Jiralhanae SpecOps Commander, other times referred to as The Commander, is the title given to the Brute of unknown name that stalks the ODST Drop Team 215 through most of Halo Atonement and it's upcoming sequel, Halo Downfall.


  • Biographical Information
    • Homeworld: Doisac
    • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Physical Description


Little of the Brute's back story is known. What is known, the Commander is highly intelligent for a Brute, preferring to dismantle his enemies with sheer brilliance, and unhinge their minds into insanity with his 'poison tongue' as his subordinates called him. He had many liaisons and often times did not even have to deal with his enemies himself, he'd simply have his lackeys do it for him. He was believed dead by Drop 215, but later returned to terrorize them more. He was killed in an abandoned city to allow an Elephant passage into the next area, due to Knight launching an unsuspected Missile at him with the Elephant's mounted missile pod. The Covenant do not take his death lightly, and soon the enemy is fighting Spec Ops Brutes (The Cloaked ones) more frequently as the game progresses.



Rebel about to stab The Commander with Bishop's knife to save Knight in Halo Atonement during the final mission.

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