FYI:This is going to be a series of stories that are added by journal entries. It takes place in the Starcraft Universe.

Journal of A Wraith Pilot

Written By: Xyandar


James Turner here. Private James Turner to be exact. I was previously recruited into the Terran Confederacy. I got the letter in the mail two weeks ago. I scanned the envelope as I noticed the “Terran Confederacy” logo. As soon as I opened it and removed the letter, all I saw was “CONFIDENTIAL” in big, red letters. I opened it up and received the news that I was one of 10 lucky recruits to be drafted into the “STF:ACC”(Special Terran Forces: Air Combat Class) unit. The STF is divided into 3 main classes; ACC(Air Combat Class), GCC(Ground Combat Class), and AACC(Anti-Air Combat Class). It was a tough choice for a 23 year old like me to make. I mean…I’m just beginning my life, I finished high school 5 years ago and took 2 courses in Air Maneuvers and Military Training 101…Not to mention 3 years of air cadet experience. As much as I wanted to join the military, I had my family telling me otherwise. My parents were worried about me, telling me if I left I might not return. Yes it worries me, but death comes to everyone eventually. I would rather face death while saving my race, home, and family than to die on a hospital bed of old age. That just wouldn’t make me feel like I accomplished everything in my life.

So here I am on a Class B-Dropship. The 9 other chosen recruits and I are being shipped to a secret Terran base located in space just outside Tarsonis. There, we will learn the true tactics to being a Terran confederate as well as learn the specializations of a pilot. During the ride to the Terran base, I got to socialize with a few of the other recruits that are going to train to become a pilot like me. I talked to one guy specifically and he told me that he was worried about the level of danger we will be walking into. I assured him that there would be danger, but by the time we are sent to danger, we will be skilled enough to drive aircrafts and know basic air combat.

We are coming closer to the Terran base now. The entrance has 2 large flood lights beaming out so the Dropships can see perfectly while they are landing. There are 2 bunkers positioned right outside the base that are filled with Marines and Firebats. Behind them are 2 Siege Tanks that have long cannons pointing past the bunkers in case of a breach. The other recruits seem like they are getting a bit nervous. I can’t blame them...I feel nervous as well. Knowing that I’m going to be spending my time in battle and intense training is something I’m going to have to get used to. A Commander told me that we will only get to make phone calls to family members once every two weeks. We will also be scheduled to use the phone at certain times so everyone gets to use it. We just exited the Dropship and was told by the pilot to find the commander and find out sleeping arrangements. The time is already 3:45 A.M. and I personally am quite tired from the ride here.

Since I won’t be seeing my family for some time, I will be making entries frequently so I can fill in how I am progressing in this military life and then when it is finished, I can send it back home to my mother. That is my plan anyways… Well tomorrow I start my first day of training. I am going to end this entry now so I can get some sleep before getting woken up at 6 or 7 in the morning.

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