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This page has been created to collaboratively create a skit, to be enacted in rural schools in India, on Indian Independence day (August 15).

Initiated July 10, 2009; Contact the creator :

Some requirements and inputs

should be infectious. people should be able to replicate it in other schools. script and props should be simple

should be close to reality. make teachers think abt why they came into this profession, and the dreams they held in those initial days. But likeness to real people is better to avoid (it may limit the scene possibilities)

Suggestive story for screenplay:

Srinivasan B.E - added by keerthi, 11 July 09 -- see below

Formative idea Edit

thala let's prepare a skit vachanam for independence day da. targeting school teachers, esp govt school (those who neglect the class - subjects like history, civics[relevance to i-day lies here] )

suggested theme: dedication/passion towards work

idea: make the teachers uneasy with their current progress, and hungry for achievement
subtle idea: make students (also part of audience) interested in taking up teaching as a career later on

what say? Aug 15 ku mudiyattiyum Sept 5 ku attempt pannalam. we are just in time. think abt it...

Suggestions Edit

click here to view/add your suggestions Talk:Intuit

Srinivasan B.E Edit

abstract: Srinivasan, a good student in a village school, who sometimes stood by and held refresher classes when the teacher is absent, goes on to score good marks in +2. He goes to a city college, pursues engineering, and becomes a professional. And then he finds himself out of place, until he is asked to conduct a KT or tute for new employees. This makes him happy. That night he talks to his mom over telephone. mom is delighted to see him happy and asked him what happened during that day. he explains , and his mom wistfully says that he was always good at this, may be he should have become a teacher, instead of an unknown employee in an unfriendly city, away from home.

He starts feeling a burning desire to take up teaching as a profession. and takes the necessary steps towards that. The climax is srini finds himself as a substitute teacher, and within a short lecture, wins the admiration of all the students.

in the opening scene he is shown taking over the class, and answering some questions. One question is now repeated, and the wiser srini now gives a more polished, different answer, that pushes an important point across to the whole audience.


The dialogues should be peppered with debate and discussion, where srini attempts to answer profound questions like

"what is the purpose of exams", "why should we be made to study things like geography, civics", "whose mistake is it when a student fails", "why should students attend school", "why homework", "what happens after school education is completed"

The play should push subtle ideas into the audience minds. and the protagonist should be like a model teacher for the teachers attending the skit.

some questions to include

* why is only one student asking all the questions

* why are we repeatedly told to study/practice daily? do teachers study daily?

* why wear uniform, shoes etc?

* we all learn / know the same things. will all of us do identical work in future? (raju wants to become policeman. I don't want to become one too...)

* why do we need teachers when we have books?

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