John became a Christian at an early age.
But he always counted himself lucky, sure he learned about the great things Jesus did but they also taught him to always be humble and to be critical in what he read and heard from others.
And as such he drifted away from the church and God as a teenager looking if he was though the entire truth or just a part of it.
He lived a wild life for some years, doing some things that he wasn't allowed to do before such as drinking steady amounts of beer.
But this was a heavy life, and after a while he decided to settled down, and when he regained some peace he realized how empty he felt.
He started searching and researching different religions, listening to respected people talking on topics within those religions and looking at their general beliefs.
He tried different ones, Rastafarian, Buddhism, even Norse mythology, but in the end he didn't feel comfortable in those, he did not feel the truth like he did in Christianity.
So he went back, anxious about how people would react to him now that he came back after all this time.
Surely they must have seen him and seen how he lived his life, or at least heard other people talk about it.
But to his surprise the people received him with open arms, they did not hammer on the fact that he was gone for so long and came back.
He felt like he came back home after a long tiring journey, and he also rediscovered the relationship with God, a relationship that he could not find anywhere else.

Once he settled down, he started working on cleaning up his life, removing things he did not want to be associated with any more.
This included material that glorified other religions such as statues, but things like books and other informational materials were kept, after all you can never know when they might be useful.
After a critical look he threw out musical albums and other forms of entertainment, if he was honest to himself he had to admit that he did not agree with the positions they promoted any more.
From this process he gained a feeling of peace and serenity, a feeling like he could actually rest at his home instead of always being busy consuming different types of media.

While all of this was happening he became active in the local Christian "scene" too.
Visiting the service every Sunday, going to study groups discussing the Bible, worship services, he even started helping with different organizations doing what he could.
Logically he also met a lot of different people in doing this, he had wonderful discussions with people, on things they agreed on but also on topics their opinions were different.
His opinions were sharpened, he thought more about what he viewed as truth and he learned a lot about the different ways people explain the Gospels.
But beyond this he, somewhat secretly of course, was also quite interested in the different women he came into contact with, that is those whom are single.
After all, he had a few romantic encounters before but nothing more than kissing, he was too busy with partying and causing chaos to really get involved with a girl, and he always felt that the fact that he isn't the prettiest didn't help either.
So he was still looking for that special someone he could share his life with, someone that he could see himself spend his life with.

He had a few dates with several women (of course he never dated other women while he was dating someone) but no one seemed to really connect with him, no one seemed to really understand him.
But then he saw someone one day during a service, like him she dressed just slightly different from the different standards that were around.
And when the service was over he half-stalked her for a while, watching her drinking coffee alone while he was working up the courage to approach here.
Finally he went up to her, his heart beating like crazy and worrying about how she would reject him for all kinds of reasons.
Thoughts flashed through his head, "why can't a conversation with her just happen like with the others", "why would she ever be interested in someone one like me when she looks like that!", and other things that were being generated by his insecurity.
When he got to her he asked her what she thought of the service, kinda stumbling over his words and feeling his cheeks getting a bit red.
To his surprise she reacted positively and gave a well thought through response on what she saw as the good parts, but also what she saw as the bad parts.
And so they got into a conversation about the service, and later about things like where they lived, worked and other "small talk" topics.
And when the time came there to go home, he finally felt encouraged enough to ask her to a date, and to his delight she agreed.
So he asked her when he should pick her up, but then he realized that he didn't even know her name, so he told her his and then learned that her name is Kate.

They started dating and they noticed that, like the first time they talked, they connected really well.
They had similar opinions on topics they found important and even in their tastes in things like music and movies they found big similarities.
But they also noticed that they had enough difference between their likes and dislikes, so that they could have discussions on things instead of always agreeing.
In fact they were both amazed at how well they seemed to match with each other, and they had absolutely marvelous times on the dates.
After dating for six months and slowly spending more and more time together, John asked her to be his fiancee; she didn't even had to think and agreed to it without having to think.
They dated for another year and finally they were convinced they could marry and live together for the rest of their lives without regretting the decision.

The preparations took another half year, mainly driven by Kate whom had several ideas on how her "perfect" wedding should be.
But then finally the day was there, and John felt as anxious as he did when he talked the first time to her.
He couldn't belief how lucky he was in marrying such a beautiful and amazing woman, a woman that was beyond his beliefs.
And when he stood there at the altar and saw her walking towards him, ready to be given away by her father he thought he would faint from happiness soon.
They had a beautiful ceremony, and after that they had a night full of fun and entertainment with family and friends, dancing, making music, enjoying life.
But like all nights there was a end to it, the day had been long and people started going home so John and Kate, now husband and wife, thanked everyone for coming and helping in making it a wonderful day.

After most of the people left they decided to go home too, their home.
They both felt pretty tired and almost dragged themselves into the bedroom.
But when they got there they realized that this was the first time they would share a bed, the first time they would see each other without clothing.
All of a sudden the feelings of tiredness disappeared as they realized the situation they were in.
John got up and walked towards Kate, he tenderly took her hands and kissed her.
They started kissing on the lips, and after a while they slowly opened their mouths and started exploring each others tongues, something they never did before.
Then he started kissing her neck, nibbling on her ear, he slowly removed her top, he started exploring her body.
They finally discovered the pleasure of enjoying each others bodies, of taking their love to the next level, something that they could not do before.
They discovered the joy in waiting and how much closer it brought them to each other when they were finally ready.
They both knew they made the right choice.

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