There is a place called Sarakurou. And in that place is a sea called the Raas Sea. In that sea there is a place called Nowhere. It is said that a great power lies within its bounds. This is the story about a boy who journeyed through the dangerous realms of Nowhere to find this power. And what he did with it.

Chapter One: The IceweilderEdit

Kail was a thin boy. He had dark hair, and sharp blue eyes. He could trick you into giving him anything he desired, and sometimes was called Swifttoungue. But the most astounding thing was that he would never do that. He had a good heart, and was a trutworthy freind. Kail had lived in the forest since he was 8, almost 4 years. He lived off the wilderness, eating roots and berries he found on bushes, and drinking water from the river. He could hunt monkeys and birds, but usually did not do so unless no edible plants were around. He could remember, though. He used to live on a farm in the village up to the north. He would never forget the day he was forced to live in the forest.

To the north of the village, the great north knigdom stood. South of the village, there was a stream that flowed strongly through the feild. From the stream you could see the forest, and every summer it dries out. Kail used to make forts in the streambed during the summers, and one particulary hot summer, he was doing just that, when a man walked into the village from the southwest. Kail assumed that he came from the desert. The man was tall and stalky, with black hair. But his greatest feature was his eyes. The man had eyes that glowed like fire, Kail had no doubt that if the man wanted to, he could take over the village from that spot. The man smiled an evil smile that sent chills down Kail's spine. The man held his hand up, and the sky seemed as though there was a great fire burning in the clouds, a fire that could not be withheld for long. The man brought his hand down. Lightning came down over the village, causing it to erupt into flames. Kail ran away as fast as he could. When he looked back, the village was reduced to ashes. There were no survivors. The man knelt down, as if he had used the last of his strength. Kail knew this was not the last he would see of him, for although the man was dying, Kail could see the man's son standing behing a tree on the road. The small child was eight years old, and looked Kail in the eye. Kail would never forget that day.

Since then Kail had lived in the forest. One day, he was walking along the path in search of serratemp berries, his favorite kind. They were red on the outside, but had a blue flesh that tasted like a fruit tinged sugarcube. He was walking along when he came across a man meditating on the grass. The man must have been at least the age of Kails father, but he looked fit and athletic, like he was half his age. The elderly man looked up at him and said "You have been through much. A terrible fire, flames cackling with evil." although he was old his eyes glinted like he knew exactly what you were thinking, and reminded Kail of Kaeleu, Kails old freind, who could sneak past you, take a lock of your hair, paint it blue, and put it back without you noticing. "Yes," said Kail. "Four years ago the fire burnt down my village. I am the only survivor. I am Kail." "Then Kail," said the man, "Would you like to learn the ways of a Weilder?" Kail knew about Weilders. They were said to be able to control the Elements. He was sure that the man who burnt down his village was a Fireweilder. If he became a Weilder then he could avenge his village. "Yes" said Kail, "I want to learn the ways of a Weilder." "Good," the man replied. "I will teach you, I am Master Ka"

"First, I would like you to tell me what an element is." said Ka. Kail knew a little about elements from his childhood. "A basic form of nature, I think," he said. "Very good," said Ka "I will show you how to relize your true elemental power. First, concentrate on the world. Everything about it, the birds, the trees, the ants. Feel the connection. Now draw from that universal energy. Guide it to the tips of your fingers, and release it." Kail put his left hand on the ground. Focusing, he slowly turned it. Focus he thought focus. A thin layer of Ice spread out from his hand. Kail was silent in awe. "You Weilded the elements, Kail, but I have not trained an Iceweilder for more than a decade. You will be a powerful weilder, mark my words."

