These are the stories of the ancient world, before earth existed. It is not an alien world though. It expands seemingly infinitely, and it its edges are the Paradoxes, Things that don't follow reality. They are deadly. And these are the stories of this ancient world, its creatures, its people, and its eventual death.

The Two LakesEdit

Chapter One: The CanalEdit

We will begin our tale at an area where two lakes exist. They are side by side, separated by a large, but not massive, expanse of land. There was the Eastern Lake, which is the western of the two lakes, called Eastern for a reason lost in ancient times, and there was the Western Lake, which actually existed in the east. Anyways, these lakes were home to seapeople. Now, seapeople are not happy-go-lucky Disney mermaids, they are mainly human in appearance, but they live within water. They can survive on land for short peiods of time, and exist on wetland indefinitely, but painfully. Now, the exapance of land separating the two lakes is much higher above the lakes than the rest of the surrounding land, and therefore it is very easy to dig through. The peoples of both lakes dug inward, oblivious to the other's dig. Now, digging into this cliff, they formed a canal. It was not a tunnel through the cliff, but rather a wadineing of them, making a canal with high-rising sides.

When these two canals met, the seapeoples began digging pependicular to the canals, southward, to form a wide pool that was roughly triangle in shape, called the Delta. The canal going away south was not so much a canal as the water becoming more and more dry, until it became a hill. This hill, and the Delta in general is why the outlanders succeeded so well in their invasion.

Wait, outlanders? We will get to that in a moment. But right now, we will visit the Eastern Lake to see the prison colony.

Chapter Two: Prison ColonyEdit

The prison colony is was originally a southern area of the Eastern Lake. It was where the worst criminal offenders wer placed, and the conditions there were...well, sanitation standards weren't around yet. Eventually, this area, known just as Prison, formed into an almost separate lake, although still connected to the Eastern Lake. It was around the time of the contruction of the canal that the Prisoners began to isolate themselves from the Eastern Lake. Because no one had been sent to Prison in a very long time, it no one cared when the Prison began to close up. They formed themselves into a separate colony. The reason they could do this was that the Prisoners had families, and by about one hundred years after its creation, no one in the Prison was actually a criminal anymore.

So the Prisoners isolated themselves from the Eastern Lake, and became the Prison Colony. Through the manipulation of humanitarians and underpayed overseers, they were able to establish trade with the Eastern Lake. They planned a great revenge against them, and knew that this revenge would be more possible if the Prison Colony could survive on land. So they dug land from one side of the prison colony, and placed it on the next, and, using trade from the Eastern Lake, managed to form a sort of mud-ground. This mud-ground had water in it, and the nutrients from the earth, so the Prison Colony no longer needed water to survive. But because of this sudden transfer to land, they were to weak to conduct any sort of revenge upon the Eastern Island (think withdrawal symptoms).

As a final note that is very important later in this story, the Prison Colony, in order to become completely mud-land, dug up a deep canyon just to the east. This canyon was completely dry, and the Prison Colony was not able to survive in it. The outlanders, however, were...

Chapter Three: The OutlandersEdit

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