Intelligent Intrigue

At birth Jonas Appleflower was marked by his parents for distinction. With a name like Appleflower he had to be different just like the jams and jellies of Smuckers, (With a name like Smuckers its got to be good). So Jonas took his mark of distinction out of the womb and showed off by turning over at the earliest age.

Frankly Jonas did everthing early and well. His kindergarten teacher was shocked when she walked into her classroom and found that Jonas had lined up his classmates and was reading a story to them. They who were just beginning to master the alphabet.

I suppose it's precocious when a kid starts reading at four but Jonas was beyond precocious. Most child prodigies focus on a skill and hone it to near perfection. But Jonas's gifts were so diverse that he could apply them to most any field. They called him a mathematical genius. They called him a musical wizard. They called him a physical specimen.

A few of his classmates in his freshman class in high school taunted him about the name Appleflower. Normally this wouldn't bother Jonas but when his chief tormentor dared him to fight a wrestling match in the gym after school Jonas accepted the dare.

Ok, I'll tell the coach we have a new kid who wants to try out for the wrestling team at our next practice which is next Tuesday. Then I'll wipe your sorry ass on the pavement.

Now Jonas was a big teenager. He looked a little out of shape but he was what we used to call "Solid". As a matter of fact he kept himself in that "Solid" state with calesthenics. But he never participated in organized sport and he certainly didn't know anything about wrestling.

To prepare for this challenge Jonas went straight to the library where he read every book on wrestling, wrestling technique and even the history of wrestling as an organized sport. At the gym on the next Tuesday it was Jonas who dominated the match taking down his opponent and pinning him in less than a minute.

The coach was amazed. He took Jonas aside and asked who taught him those moves. Jonas simply said he read about it.

Most people learn from mentors or instructors the instructor first explains the activity they want the student to learn and then demonstrates the activity. Jonas didn't need to be shown. He was able to apply anything he learned by the written word directly to the activity.

No, Jonas said to the coach. I really don't want to join the team. I came here because I just didn't want to let anyone intimidate me.

Too bad Jonas. We could really use a guy with your ability.

And that was that or was it? On leaving the school six of the teens from the wrestling team jumped Jonas. They didn't like being embarrased in the gym by a geeky guy. Jonas grabbed the first attacker and held him in front like a shield. The others tried to surround Jonas. One was swinging a chain.

Jonas said, If you don't stop right now your friend, (his shield) is going to wind up with a dislocated shoulder.

Right, said his chief tormentor.

Jonas zpplied one twist and the attacker's arm gave a cracking sound and his arm went limp.

Who's next, said Jonas? The attackers ran for their lives

Remember the girl in the movie, "Dances with Wolves" who was called, Standing with Fist. She was tormented by someone who called her bad names. After tolerating it so long she got fed up and slugged her tormentor after which she stood up with fist and said, Anyone else want to call me bad names?

OK Mr. limpness of arm, now that your friends are gone, Jonas said, what are we going to do with your dislocated shoulder. By now the word was out in the school and Jonas was surrounded by teachers and the wrestling coach.

Jonas said it was time to relocate this guy's shoulder. He said, this is going to hurt and Jonas took the victim's arm and with a swift motion put the arm back into its socket.

Again the coach was amazed. How did you know what to do? Jonas said, I read about it. Jonas could apply any knowlege he read about without need for further instruction. Some say it's because of his special ability with spacial relationships. Others only explain, he's a genius.

Does a reclusive genius like Jonas have love interests? Sure. He met a girl at the library that he likes. She's no match for his brain power but she's very bright and sweet. She's attracted to Jonas because of his brilliance.

Did I mention her name is Alice. Did I note that she is good looking? Oh yes. Alice is the girl your parents and grandparents would choose for you. She doesn't need and never wears makeup. Her clothes are prim. And she never has a bad hair day.

I wouldn't say that Jonas was abnormal. I'd like to characterize him as above normal, way above normal. Jonas has every normal interest any guy would have but in intellectual areas his normality was on steroids. But his time spent with Alice was a retreat from these above normal intellectual heights. He used to call her my "Walking Valium" because time spent with her calmed him down to the level of average Joe Mainstreet hanging out with his girl.

At work Jonas kept to himself, curnching numbers, in his cubicle. He was very quick in finishing his assignments so when he had some extra time he amused himself by solving SUDOCU puzzles. He didn't go about it like you or I would. He would study the puzzle for a minute or two and then take a blank piece of paper, draw a table, and without ever referring to the clues in the puzzle he would fill out the complete table. Was he ever wrong? Yes. One time the telphone rang and interrupted his concentration. That time he had to look at the puzzle in the newspaper for reference.

Even though he was a master at his number crunching job he got better and better at it which left him more time for miscelaneous study while at work. That's where he came up with his language theory. Jonas thought that because every occupation has jargon of its own complete with buzz words that a unified jargon/buzz word language could be developed to integrate knowledge and understanding.

Think of it. Even though years have past since they have been charged with finding a way to communicate information between intelligence agencies in the U.S., integrating them to share information still hasn't been accomplished. Jonas felt they haven't penetrated the jargon/buzzword culture of each group in order to further information exchange.

Jonas began work on a manual of "Universal Jargon/Buzz Words". It would be the Esperanto of information exchange. Why does your doctor ask you if you have any numbness in your fingers and toes and later translate this in his medical report as, "Patient reports having paresthesia in her extremeties".

Jonas worked unceasingly on first his dictionary of Jargon/Buzzwords which developed into his anthology of Jargon/Buzzwords and finally to his encyclopedia of Jargon/Buzzwords.

In the end he realized the integration theory itself was so complicated that learning the system would take training. He could boil the essentials down to useful dimensions but this too would require instruction and practice to put it to proper use. But the potential for gain would be enormous.

That's when Jonas decided to publish a condensed version of his system and set himself up as a consultant in an area that would be universally desired.

Maybe this would be his avenue out of the boring business of actuarial hum drum. Sorry. No reflection on actuaries. They fill a necessary purpose. Its just that Jonas needed other vehicle to try to reach his own potential.

I think I've given enough information for you to understand who Jonas is, what he's made of and what makes him tick. Let me add just one anecdote before we find out why Jonas became the central figure in a global intrigue.

The insurance company where Jonas works had an employee gym complete with indoor running track. Jonas used the track three times a week during the winter but when the weather turned nice he preferred the track at the park near work. The park track had a bench along side where you could rest between laps. One day Jonas was resting on the bench when another jogger came stumbling over Jonas and onto the bench.

Sorry, I pulled something on that last lap. I'm glad the bench is here so I can check out what I've done. Jonas said, you're one of the regulars at the track. You need to improve your running mechanics. If you get into a more efficient position you won't hurt yourself and you'll get more out of the exercise.

How do you know about this? Are you a personal trainor or something?

As usual Jonas said, no I've just read about it.

By the way, I'm Marcus Key. I work in a law office across from the park. I'm Jonas Appleflower. See that glass box next to the park called the Insurance Building? That's where I work. Rest up. I've got to get back to the grindstone and sharpen up my nose.

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