Into the Void is a science fiction novel that explores a popular idea: What if aliens invaded Earth?

In 2011, Iran had tested their first nuclear weapon. By 2012, so had Saudi Arabia. An arms race began in the Middle East, and ended with the attempted Arab invasion of Israel. Israel crushed the coalition, and nuked their capitols. In response, Saudi Arabia and Iran nuked Israel in Tel Aviv and Haifa. Israel was devastated, but thirsting for revenge. Nuclear warheads were sent to Mecca, Medina, Qom, and every other holy city in Saudi Arabia and Iran. After the nuclear exchange, over 13 million were dead. It was called the Great Middle Eastern War. After this, oil prices soared to over 450 USD per barrel. Dubai collapsed into 7 caliphates, while Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Oman, and Jordan succumbed to anarchy. Israel managed to hold on, and still lived on until what became known as Doomsday.


Into the Void is a work of science fiction, exploring a simple question: What if aliens invaded Earth? The Galactic Union, a larger scale of the United Nations, yet corrupt and afraid to admit humans the GU, turn over that strange planet T-32-U62 to the ruthless and feared Mayngrim Empire, who’s goal is to turn earth into a slave planet.

It was 14:23 UTC, July 12th, 2013 when Doomsday happened. It happened hard, and happened fast. It was over in a blink of an eye. In 2 seconds, every capital city of every nation across the globe had been destroyed by what seemed to be a bolt of light. In another 2 seconds, the navies of every nation, the military bases, and nuclear silos were also hit. In less than 5 seconds, the world had essentially disarmed. But the pacifists were not celebrating today, nor would they be tomorrow or next week or next month. In fact, by next month, former pacifists were be holding AK-47s, the hard-line disarmament supporters would be throwing grenades. Everything changed. Doomsday had come, and in its wake, 1 billion were dead in the initial strikes. After dozens more strikes and famine, winter, and starvation, an additional 1.5 billion were dead. Humanity was as good as dead.

Switching viewpoints from the alien Grand Admiral Tuaghmi to ex-Marine David King, and to soldiers fighting on both fronts, the novel progresses as cities are wiped out, and resistances are formed, and all hell breaks loose. As the aliens ruthlessly eliminate anyone in their way, will humanity be enslaved? Or will it break free of the alien’s grasps and earn the respect of the galaxy?





Navigating Into the Void

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David King is an ex-Marine, and that had given him a sort of special status in the small town of Carmel, Illinois. He was one of the 5 people in this town who had served in the armed forces, one of 2 which were in the Marines, and certainly the only one that sold guns. His store, the National Guard Guns Inventory had a booming business in Carmel, but a bad reputation with some of the older people.

Sam "Sledge" Miller is

Major Danny Anderson is


Grand Admiral Tuaghmi is an old, experienced member of the Imperial Mayngrim Galactic Fleet. She was the leading officer in the conquering of Earth, and authorized the bombing of so many cities. She was so hated by the humans that a price was put on her head. She is the most powerful figure in the fleet, and is part of the Council of Elders

Admiral Schlamb is

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