Chapter 1Edit



Nuclear explosion over Los Angeles

In 22 November, 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. After the police caught Lee, they accused him of communism and for working for the Soviet Union. Rumors said that the Soviet Union paid for Lee H. to assassinate Kennedy to weaken the image of the capitalism to the world, those rumors began to be more real, and in the same year, the USA declared war to the communists. All countries in the world had to chose a side and battle. In 14 December, 1963, both the USA and the Soviet Union launched nuclear missiles to each other, completely destroying the world, and definitely ending the war. After the nuclear war, the entire world changed, and some new countries were formed. One of the new formed countries was the Great Wilhelmian Republic De La Pruss or simply: Prussia, the only capitalist country in Eastern Europe, Prussia is used as a capitalist base to monitorate the communists. And is in Prussia, that this journey began.

The beginningEdit

It was the year of 1982 when three soldiers in Prussia, Anakin, Lux and Jamílson, were called by their general to go to his office, the general's office was the biggest compared to other offices and it had a desk full of papers, tons of files, and other stuff. Looking at all those things, Anakin implied that the general was really busy, as he didn't talk with anyone in weeks, until now... As they entered the office, the general said:

Office 70s

The busy officers working in the Königsberg base in Prussia

-"Jamílson, Lux, Anakin, you were choosed by me, to do the most important mission of this year." After saying this, the soldiers had a cold sweat and Lux said:

-"But what is the mission about, sir."

-"You will get the details when you accept it, will you accept it?"

The soldiers then responded loudly:

-"Yes, sir!"

-"Great, now I don't have to kill you for not accepting the mission. The mission is about entering the Soviet Union and infiltrating the Stalinbirsky Fort-Base, so then you will find some blue-colored documents that have Top secret information about a rumored invasion to Finland."

-"What! The communists are going to invade Finland!? I'm Finnish." Jamílson replied angrily.

-"This won't matter if you do the mission, right? Aarne! Come to here!"

A big man comes to the office, barely not being able to pass through the door.

-"Yes? General." Said Aarne, the big man.

-"Escort those soldiers to the Soviet border."

Infiltrating StalinbirskyEdit

It took 2 days to arrive at Klaipéda, a Soviet city in the Soviet Republic of Lithuania. Getting there Aarne gave 15 Rubles to each one, he said that money would be the necessary to stay in a hotel in the center of the city. After giving the money, Aarne wished luck to the soldiers and turned back, heading to Prussia.


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