This story centers around a small, seemingly flightless angel who soon discovers that he's worth more than the others say he is.

Episode 01: TakeoffEdit

The small, round lights around the edge of the air hangar lit up as it started to echo with a rapid pattering of footsteps. A boy, about 13, was running down the hall, estatic about what he was doing. A soft zephyr blew into the hangar as the doors opened slowly and creakily. "Hu-nghh!" The boy grunted as he forced his feet off the slope near the open doors and started plummeting into the sea of clouds. Air was rushing past his face as he started to pull off something miraculous. Two feathery, white wings, covered in perfect, streamlined feathers, unfurled from the boy's back. They weren't alone; for they were surrounded by a orange glow, like the sun itself. The male's halo bobbed up and down as he tried to gain his footing. This boy was an angel. The wings started flapping up and down, sustaining the boy's weight. He opened his eyes, revealing a dark-green iris, and looked around him. He was surrounded by an endless array of clouds, and the sight took his breath away. "Wooow......." He looked down and saw that it was a long, long drop to near-certain death. The astonished boy started hyperventilating, stunned at the long drop. "Oh boy, oh wow....." He could feel his heart leap into his throat as his wings started to falter and fail to keep him in midair. The boy said to himself in a scared tone, "Oh crud." He started to drop like a rock as his wings lost their golden hue. "AAAAAAAHHHH!" He started to fall faster, reaching ground level in a matter of seconds. "Kai? Kaaaiii", a female voice questioned from nowhere. "Hey! Wake up!"

Kai woke up in a soft, comfy bed, a girl angel looming over him. "Wake up, sleepyhead." "Oh, hey, Aiko." He got up and brushed off a bit of dust. Aiko was dressed in a scarlet skirt, reaching her knees, and a vest and undershirt of the same color. Her brown hair was done up in a double-ponytail. "C'mon, silly", she said, throwing him a white vest and chiton. "Get ready, it's your first flight, remember?" Suddenly remembering the date, Kai's eyes widened. "Flight Day", he screamed in happiness. "Alright!!" He flew about an inch off the ground before sending Aiko out of his room to change. When he got out, Aiko gasped in a stunned tone. Kai had a pair of black sandals on his feet and a indigo pair of shorts on under his chiton, which had gold highlights. On his torso he wore a white vest with two buttons holding it on, an indigo-colored shirt with the sleeves rolled up past his elbows underneath, and a pair of fingerless gloves and worn over them was a pair of clawed, saber-like wrist plates. On top of all that, he had perfectly messy mop-top hair and a single, yellow-hued halo floating above his crown. Aiko, smiling, clapped her hands together, "You look...... Amazing!" Kai ruffled the back of his head with his right hand, grinning sheepishly.

When they got to the hangar, it was filled with several thousand other angels of differing ranks and personalities. The pair walked towards a group of taller, slimmer angels. They seemed to be really high up, for one of them has a second set of wings. The angel turned towards them, hearing their footfalls. He had amber-colored irises and long, blonde hair, stretching down to his mid-back. "Hey Akihiro, how are you doing?" The angel's eyes shifted downwards, looking upon the cheerful female angel in front of him. "Hello, Aiko", he started in a uninterested voice. "I'm doing fine." He didn't even bother to ask how she was doing! "What's with this guy?" Kai started to walk away and took three steps forward. He felt his body shifting position, and before he knew it, he was going into a faceplant. BAM! He hit the floor, as two angels started laughing, one of them having a foot stuck out. "Whoops", one of them chuckled lightheartedly with his friend, "Have a nice fall, Aki*?" Kai got up, struggling as his forehead housed a large, red bump. "M-my name's K-Kai.... Oww..." He started rubbing it, and the brute who tripped him stepped forward. "Well, well, well...... Looks like Mr. I-can't-fly is going for it again" He started to grin in a menacing way. "Leave him alone, Akira!" Aiko stepped in front of Kai, who was still nursing the bump he had recieved. "What are you gonna do about it?" Akira started charging at the opposing girl, fists balled and ready to punch her. "Hiii-YA!" Aiko grabbed his fist and quickly flipped him over, putting him in a heap next to Kai. Akira was aching all over, straining to make words form from his mouth. "W-when did you get so... so strong....?" "I've been practicing in the training room", Aiko shot back, "you should try it sometime." Akio helped a damaged Kai up off of the ground as they headed towards the now-opening gates.

  • 'Aki' means 'fall' or 'autumn'. Used in this context, it has the same pressure as the phrase "Have a nice fall."*

Episode 02: The Jet StreamEdit

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