Into the Abyss

(The warriors are outside training with Shen Gong Wu they've never used before now. Omi has the Juju Flytrap, Kimiko has the Reversing Mirror, Raimundo has the Star Hanabi and Clay has the Silk Spinner.)

Omi: Juju Flytrap!

(He aimed the Shen Gong Wu at Clay.)

Clay: Silk Spinner!

(He trapped the bees in the silk.)

Raimundo: Star Hanabi!

(He threw it at the web-infested bees and freed them and they went straight for Kimiko.)

Kimiko: Reversing Mirror!

(The bees diverted and went straight for Omi, who had nothing to defend him and was stung many times until Clay used his lasso to pull him out.)

Clay: You okay partner?

Omi:( Shaking.) bees.

Kimiko: Oops, sorry Omi.

(Then Master Fung enters.)

Master Fung: I see Omi has been stung by the effects of the Juju Flytrap.

Raimundo: Yeah, Kimiko Reverse Mirrored Omi's bees and it went right to him.

Master Fung: I see you are all unfamiliar with using Shen Gong Wu you have never used before.

Dojo: Join the club; I’ve only used four Shen Gong Wu.

Clay: Mind Reader Conch.

Raimundo: Changing Chopsticks.

Kimiko: Sphere of Yun.

Omi: And... Orb Of ...Tornami.

Dojo: Exactly.

Master Fung: You still have many to know about wielding unknown Shen Gong Wu. There will be a time when you have to be ready to use all Shen Gong Wu. But for now, Omi looks like he needs some anti-sting cream.

(Over at the tree where the Warriors usually sit, Kimiko is applying the cream to Omi's stings.)

Kimiko: Sorry I Reverse Mirrored you Omi, didn't know who else to do it on.

Omi: I understand, I only hope the next insect-based Shen Gong Wu does not involve stinging, like the Ants in the Pants.

Clay: Or Moonstone Locust.

Kimiko: Anyway, that should do it, just don't touch it and you'll be fine.

(Then Dojo scurried towards them at such a high pace.)

Dojo: Guys, guys, a new Shen Gong Wu just activated, and does that anti-sting cream also work on rashes. Woohoo.

Omi: No time, what is the Shen Gong Wu?

Dojo: (Opening the scroll.) The Dark Hole Abyss. Whoever possesses it, can trap items, people and maybe even Shen Gong Wu inside them. There was a downside to it, but er... it'll take me a while to decipher them.

Omi: Oh ho, I think the Dark Hole Abyss will be a most worthy Shen Gong Wu to train with.

Clay: But what 'bout that downside? Won't it be a rattlesnake at a mouse hole?

Raimundo: Can we worry about getting the Wu instead of deciding if it's a rattlesnake?

(The warriors and Dojo arrive at a green, peace surrounded forest.)

Kimiko: Dojo, are you sure it's the Dark Hole Abyss? Cus' the scenery makes it look like the Light Hole Abyss.

Dojo: Nope am' sure it's Dark Hole Abyss.

Raimundo: Anyway, where to?

Dojo: Over there.

(They spotted a huge crater with darkness swirling around it.)

Raimundo: Ironic, dark creepy pit, in a lovely green forest.

Omi: It does fit Kimiko's Dark Hole Abyss.

Clay: Let's just get it. I don't think Spicer would give a mule of what where it was hidden as long as he has it.

Raimundo: Good point.

(They slid into the dark creepy pit. Only to be engulfed in more darkness.)

Raimundo: Star Hanabi!

(He lit the darkness away.)

Kimiko: That's my line.

Raimundo: But it's my Shen Gong Wu to practice with.

Dojo: Hm, hm, it's that direction!

(They walked for a few minutes to be confronted by a pedestal containing the Dark Hole Abyss.)

Raimundo: Excellent, let's get it hurry!

(He grabbed the Dark Hole Abyss and the place started shaking.)

Raimundo: groan Duh, the standard booby trap equal-weight trick, don't these people ever give up on these?

Kimiko: Don't think so.

(The ran all the way back to the entrance, but when they reached the top, the forest was now dark and enshrouded in withered trees.)

Raimundo: Okay, I don't think they mentioned this.

Clay: Dojo, ah reckon you should get us outta here.

Dojo: Roger that!

(Just as Dojo was flying off with the others a tree started to grab at Dojo's tail. The tree was alive, along with all the others.)

Dojo: A little help will be appreciated!

Omi: Moonstone Locust!

(The Shen Gong Wu released a flurry of stone locusts that devoured the trees. and Dojo was free to fly away.)