Chapter Two: The VineweilderEdit

"There are four basic forms of Iceweilding," Ka said. "Waterform, Rockform, Earthform, and Airform. We will begin your training with Earthform." "Why Earthform?" Kail asked. "Because it is the simplest to learn and master." said Ka. "The idea is to create a layer of ice on the ground or wall that can slip up your enemies, among other things." "Like the layer of ice around my hand when you told me how to Weild," said Kail. "Exactly!" said Ka, "Now, we will start be Iceweilding with the hands, then the feet. Place your hand on the ground," Kail did as he was told. "Good," said Ka, "by moving your hands, you will be able to control a layer of ice on the ground. Remember, it is the motions of your hands that control the energy flow into ice." Kail Focused on the energy flow within him, and in the earth. He moved his hand forward. A stream of ice shot out along the ground to where a bush was. Kail brought his hand up, keeping it flat. A pillar of ice rose in front of the bush. "Wow," said Master Ka "you have only just begun and already you are Iceweilding with the skill of student who has already practiced. I will explain to you the other forms of Iceweilding, but then I have nothing left to teach you." Kail said "O.K." Master Ka began:

"Waterform. The basic Idea of this form is to create a sort of limb with water, then freeze it when you have grasped something, or use it like a whip. It consists of Flowing movements."

"Rockform. This form of Iceweilding is based on Rockweilding. The idea is to use ice as a rock, creating pillars like you did before. It uses strong, solid movements."

"And Airform. This is the free-est form of Iceweilding. What you want to do is create a cold wind that can allow you to blow things, freeze things, jump and land safely, or converge it into on of the other forms."

"I have already taught you Earthform. It is time for you to head on. You can choose to go north and sail up to the Ice Fountain, and learn the true power of ice, or you can travel south-west to the Western Kingdom, and avenge your village. Be warned though, if you choose to travel south-west, you must pass through the Desert, only the bravest, and strongest, survive." "I will go south and west." said Kail. "I will avenge my village."

Four Years AgoEdit

Kiara was an old mother. She had the appearance of a witch, and was a powerful Vineweilder, because of this, she was forbidden from the North Village. She had given birth to a daughter, Kaeleu, and had sent her to the village to live the life of a normal girl. Kiara looked out her cottage window. There was a figure running towards her cottage. She knew this was Kaeleu, and knew this day would come. In fact, Kiara knew a lot of things, which was one of the reasons people thuought of her as a witch. She watched her daughter come to the door. "Enter." she said. Kaeleu burst in. She was a tall child, and you could tell from her eyes that she knew things. She also looked older than she was. "I - there was - Ohhh-" Kaeleu couldn't form the words to explain the terrible fire that took her village. She could not explain the anger that ran through her. She would get revenge, she would avenge her village. She would kill that hellweilder's son who watched her village die. "I know," said Kiara. "It is time you learned Vineweilding."

Present DayEdit

Kaeleu remembered that day. She was twelve now, and a powerful Vineweilder. She was hotheaded though, and was ready to travel to the Western Kingdom and kill that hellbender's son, when she heard running behind her. She turned around, and shot a vine. "Ow!" said a voice. It sounded annoyed, but not hurt. A stream of ice shot out along the ground. "Hey!" said Kaeleu. "That was coming to you, attaking an innocent bystander!" Kaeleu recognized that voice. "Kail?" "Kaeleu?" Kail ran forward "I though you were dead!" he said. "You really thought anyone could outsneak Kaeleu?" Kaeleu replied. "And since when did you learn Iceweilding?" "Today," said Kail. "Figures," said Kaeleu, "leave it to Swifttongue to master Iceweilding in a day." "Hey!" said Kail. "Let's go kick some hellweilder butt!"

And so the travelers Kail the Iceweilder and Kaeleu the Vineweilder began the journey through the desert.

Chapter Three: The DesertEdit

The desert was a barren place. As far as the eye could see, and even farther than that, there was nothing but sand. And Lizards. But above all, the desert was BIG. It was HUGE. And Kail and Kaeleu were trying to cross it. They had been traveling for almost a moon now, and the sun was setting on the horizon. It was one of the most beautiful things in the world. Kail and Kaeleu didn't register any of this. They were starving and parched and hot and dry and tired. So when the river came into view, the did not relize it until Kaeleu had almost fallen in.

