Chapter 1 Edit

The shiny car drove slowly on the road, fog engulfing it as it inched along. There were two people sitting in it; a man and a woman. The man was driving, his hands clenched around the steering wheel while the woman held a map in her lap, struggling to turn it right side up. The map had obviously been used several times before; for it was ripping at a few of the folds.

“Will ya hurry yourself up here? I can’t see a thing. Where are my cigarettes?” the driver of the car slammed the brakes and reached in his bulging shirt pocket for his pack of cigarettes. He tapped one out and fumbled for his lighter. He lit it and sucked in a big breath. He let it out slowly, the smoke coming out like a bomb.

“I’m going as fast as I can! Now will you put that darn thing out and help me here!"His companion growled, glaring at him. She shot a look to the backseat. “And will you shut up?! Haley’s still sleepin’!”

The man growled. “Get her up! She can’t sleep the day away!” He unbuckled his seatbelt and whirled around to face a sleeping eight-year-old. She had a cute little nose and soft black hair. He thrust out his hand to grab her, but his wife smacked it away.

"She's only eight, Frank," the woman snapped in a low tone. "She needs her sleep to be ready to move stuff into the house."

Frank cursed and turned back around. He honked his horn and cursed again. "Durn fog!" He shouted. "It's determined to ruin me and keep me from getting my job!" He shook his fist at the misty air. The fog seemed to grip the car tighter. He twisted in his seat to face his wife. She was taking hasty bites of a banana and running her finger on the map. His face contorted and turned a bright red. "Put that down and tell me where we are!" He screamed, popping her cheek with his wrist.

His wife let out a shriek and held her hand over her cheek. Frank raised his fist to strike her again.

"Stop," came a soft voice from the back.

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