Kimiko: Nice move, Omi.

Omi: I took Clay's advice and brought the Moonstone Locust, just in case.

Raimundo: That's my line.

Kimiko: But it's his Shen Gong Wu to practice with.

(In the devoured forest, Hannibal and Wuya stand on the remains of the trees.)

Wuya: The Warriors seem to have developed their Shen Gong Wu skills.

Hannibal: Even so, but that doesn't mean they will be any match for us.

(Back at the temple, Omi presents the Dark Hole Abyss to Master Fung.)

Master Fung: Most excellent Omi, you have mastered a Shen Gong Wu that you have never used before to rescue your fellow comrades.

Raimundo: (under his breath) Yeah, and a Shen Gong Wu that I claimed.

Kimiko: What was that?

Raimundo: Oh nothing.

Master Fung: Although, the Dark Hole Abyss is a very uncontrollable Shen Gong Wu, the downside is still being deciphered by Dojo, and until you know of it, you cannot use it for training or for claiming new Shen Gong Wu.

Omi: I understand, we shall train with normal Shen Gong Wu. And I shall begin with the Longi Kite.

(He ran for the vault and took out the Longi Kite ready for use.)

Omi's thoughts: I cannot believe that I cannot use a Shen Gong Wu that I claimed.

Kimiko: Yeah, I might as well get some training done too.

(She ran for the vault and took the Lasso Boa Boa.)

MasterFung: I am glad you have drawn away from the use of the Dark Hole Abyss, I hope you will remain this way until Dojo deciphers the downside.

(When Master Fung exits, Omi throws down the Longi Kite, and puts on an angry face.)

Omi: Why must we have to not use the Dark Hole Abyss? The downside cannot be all that bad.

Clay: Easy partner. We can't risk it, who knows what the downside is.

Omi: But how are we meant to know how to use all the Shen Gong Wu, if Master Fung is not letting us use the most uncontrollable one?

Kimiko: You will, just wait until Dojo finds the downside.

Raimundo: Yeah, It's not as if you won't use it ever.

Kimiko: So pipe down till I use this to see how it works. Lasso Boa Boa!

(She threw it towards a dummy and knocked off its head, by wrapping it round its neck.)

Kimiko: Whew, was that good or what?

Omi: Most impressive. But I predict I should listen to you and keep away from the Dark Hole Abyss. Longi Kite!

(He jumped up and circled in the air.)

Omi: Hit me if you can!

Raimundo: Hoho, now we're talking!

(He took out the Star Hanabi.)

Raimundo: Star Hanabi!

(It missed.)

Clay: Here that move is done like this! Fist of Tebigong Earth!

(He punched the ground and a pillar rose up and struck Omi. Kimiko ran to his aid.)

Kimiko: Omi, are you okay?

Omi: Oh, yes I am fine Kimiko. A most excellent hit Clay.

Clay: Why thanks little partner.

(That night Omi stayed awake the entire night, impatiently waiting the others to go to sleep. He could here the faint gentle breathing of Kimiko, she was obviously sleeping. A couple of minutes later, he could here the harder tenser breathing of Raimundo, who joined Kimiko on the Dream Land Express. A couple of minutes later, he could hear the loud, grunting snores of Clay, all of them were asleep. So Omi got up and ran to the vault swiftly and quietly. And once there, he took the Dark hole Abyss and ran to the training grounds.)

Omi: This Shen Gong Wu will not control me, I will not allow it! Dark Hole Abyss!

(The dark sphere started blowing gusts of wind right into it. It sucked up the plants at the side, the tiles at the bottom and some of the walls.)

Omi: I have perfect control over this Shen Gong Wu, I do not see the downside.

(At that moment Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay had noticed he had been using it.)

Kimiko: Omi?

(This startled Omi and he dropped the Dark Hole Abyss while in use, this caused Omi to lose his balance and got sealed inside the Dark Hole Abyss.)

Kimiko: Omi!

(But the Dark Hole Abyss was still in use, and she lost her balance and went flying towards the Shen Gong Wu.)

Raimundo: No! Reversing Mirror!

(This canceled out the Dark Hole Abyss, and Raimundo caught Kimiko in his arms. She jumped off and examined the Dark Hole Abyss carefully.)

Kimiko: Omi! Omi! Omi!

Clay: Where is he!

Master Fung: He has been trapped within the Dark Hole Abyss.

(Master Fung had been watching all along.)

Raimundo: Well can't we just use it to get him back out?

Master Fung: I'm afraid Omi used the Dark Hole Abyss too early before Dojo could deliver the downside.