"Ahhhhh!!" Kaeleu said as she fell into the river. The bank was muddy and rocky. Kaeleu had tripped on a rock. She could not swim. Kail Focused. He moved is foot forward. He raised his hand. A pillar of ice rose with his hand. He pulled his hand slightly down and back. The pillar disintigrated in the direction of his hand. Kaeleu fell onto the sand. "Thanks," said she "I almost drowned in that-" "RIVER!!!" they both screamed. They finally realized they were at water. They Kail Made a pool of water that they could drink from. He filled this pool six times before they were finished. When they got up, they heard a voice.

"Hah! Acting like animals. Such pity, I thought that when I finally found you it would be easier than this. I guess not." Hw was a stalky figure, tall, with black hair. What stood out most though, were is eyes. The glowed with the same fire as the man who burnt down Kail's village. "I am Saeku." He said. "I have come to destroy what remains of the village that protects the North Kingdom." He Thrust his hand out. Kail was shot over the river. Kaeleu was shot along the bank. Saeku walked away.

When Kail came to, he did not remember anything. He remembered that he had been traveling through the desert, and then he had found water, and "Saeku," Kail said. He walked forward. If he kept walking, he would eventually find someone who could give him a map or something. He needed to find Kaeleu too. He was so engrossed in these thoughts, that he did not relise the quicksand until it was up to his waste.

Kaeleu woke up in a village bed. At first she didn't remember anything. Then it all came flooding back. "Where am I?" she asked to know one in particular. "You're in the hospital," a girl said. She was wearing a white dress, and had blue eyes with blonde hair. Kaeleu looked at her suroundings. She was in a small hut, with a grass roof. There were two beds, the one she was on, and one next to that. There was an opening for a window, and a door made out of bynde (the Nowherean equivelent of bamboo). She got up, and asked the nurse what had happened. "We found you along the bank of the river. You were burnt, but there were no real injuries." Kaeleu got up and left the hut. There were many other huts like it, and went along asking if anyone had seen Kail. "-tall, blue eyes, dark hair," she described him. Eventually, she decided to cross the river and look for him. As she was leaving the village, a boy came up to her. "I'm Jason," he said. Thats a strange name Kaeleu thought. "I want to come with you." Kaeleu looked at him. He was short, with brown eyes and brown hair. "Okay," she said. The went to the river. Kaeleu was about to weild a vine bridge, but Jason said "No need, watch." He put his hands out, then raised them. A block of rock rose up, making a bridge across the river. "Let's go," he said. The walked on.

Kail stood still. He remembered the traveler that always came to the village had once said "If you ever get stuck in quicksand, don't move. If you struggle, it will only speed up the process." Kail tried to think of a way out, but couldn't. I'm going to die here, he thought. Finally his head wen't under. He kept his mouth closed. Just when he thought he was going to burst from lack of air, he fell.

Kail got up. There was a hole above his head, and he could see the quicksand. It was slowly seeping through. He looked around. He was in a rock cavern. He was standing on a grated hole. "That must be what keeps the quicksand from filling up the cavern." he said to himself. He started walking forward, when he came to a fork in the path. He was about to turn left when a voice behind him said "Go right." Kail turned around. There was a boy. The boy had brown eyes and brown hair. He said "I'm Jason." Kail looked at him. "I met up with your freind Kaeleu, but got stuck here. She couldn't help me because she was fighting a guy named Saeku. He shot a flame at me, and I couldn't feel the energy that let me weild. I thought I was going to die." Kail thought about this, then said "What do you weild?" Jason said "Earth." Kail thought about this for a bit more, then said "What if I called upon the natural energy, and directed it to you, then you could get us out of here." Jason looked at Kail. Then he smiled. "It just might work."

