemies into rebellion.

Story by Megan C. Bailey.

An son of the famous film-maker was abducted by the rival company. Which leads an lunatic agent to get an twenty five foot tall gorilla brought to life and went to found aided with the survivors including the famous film-maker.

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