(Dojo swirled up behind Master Fung, then Kimiko grabbed Dojo and shaking him all around.)

Kimiko: What happened to Omi!

Dojo: Let go and let me explain.

(She did just that.)

Dojo: I am afraid, the effects of the Dark Hole Abyss are permanent. Meaning once something has been sealed inside the Dark Hole Abyss, it can never come out.

(This had a striking effect on the others. Clay had dropped his hat in absolute shock. Raimundo had widened his eyes, and gone all shaking. Kimiko had dropped to the ground and produced a dripping tear down her eyes.)

Kimiko: So, Omi's trapped...for good?

(She hung her head the tear ran down onto the Dark Hole Abyss.)

Dojo: But never fear, I never finished the deciphering, I just wanted to deliver that piece of news so that none of you would get the idea of using it. But unfortunately, it did.

Raimundo: You have to finish the decipher! There has to be a way to save Omi!

(He walked over to Kimiko, and bent over to her level.)

Kimiko: Oh Raimundo, this is my entire fault, I startled him, I’m the reason he's sealed.

(She went over and hugged him dead tight.)

Raimundo: Come on don't blame yourself. He was bound to have lost control sometime.

Clay: Rai's got a point, but until Dojo's got the things we need.

Kimiko: And until then we're useless.

Raimundo: Come on, let's get some rest. Until Dojo's finished.

(But yet again the Ying-Ying Bird has been spying yet again. And it delivered what it saw to Hannibal, Wuya and Jack Spicer.)

Wuya: Omi's sealed inside the Dark Hole Abyss?

Hannibal: And that makes the Warriors vulnerable. And it just so happens that I know how to reverse the Dark Hole Abyss. Let's hope the others don't discover it, before it reveals itself.

Jack Spicer: Er, what's the plan?

Hannibal: Simple, the Warriors don't know how to reverse the Dark Hole Abyss, we will simply distract them until "it" reveals itself, then we claim "it" and Omi will be trapped in the Dark Hole Abyss for all eternity.

Jack: And what exactly is "it?"

Hannibal: Time will tell my young man. Time will tell.

(The next morning, Kimiko noticed the Dark Hole Abyss was on its usual spot, when Raimundo used the Reversing Mirror on it.)

Kimiko: Poor Omi.

Clay: Could be worse, he could be on the evil side.

Kimiko: Point taken.

(They went over to check on Dojo, who to their surprise was fast asleep.)

Raimundo: Dojo!

Dojo: What, what. Who's there.

Kimiko: It's us. Did you do any deciphering last night?

Dojo: Yeah, and I just found a useful piece of information.

Clay: On how to get back Omi?

Dojo: Yeah, in order to reverse the effects of the Dark Hole Abyss, we need to...

(His voice was drowned by a huge explosion taken place outside. The others went to investigate, and there was Wuya, Hannibal and Jack.)

Raimundo: Jack Spicer. Er... is Omi still trapped?

Kimiko: Yes, why?

Raimundo: Guess I’ll say it then. Jack Spicer, surrender at once or suffer a humiliating defeat!

Jack: Think again, we here to...

Hannibal: No, they don't need to know our plan!

(And almost instantly, they charged at them, Kimiko was taking on Wuya, which Kimiko was kicking her butt. Raimundo and Clay ganged up on Hannibal. Who was doing well until, someone threw Hannibal the Moby Morpher, Jack, and he had stolen half a dozen Shen Gong Wu from the vault. And now that Hannibal had over-sized, he was kicking Raimundo and Clay's butts. Wuya took the Star Hanabi from Jack and fired it at Kimiko causing her some damage.)

Kimiko: That's my line!

Wuya: But it's my stolen Shen Gong Wu.

Kimiko: Oh yeah, Wudai Mars ...

(Before Kimiko could make a move, Wuya was shaking and her hair was all over the place.)

Kimiko: Okay, I know I’m good, but what's all this?

Wuya: Sorry, I’m afraid we have a small business to attend to, we'll be right back to finish you off.

(Then they ran off.)

Clay: What in tar nation was that all about.

(But the others noticed Dojo was shaking and writhing too.)

Raimundo: Lemme guess, new Wu?

Dojo: But first I need to tell you how to get back Omi, to get him back, we need the Shen Gong Wu: the Rope of Light, it's the sister Shen Gong Wu to the Dark Hole Abyss, once it's been used, the Dark Hole Abyss'll spit up Omi.

Kimiko: And lemme guess, the new Shen Gong Wu happened to be the Rope of Light?

Dojo: Yeah.

