Poem for my daughter Jaclyn, after a family disagreement 1993.

When she was born,
the umbilical cord was severed
from her mother, tied and tucked
to form her own belly button,
feed her Id and Ego, Being.

When she was born
her father refused to sever
the umbilical tie that binds
parent and child, skin
on skin, heartbeat sleep,
first tooth, first word, boyfriend,
love, pain, synchronicity.

A father's umbilical cord stretches
and contracts from a few inches
to several miles at times,
hardening as years wear on, tough
to cut, to sever, to detach
and then one day, out of the night sky,
she wakes up and it's gone.

He wakes up and it's gone, recoiled
from whatever distance was between them,
a dried up, shrivelled and lifeless heap
of love, coiled on the dirt floor
and they find themselves alone on either side
of an endless mirror searching for the door.

WayneRay 13:39, 2 December 2007 (UTC)WayneRay

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