Kaeleu was fighting Saeku. He was a powerful fighter, and Kaeleu couldn't aford to let her guard down for a moment. "Help!" came Jason. Kaeleu took a split second to look. Saeku took that chance to shoot a fireball at her. Kaeleu looked back, and had just enough time to counter with a vine. But her energy was draining. Vines were not very good for fighting fire. She watched out of the corner of her ey as Jason sunk into the quicksand. She wanted to save him, but she barely had enough time to look at him, let alone save him from quicksand. His head went under. Kaeleu stood still. Jason was gone. First Kail, then Jason. "Why does everyone I meet have to die?!" she yelled. Then three things happened at once. Saeku took the to fire a stream of lava at Kaeleu, a shot of lightning came out of nowhere and hit him, and a blast of Ice hit Saeku when he fell.

Chapter Four: The Western CastleEdit

Kail looked at where the lightning had come from. A tall girl. She had green eyes and brown hair, and wore a red shirt. Kail was speechless. Kaeleu looked at Kail. Jason looked at Kaeleu. The girl looked at Kail. "I'm Casey." she said. "Hi," said Kail. Kaeleu kept staring at Kail. Jason and Casey turned to her. "What's wrong?" asked Casey. "Kail always knows what to say," Kaeleu said. "He's never been this...quiet before." Finally Kail snapped out of it. "We're heading to the Western Kingdom." he said. Casey replied "Not at night. Evil things come out at night. Thats how I got here." Kaeleu and Jason looked at each other. "Do those...things...include giant scorpions?" they asked. Kail and Casey looked at them. "Giant sorpion? That would be a Stinglizard, one of the strongest types of desert dwellers." Casey said. "We should make shelter."

For shelter, Jason made a pit in the ground, then created a ceiling. Inside, it was similar to a stone hut. Casey made a fire, Kaeleu created soft patches of vine they could sleep on, and Kail created a cold veil of air to keep them cool in the desert heat. Kail, Kaeleu, and Jason slept on the far end of the hut, away from the fire, while Casey slept closer to it.

Kail woke up to a deep rumbling sound. No, it wasn't a sound, it was more like...a feeling. He got up and went above their shelter. What he saw left him almost speechless. It was a giant scorpion. He looked up at the sky. Dawn would be in less than an hour, but Kail was still tired, and didn't know if he could hold out that long. The scorpion shot out it's tail. Kail jumped out of the way, but almost didn't have enough time to get up before the scorpions giant claws tried to grab him. He jumped back, but the scorpions poisonous tail shot towards him again. He shot a whip of ice to block, but the scorpions tail knocked it aside like a thread. The scorpion brought its tail back for a final strike, when it was hit by a blast of lightning. "Than-" Kail relised who had stopped the scorpion. "Saeku," he said. Saeku looked at him. "I couldn't let that Stinglizard kill you, I'm saving that pleasure for myself." Kail was filled with a rage that was almost impossible to quell. "What do you want?" he said. Saeku replied "I am going to the Lightning Peninsula. Its power will allow me to destroy the Northern and Western King, and therefore become the ruler of Nowhere!" Kail was about to release all of his energy on Saeku, when a voice behind him said "He's not worth it." Kail turned around. "Casey? What are y-" Saeku had taken the opportunity to shot a firebolt at Kail. "One down, three to go." With that he left southward.

Kail woke up in the underground shelter. "What happened?" he asked. Casey aswered. "Saeku took advantage of the fact that you had turned around. You're lucky to be alive." Kail thought about this. Then it came to him. "How long have I been out?!" he asked. "About a day, Jason answered. "Casey told us about how Saeku wants to use the power of the lightning peninsula." he finished. Kail said "We have to go stop him!" Jason, Kaeleu, and Casey looked at him. "First we have to get to the Western Kingdom. There's no way we're going to survive on what we have left. It's a two moon journey to the Lightning Peninsula, and we only have enough provisions to last us three days. Thats enough food to get to the Western Kingdom if we travel straight through without sleeping, day or night." They finished eachothers sentences, switching who was speaking. Kail looked at them. "Well than, let's start moving."

