Chapter 1 (The News)Edit

Katharia is a world created by Hynderia, a supreme being. A lot of things have happened on the past, one of them is the creation of Heart of Katharia by Sanggro, Hynderia's only son. The Heart was later cleaved into four and became the belonging of the four continents, Anumar, Galunar, Heliothor and Maresintasis.

Hundred of years later, the Chaotic Ages, the ages of war and despair happened. The cause for the war was Avrak, the cruel king of Heliothor. He wanted to collect the four hearts all for himself. When he managed to finish his mission, he couldn't control the power of four hearts and thus explodes. Although peace had came to Katharia, many bad things occurred including the fall of Maresintasis, and the disappearance of the four hearts. 15 years later, a man named Zeus found the heart of Anumar and she gave the heart to Helion, her newborn daughter who is also the destined owner of the Heart of Anumar. Galunar also had found it's heart and the current prince of Galunar, Aquil, is the one who protect it. Only Heliothor's and Maresintasis's heart was still missing.

When Helion was just two years old, her village, Argyra, was attacked by cruel goblins and most of the villagers, including her parents, died. The only people who survived were other villagers, Helion, and Eridanus, Helion's grandmother.

19 years later, Helion knows that she is the destined owner of Heart of Anumar. It is the destined owner's duty to protect it's home continent. On the age of 21, she is known on Anumar as The Keeper of Heart. The other continents doesn't know her existence.

Helion's village was situated on Silvermist Forests, located on Anumar. Helion kept the Heart by attaching it on a staff. The power of the Heart made the staff unbreakable.

One day, when Helion was helping her grandmother in their house, she heard a noise.

"What is that noise?" asked Eridanus, Helion's grandmother.

"I don't know, but its better for me to check it". replied Helion.

Helion checked on the outside and see a bird flying with an attached letter.

The bird gave the mysterious letter to Helion, and as she got it, she opened it and read it.

The letter says, "How are you, Helion? This is Cairos, your friend. Come to my castle, I have an important news to tell you".

Cairos was the Guardian of Snow, who lives in a castle situated on the sky. She is one of the guardians who protect Katharia, but the guardians aren't much powerful.

Helion rushed into her house and grabbed her staff. "Where are you going?" asked Eridanus.

"To Cairos's castle." "She said there is an important thing to tell me." said Helion.

"Be careful on your way, Helion! Don't catch a cold!" said Eridanus. She said don't catch a cold because it was very cold on the Katharian sky.

Helion flew to the sky as Eridanus waved to her. She flew as fast as she could. A few minutes later, she saw Cairos's castle. She entered it and saw Cairos waiting for her.

"How are you, Helion? Its been awhile since the last time we met". said Cairos.

"I'm fine, thank you for asking". said Helion. Helion has known Cairos since she was just six years old. Cairos is the one who told her that she is the destined owner of Heart of Anumar. Although Cairos's appearancewas that of a young woman, she was actually very, very old.

"Come, sit." said Cairos.

Helion asked, "What is exactly the important news you were going to tell me?"

"Helion," replied Cairos. "You know, as the destined owner of Heart of Anumar, you need to protect your own continent. But, before you start protecting your continent, you have to understand the other three continents and..."

"And..?" Helion asked Cairos for what she meant.

"And to understand the other continents, you must to travel, travel to other continents and learn about each of it. You have never been to other places since you were born." said Cairos.

"Travel?" Helion asked. "By travel you mean... go away from this village?"

"Helion, you have to go. Go and learn about other continents." said Cairos. "Learning about the other continents is important for a destined owner of the Heart."

Helion asked Cairos again, "Why is it important for a keeper to learn about other continents? The continent I destined to protect is Anumar, not the other continents?"

Cairos sighed and said, "How can a person protect it's own place if he doesn't know or have been to the places that might attack his place? I know you are worried that something bad might come to your village but I promise that I will protect it."

Helion looked down in despair. Cairos said to her, "So, will you travel to other continents?"

Helion replied, "I will... I will think about it." And thus she left Cairos's castle.

She waved to Helion as she flew away, and whispered in her heart, "Hurry, Helion, before it's too late."

As stated, Cairos is the Guardian of Snow, making she capable to controls snow, ice and weather. She also has the ability to sense incoming danger.

When Helion returned home, it's already dark. Helion entered her house with a sad face. Eridanus wondered what had happened to her and she asked,

"Is there anything wrong, Helion?"

Chapter 2 (The Solution)Edit

Helion replied, " It's... it's nothing important." Helion smiled to her, walked slowly into her room and locked the door. Eridanus could felt something wrong with her granddaughter.

Helion lays on her bed and thinks about what Cairos said.

She whispers in her heart, "Should I leave my grandmother and the villagers who couldn't protect the village without me and travel to other continents?"

As Helion thought of what should she do, she fell asleep.

On the next morning, Helion woke up earlier than her grandmother and prepared breakfast. After finishing preparing the dishes, she took a bath and trained herself in front of her house. Everyday she trained her magic so she could protect her grandmother and the villagers. Helion had never been outside of Silvermist Forests.

Suddenly, she heard a noise, a noise not too far, approaching her . She looked to left and right. Suddenly, a goblin jumped out and attack her with their mysterious goblin's magic.

Helion managed to dodge the blast with her protection magic. She ran towards the goblin and tried to attack the goblin by hit it with her staff but the goblin was a fas-runnert. Suddenly, the goblin came right infront of her and grabbed her hand and threw Helion directly towards a wall.

The noises of the fight made Eridanus woke up. She looked through a window and shocked to see Helion injured.

Helion ignored the injuries she got and rised up, hold her staff towards the goblin and began chanting a spell.

And a beam of light came out from Helion's staff and hit the goblin. The goblin ran away quickly from Helion and dissapeared. Eridanus ran towards Helion and asked,

"Helion, are you okay?"

Helion doesn't replied as she was thinking about something.

Helion whispers in her heart, "Where is the goblin came from? What is the type of magic they use? So many things I didn't know... maybe I should travel to other continents to know about all these."

Eridanus asked her again, "Helion, why didn't you answer my question?"

Helion looked directly to Eridanus's eyes and said, "Grandmother, there is something important I must do." Helion said goodbye to her grandmother and flew towards Cairos's castle. When Helion arrived at Cairos's castle, she could saw Cairos waiting for her.

Helion wondered and asked, "How did you know I was coming?"

"I know that you'll finally have you decision." replied Cairos, with a smile on her face.

"I'm ready, ready to learn about the other continents, and learn about all of Katharia." said Helion while holding Cairos's shoulder.

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