User:Serprex 16:50, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

How many eggs does it take to make an omlette?
& they all fell down
Off with his head!
Omlette head

I was off in Barcelona the other day, sight seeing their sky scrapers, when this man came up and asked me if I wanted to buy an egg. If you want to know how the market is doing, you want to know the price of an egg. I'll say this much about the market: They don't make omlettes like they use to

That's the thing about this market, people make money tearing down what people paid money to make. I didn't see too many sky scrapers in Barcelona. Squatters gonna run when the towers go down

That's law for you though: if you find a free lunch, you better be ready to pay Justice for it. Everybody's trying to point their fingers at who's fault it is that the sky scrapers are getting scraped, because nobody wants to pick up the tab when the party's blown. Death by a thousand paper cuts

In the end, they'll just point the finger at some scapegoat with a big head. Anti intellectualism on the rise, because we're all in this prison of a world's dilemma together. Guess they weren't smart enough to figure the Nash equilibrium on that. Everybody plays cooperatively until the stakes get high and cooperation's a net lose

That's the issue, really, is that everyone's out to make a profit. To many, it doesn't matter how much, so long as it keeps them over the zero. But if you really want to make money, you gotta maximize profit. You have to exploit every inefficiency your opponent shows, and that means that when you've won their head, you get yourself an omlette out of it too to boot

Yep, they sure don't make omlettes like they use to

Chainsaw knife torch ball
The ballroom's on fire
Knife in the back
Chainsaw on the face

People like a bit of contrast, from the blunt to the sly, from the flashy to the... not so flashy? Bouncy

Everybody's dancing but nobody's watching, they're focused on the fun and the danger to themselves, but they're fumbling all the risks to everybody else 'cause everybody's gotta scream when they run

You'll pose a threat to the world, but will you pose that threat in betrayl to your dinner guest? Strike me you, that's all cooperation tells

But don't worry, because when all whom you've loved have fallen, you'll not think so much when facing the faces of strangers so bluntly

Everybody's gone, so nobody realizes the ball's still on the bounce

Jokes converges to the rule of three
Jester of jesters, must you cry when you laugh?
Juggling their primary colors; Atlas never had it so hard

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