An nice little antique tale from the desk of Styro.


September 12th- At the current time, I’m sitting at home, reading. Next morning we set off, and with all the necessary packing achieved, it’s a joy to simply spend the night with a thought-provoking book. The tome at present is The Voyage of the Beagle (I must admit, quite an inspiration for this very journal), a very satisfying read indeed.

I find it difficult to let go of books such as these. They snatch you at page one and never loosen their grip. Many a time have I sat over a book till the first slivers of dawn emerged from the horizon. Of course, this is a habit I might need to break tonight, for tomorrow’s rise must be early if I wish to be there on time. But thankfully I have been known to sleep little and wake refreshed.

Mittens, the frog, is singing. It’s lovely to just rest a while and let the cheerful chorus fill your mind. His tank sits on a shelf directly next to my bedroom chair, where I read. He’s nocturnal, so after emerging from his daytime hideout of a pot at sunset, he greets me with a flurry of singing and swimming. The aquatic habitat he resides in also quite calming to look at; the scene is peaceful and relaxing.

Despite my recreation tomorrow’s events are pressing in on my conscience. I know that it will work---I have no doubt of that---but the resulting sights it will present are what makes me restless. The unprecedented scientific breakthrough is a formidable topic and hard to wrap your head around. I have also been constantly fretting that I have not prepared adequately, but now I am confident that whatever I may have possibly missed, the others will have ready.

Tonight will likely bring a wealth of fantastical dreams about the upcoming journey. And I will savor them when they come, for they may be the first true glimpses into the world of time travel.


September 13- Today is the day we set off into the unknown. Our site of departure is an old warehouse near the edge of the city. It is a quiet place, so nobody will be disturbed.

I arrived early in the morning to meet up with John, the pilot. He operated the test flights to make sure everything was working properly. For a brief time we talked about those flights, which tested the machine's capabilities of moving in both location and time. These flights may be of interest later, so I am recording them here.

The first flight, to test location, went successfully and landed in Saudi Arabia. We had already gained the proper permits and qualifications to fly into the country, and so there were no problems of that kind. I was not present for any of the test flights, but apparently the Saudi team emerged for a small foray into the desert to look around and spot the native uromastyx. We have multiple scientists in our party, and they can't help but satisfy their curiosity.

In progress

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