They had been traveling for two days and three nights, and they had one day left. But the had used up all of their food and water, with the sun at it's highest. The didn't even have enough energy to speak. They were about to colapse from fatigue, when something hit Kaeleu's head. It was wet. She looked up, and almost cried with joy. It was raining. "Yaaayyy!!!" They yelled. Kail felt like dancing. "We must be getting closer to the kingdom." He said. "Let's keep moving." They ran foreward with a new hope, until they saw it. A giant wall streched out along the horizon, and a huge castle rose up behind it, making the four travelers look like ants. "The western castle," Kail whispered. "It's beautiful." Kaeleu said.

Chapter Five: The FerryboatEdit

"Who goes there?" said a voice. Kail looked up. A guard was...guarding the great gate on the wall that surrounded the Western Kingdom. Kail said "An Iceweilder, a Fireweilder, a Vineweilder, and an Earthweilder." The guard looked at them. "You may pass." He said.

Inside the Wall, a giant field streched out, ten times as large as the field by Kails village. The houses here were more magnificent than Kail could have ever imagined. "Hello, I am Wriu" said a voice behind the foursome. "I'm Kail" said Kail, "and this is Kaeleu, Casey, and Jason." He finished, pointing to his companions as he named them. Wriu said "I will be your guide." Now the four travelers got a good look at Wriu. She was a teenager, maybe a little over Casey's age, and had blonde flowing hair. She had grey eyes, and wore a brown cloak with a black belt. She led them down a street that was bigger than the others. "This is the main road. It leads straight to the castle." Wriu said. "What's that?" Jason asked, pointing at a building that was larger than the ones around it. "That is the training dojo," Wriu replied "it is where weilders from around the country come to train. Tournaments are held every 2 moons." Jason and Kail looked at each other. "You seem to know a lot about it." said Kail. "I used to train there, but haven't been able to since the king appointed me his official advisor. Of course, in times of peace such as these, I usually end up giving visitors a tour." Wrui replied. Casey asked "Do you know where we could get a ride to the lighning plateau?" Wrui looked at her. "No, but ask around, people here will tell you anything...for a price. This is where you'll be staying." She stopped at a large building. "The Loctus Hotel?" Kaeleu read the sign out loud. "Yes," said Wriu "it's one of the best in all of Nowhere."

The inside of the hotel was like a large living room. There were five tables for people to play games, a desk to check in at, and a shaft in the corner. Wriu led them to the desk. "A room for four," she said, handing the man two silver coins. The man took them, and said "That'll be room 16-4." Wriu walked them over to the shaft. "Level four." she said to a strong looking man in the shaft with them. He put his hands on the stone floor in the shaft, and lifted them up. The floor rose. Kail could see marks pass through a small window behind him. Wriu was talking to the elvator man, who's name was apparently Lee. "So Lee, how's buisness been?" "Oh, the usual, but it does get tiring. Too bad there're no strong Earthweilders I could pay to work part time." Wriu looked at Jason. Kail knudged him. "Oh- I can Earthweild." he said. Lee looked at him. "Well, it looks like you've got yourself a job." He said. Just then the elevator stopped. Lee said to Jason "Come see me at Midmorning tomorrow." Wriu led them out through the hall until they were at a door that had 1b-y written on it. "Room sixteen-four," Wriu said "and it looks like you've got yourself a job." she looked at Jason. Inside the room, there were four beds, a two tables, a shelf, and two other connected rooms. "Wow," said Kail.

They had been living at the hotel for two days, and Jason had made a profit of twelve silver coins. Casey decided it was time to explore the Kingdom. "We should go see what we can do with these silver coins." She said. The left the hotel and walked along the main road. Casey spotted a shop with a sign that read Weilders Shop. "That looks interesting," said Kail. They walked in. It was a small shop with a few items on the shelf. Kail picked up something that looked like a block of ice. "That's an Icecandle," said the shop owner, who The four travelers had only just noticed. "it can light up the darkest places, no matter how windy or cold. Just three gold coins." The owner finished. "No thanks," said Kail. He continued browsing. "Hey, look at this!" said Casey. Kail and Jason came over to her. "It's a map of Nowhere." Said Casey "And look, a ferryboat just south of here." she finished. Kail looked around. "Has anyone seen Kaeleu?"