Clay: Well we still have the Dark Hole Abyss after that raid.

Raimundo: We should bring it with us. So we can free Omi when we get the Rope of Light.

Kimiko: Well come on, Omi depends on us. If we fail now, Omi is lost forever.

(Dojo flew them to a huge crater with a pillar on top, and there it was, the Rope of Light. But at the other side of the crater were Wuya, Hannibal and Jack.)

Clay: That was there plan all along.

Raimundo: To steal the Rope of Light.

Kimiko: So Omi could get trapped forever.

Hannibal: So someone’s been doing there homework. We were planning to steal the wu before you clogged on, but stealing them from your cold dead hands sounds more exciting!

Raimundo: I wouldn't bet on that!

Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay: Wudai Orion...

(They froze in mid-air, and remembered Omi was still trapped, therefore Wudai Orion Formation can't work.)

Clay: What say we do the butt kicking with different Shen Gong Wu?

Raimundo and Kimiko: Yeah!

Hannibal, Wuya and Jack: Bring it on!

(They jumped inside the crater and resumed where they left off. Except Clay was fighting Jack.)

Kimiko: Lasso Boa Boa!

(The Shen Gong Wu wrapped around Wuya, but she countered it with a simple, Reversing Mirror. (Stolen from earlier.) But Wuya, Hannibal and Jack were already going for the Rope of Light. Raimundo following with his wind powers, Clay being elevated by a rock pillar. Kimiko confused, took off her shoes and slipped on the Jet Bootsu.)

Kimiko: Jet Bootsu!

(She span out of control for a second then regained herself, and rushed for the new Shen Gong Wu, and then all six of them touched the Shen Gong Wu.)

Raimundo: We challenge you to a Cosmic Clash Xiaolin Showdown!

Hannibal: We accept, but we only use Shen Gong Wu we never used before.

Raimundo: Okay, my Lotus Twister.

Kimiko: My Jet Bootsu.

Clay: And mah Crystal Glasses.

Wuya: Against my Star Hanabi.

Jack: My Changing Chopsticks.

Hannibal: And mah Moby Morpher.

Kimiko: Hey, you used the Moby Morpher countless times.

Hannibal: Haha, I’m just kidding. And my Fist of Tebigong.

Raimundo: The contest is first to grab the Rope of Light and make it to their checkpoint wins.

All: Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The crater shaped into a huge pile of platforms that extended as high as the clouds. And the Rope of Light was at the top platform.)

All: Gong Ye Tenpai!

Kimiko: Jet Bootsu!

(After taking off her fancy Xiaolin Showdown shoes and put on the Jet Bootsu. She accelerated up to the top, but then started to lose control.)

Jack: Changing Chopsticks!

(Jack shrunk the Jet Bootsu on Kimiko and she started falling until Raimundo used the Lotus Twister to lift her up to one of the platforms. Soon to be joined by Clay who had the Crystal Glasses on.)

Clay: Yah might wanna be careful little lady.

Kimiko: Yeah, except I have lost both my shoes and have to go through the whole showdown barefooted.

Clay: Here, lemme help. Wudai Crater Earth!

(He stomped the ground and made a huge pillar over Kimiko that threw her over to the Rope of Light platform. She did eight 360 degree mid-air rolls and grabbed the Rope of Light.)

Kimiko: Thank you Clay!

(She jumped between platforms to get back to her checkpoint to end the Showdown only to find Wuya. Ready to take the Rope of Light.)

Wuya: Star Hanabi!

Kimiko: Don't think so old hag! Wudai Mars Fire!

(She caught the fire blasts and diverted it right to Wuya, narrowly missing she jumped to a lower platform. Kimiko continued to jump between platforms, then Hannibal jumped at her, until Raimundo kicked him back.)

Raimundo: Get the Rope of Light to the checkpoint, we'll cover you!

(Hannibal punched Raimundo right in the stomach with the Fist of Tebigong.)

Raimundo: GO!

(She jumped to platform and platform. But then she got struck by a pillar made by Hannibal's Fist of Tebigong. And she also dropped the Rope of Light, which Jack claimed and went flying to their checkpoint.)

Jack: Hahaha, victory is...

(He got interrupted as Clay, jumped at him, causing him to go on another platform.)

Jack: Okay then, eat this.

(He tried to punch him, but he predicted his attack and avoided it. Then he kicked the Rope of Light up in the air with Jack using the Heli-Bot to reach up and grab it. But Raimundo grabbed it first, his neck narrowly missing the Heli-Bot blades.)

Raimundo: Catch me if you can!

(But he soon eat his words as Wuya kicked him away and claiming the Rope of Light.)

Wuya: Now now, Raimundo. Don't say words you know you won't do.

(Then Kimiko came in and kicked her away and claiming the Rope of Light.)

Kimiko: Neither should you!

(She ran to her checkpoint and yet again confronted by Hannibal. Then she threw it up in the air and Clay caught it. Jumping over Hannibal he too ran for the checkpoint, but he had to face Jack again.)

Clay: Outta the way, Spicer!

Jack: No need to!

(Wuya jumped on him and took the Rope of Light. Until Raimundo took it, and Hannibal kicked him away taking it back.)

Kimiko: We can't keep this up! Especially when I’m wuless and barefooted.

(She jumped at Hannibal and took the Rope of Light.)

Kimiko: Clay, quick give me the Crystal Glasses!

(Clay threw her the Glasses, and putting it on, she ran for the checkpoint.)

Kimiko: Crystal Glasses!

(She jumped down to a lower platform to avoid Wuya.)

Kimiko: Raimundo, a little help!

(Raimundo jumped down to Kimiko, grabbed her and he wrapped his legs around the platforms.)

Raimundo: Hang on!

(He jumped down and extended back up and threw her, like a catapult. She went flying past all the platforms and just when she was approaching the checkpoint platform, Hannibal intercepted her, and both fell to another platform.)

Hannibal: Think again!

(But as he was about to strike Kimiko a flurry of water came from within her shirt and struck Hannibal. She took out what it was and it was the Dark Hole Abyss.)

Kimiko: What was that?

(Then the Dark Hole Abyss fired another jet of water downwards causing her to go to the checkpoint platform, and without a second thought, Kimiko placed the Rope of Light on the pedestal, ending the showdown.)

Kimiko: Rope of Light!

(The Dark Hole Abyss shone up and then produced a small light on the ground, and when the light cleared, Omi was sitting there confused and weary.)

Omi: Where am I? Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay?

(The others gave him a huge hug.)

Raimundo: Never mind Omi.

Kimiko: It was a whole bad dream for all of us.

Clay: And we turned it into a bucking-mule good dream.

(Back at the Temple, Omi is on his knees in front of Master Fung.)

Omi: Please forgive me. Please.

Master Fung: Now Omi, it's not your mistake that i was worried about. I was more worried about your safety.

Kimiko: But one thing bothers me. How did the Dark Hole Abyss shoot water like that?

Omi: Allow me to explain. While sealed in the Dark Hole Abyss, i was able to see the outside world, and yes, i appreciate the fact that all of you were worried about me.

Raimundo: I'm sure Kimiko would know all about that.

Omi: Anyway, when i saw Kimiko about to get struck by Hannibal, wuless and barefooted. I used my water powers to intervene.

Clay: But you were sealed inside, you couldn't get out.

Omi: Physical ness couldn't, elemental can.

Raimundo: Master Fung is this mumbo jumbo right?

Master Fung: Of course. I may have told him not to use it. But he has developed a huge knowledge of this Shen Gong Wu, and I am most proud.

Omi: Hehehe Yawn now if you'll excuse me I think I’ll nap.

(He dropped to the ground and started sleeping.)

Kimiko: Can't blame him, after getting sealed in a dark Shen Gong Wu all night.

Raimundo: Ruby of Ramses.

(He levitated Omi to his room and pulled the covers over him. The next morning, Omi is presented in front of Master Fung and the others.)

Master Fung: Now that you have experienced the Dark Hole Abyss, we shall examine your skills at using it. Your task is to successfully seal this plant, this cup and this boulder, and successfully use the Rope of Light to release them all.

Omi: With pleasure Master Fung. Dark Hole Abyss!

(He jumped over and sealed the cup, then the plant, then the cup, then the boulder.)

Omi: Rope of Light.

(The Dark Hole Abyss glowed and releases the three targets. And Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay and Dojo all raised score cards of ten out of ten.)

Master Fung: Most impressive. You have now mastered the Dark Hole Abyss. A very uncontrollable Shen Gong Wu, which is quite an achievement.

Omi: Thank you Master Fung.

(He was soon greeted by his fellow comrades.)

Omi: But one thing troubles me. Why did you help me, when I timed-two'd you?

Clay: You maght have used the Dark Hole Abyss without telling us.

Raimundo: You might be sneaky and break some rules.

Kimiko: But you're our best friend.

(Omi smiled.)

Omi: And you're all my best friends too. And together, no evil can stop us.

Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay: Yeah!

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