Kaeleu had slipped out of the shop. She walked to the Weilder's Dojo, and entered through the door. It was a large arena, and Kaeleu wanted to practice her weilding. She would not let Saeku live. She Came to a very tall man. and asked "Where can I battle in the tournament?" The man said "Right here, today is the final round of the tournament. Just one silver coin!" Kaeleu handed him the money and walked up to the feild center. The man said "First battle! Kaeleu the Vineweilder versus Donfel the Mudweilder! BEGIN! Donfel didn't hesitate. He shot a blast of mud at Kaeleu along the ground. Kaeleu sidestepped and twitched her finger slightly. Two vines started to climb the Mudweilder's foot. He did not notice and quickly turned half the feild into qiucksand. Kaeleu created a floor of vines on the quicksand were she was standing. Donfel said "You cannot defeat me! I have not lost a battle ever!" By now the vines had reached his waist. Kaeleu twitched her fingers again. The vines quickly rose up to his neck. She clenched her fist. The vines began to squeeze Donfel. Kaeleu won. "Kaeleu the Vineweilder has won match one!" Said the anouncer. Kaeleu was ready for anyone now. Or so she thought.

Kail had been searching with Jason for Kaeleu since midmorning. They had no idea where she could be. They checked there hotel, and the other shops, but there was no Kaeleu. Casey was still in the shop. They decided she would purchase the map while Kail and Jason looked for Kaeleu. Finally, Jason got an Idea "Why don't we try the dojo?" he said. "Let's go!" replied Kail. The walked through the doors.

Kaeleu was battling Saeku. She was not speaking, but her intention was clear. She didn't want to win. She wanted to kill. Saeku shot fireball after fireball at her, but she simply ducked or sidestepped. Saeku didn't see the vines creeping up him until it was almost too late. They were up to his waste when he looked down. They started to burn, "Your tricks are petty, I think I'll get rid of you now." But Kaeleu was shooting vine after vine at him. Saeku dodged them only barely. Finally, He brought down lightning. Time seemed to stand still, as it usually seems when something bad happens Jason pushed Saeku to throw off his aim, causing the lightning to strike Casey. But Saeku had managed to retaliate by shooting a fireball at Jason. "This battle ends in a tie!" said the anouncer. But No one was listening.

In the hospital, which was just a house with some beds, Casey and Jason were lying down on the beds. The lightning bolt had only just hit Caesey, and she was awake, but Jason had taken the full blast of Saeku's fireball, and he was unconcious. Kail turned to Kaeleu. His eyes were wide with fury "You just had to go seek out Saeku! If you had stayed with us and just wated until it was time, none orf this would of happened!" Kaeleu turned and walked torwards the door. "That's right! Just walk away! You only care about yourself and killing Saeku!" Kail was panting with fury. Kaeleu had left. Casey was staring at Kail like she had never seen him before. She was terrified. Kail moaned. "What have I done?" he said "What have I done?"


Jason saw it in slow motion. He jumped at Saeku. He made contact. Then he felt a burning heat and was shot away. His head hit something hard. Then he was in a forest. Shafts of Light shone through the branches. This was where he was born. A child of the earth. Someone was walking towards him. It was Saeku. But he looked...different. "Come with me," Saeku whispered. "Come, and we will create a new world. One of Fire and Earth." Jason looked at him. He was so convincing. No more fighting. Just a new world. Fire and Earth. "Yes," Jason whispered "I will come." Then everything was black.

Jason woke up in a bed. He looked around. It was the hospital Wrui had shown them when they came here. Kail was sobbing over Casey. Jason got up. He was walking out the door when Kail said "Wait," Jason turned around. "I'm coming." finished Kail. Jason smiled. It was not the smile of Jason, though. It was the evil smile of Saeku. But Kail was not to notice this until later. Much later.

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