The HookEdit


Our Old Lab

We were in the lab, when suddenly a light started to flicker and go out. Next, a computer flickered and went out. The next computer over went out. Eventually, the whole building was out. Bombs rained down outside. There was nothing left.

"NOW! SWITCH DIMENSION!" I yelled. World War 4 started, and we were already getting rained down with missiles and bombs. Stephen came up to me, and we both held our glamor watches together, and the whole building lifted off the ground, and a green flash of light flickered around us.

Chapter 1Edit

"Hello? Is this Stephen Brown?" I said on the phone. My name is Gage Morgan, and I'm still trying to get in contact with Stephen. You see, Stephen is my best friend from elemntary school. Now, we're grown up, and I'm still searching for him. He lost contact when his mom moved away from his dad, they weren't even married. And now, we were both thought of as two crazy people.

"Hi! Who is this?" said Stephen. He had changed. He actually talked properly, and had gotten rid of his old accent.

"This is Gage." I said. I knew he would remember, now that I just brought my name back into his mind.

"Oh yeah! Remember the lab? We were just faking it back then, you know? But what if we made one now? I'll meet you at my parents' old house around 5. Just get there, and we can re-introduce ourselves." he said.

"Ok. I'll see you there." I hung up. Boy, he had changed all right. But, we didn't know what was coming. We still needed a building, and we didn't have any money. What were we going to do?

I started thinking about how to get money. Then I realized how to do it. There was a river flowing under my house. If I could actually prove it existed, and find actual precious metals in it...but then I remembered the Morgans had kept it there so that if we ever actually needed it.

I went into my basement. I found the door to our tunnel. I'd never been to it before then, I saw it. My flashlight shone on thousands of jewels, gold coins, and other items, plus bars of gold. It got my backpack full of the stuff, and the place where I'd made a dent refilled with the same items over again. It somehow refilled itself. I had thought when my parents told me that there was a river under our house, I thought they'd meant water. When I got out of college, they had a huge fight, and then got divorced, and argued over who got the house. I said I'd take it and they could both move out. They both agreed, and my mom gave me directions on how to go to the river with precious metal hidden in it.

My watch said 4;30 on it. I had to get a move on. I went through my basement door, and then ended up in sunset light. I jumped in my car, turned the key into the ignition, and then drove off. Luckily I hadn't yet moved to California, because I wouldn't have gotten this far. I saw Stephen waiting at his old front door. The only difference between his younger and older version was he had grown to about 5 foot 7, and he didn't look any different after that.

"We need to get plans for the lab. I've discovered a new technology, but it involves making a physical building as a startup. What's in the bag?" Stephen blurted out all at once.

"The bag has everything we need to get a building. I've located a large building space where we can get started. I also have a lot of cash in this bag. I stopped by somewhere to exchange a few precious metals and jewels for over $3 million."

"That's enough to get our stuff ready within a week!" shouted Stephen.

Chapter 2Edit

We walked in our new, fresh, clean lab. It was so awesome that I couldn't help but wonder how we'd built it. The construction workers hid the building out of site by putting it in the ground instead of building upward. The best part was the tech. We had special watches of all types, but the best were the modified Rolex ones that were cosidered glamor watches. We could transfer the building anywhere when needed, although by the way the building was built, it was most likely going to be high in the sky, usually taking the place of a replica.

In every city in the world, there would be a replica of the building near the atmosphere. This made sure that during the wars, the building wouldn't get damaged by a warplane. Now, I am standing in the computer lab, waiting for Stephen. he comes dashing in. Remember, this is several years after we built the lab. There was talk of a war happening.

"We have a few tech companies that need to transfer some of their employees in our building near Palo Alto and SF, both in California. Should we let them?" asked Stephen.

"I don't care. What I need to think about is the crap that's going on with the Muslims wanting to slay everyone and drop bombs on us. You remember 9/11." I said.

"Uh...I just got a text from DreamHost, Wikia, and Google wanting to get some space for their employees and servers. Could you assign them places for their data centers and offices." said Stephen.

""Time to get everything settled for the data centers? Connect our empty data centers to a few new rooms for their existing servers. We're not letting anyone who hosts a game for kids thoguh, are we?" I said.

"Thank God no! After that last incident where Disney tried to say that OUR lab was theirs, we're not going there again. We'll let Disney know they're not coming with us." Stephen sighed. "I don't know how this is going to happen. All I know is is that a war is happening." said Stephen.

"Wait...did you say Wikia?" I asked.

"Yeah...I don't know why, but it sounds familiar. Did you have something to do with it?" asked Stephen.

"Yeah. I used to own a couple of sites on there when we were kids. It really ticked me off when they did some things after Oasis, although I don't want to go there. Oasis was bad enough, but then the skin after oasis they started taking text out of your pages to put ads in. Staff members had to take parts of my hard work out of my site. They filled it up with ads. Eventually, some pages had to be reloaded because when you loaded a page, it would show a giant ad taking up the whole space, and then repeating, where your article content should've been."

"Wait...was that the same company that had Monaco, that skin thing that you used to talk about during that giant thing you did for an enrichment project, designing a site and then designing an example of how to use graphic templates, and everything else?"

"Yup...that was back in 2008. And now look. We'd better tell them to re-introduce monaco as an option if they want to come with us." I said.

"I just told them they'd have to," Stephen said. "but I heard their going without a CEO and othe technical and marketing officers. Most likely, they have assigned a staff member to make decisions." said Stephen.

"Well, let me know, and I'll get back to you."

That day, all the listed tech companies moved into our base, and surprisingly teamed up. DreamHost formed an alliance with Wikia, and they both started incorporating more options for Google products into their hosting plans. Wikia made a friendly decision to get rid of their bad stuff, and in that case, put Monaco back up as default. Most of the staff said they didn't know where to go, and it didn't matter, because they might have no one to serve to because everyone's computers might go down forever.

Then, it all happened at once.

Chapter 3Edit

We were in the lab, when suddenly a light started to flicker and go out. Next, a computer flickered and went out. The next computer over went out. Eventually, the whole building was out. Bombs rained down outside. There was nothing left. "NOW! SWITCH DIMENSION!" I yelled. World War 4 started, and we were already getting rained down with missiles and bombs. Stephen came up to me, and we both held our glamor watches together, and the whole building lifted off the ground, and a green flash of light flickered around us. Just then, all gravity was lost. The data centers automatically pinned themselves to the ground, and we went into the gravity rooms, where we were able to walk regularly on the ground. The offices had automatically made themselves into gravity rooms, with the Wikia staff and Google Staff looking surprised and shocked, almost frozen. Stephen and I made our way to the announcements room. "We would like everyone to know that we have used our newest technology to switch dimensions, and you guys should be unharmed, and we'll continue. Electricity is made from resources outside the building, which we've identified as mostly air and literal white space, it literally looks like a white room that goes on forever. Our cameras back on Earth's atmosphere are currently looking in on California, and most damage looks like it can be repaired. The battle rages on, and we'll probably be here for a couple of years. We've developed a cloning system where we can clone food, and technicians are saving part of every food supply to make more food, and we'll be fed every day. Until it's over, we're stuck here. Our hotel spaces are free courtesy of Days Inn, plus you will be out of work due to no one to serve. Thanks for joining us!" Stephen cut off the microphone, and we headed out of the room.

By now, the whole building went back to work, like nothing had just happened. I wondered what was going on on Earth. I looked at the cameras pointed in the atmosphere on Earth, and giant explosions rippled down like tiny fireworks, only for the fact that they were the color of fire. At this point, I wondered about where I had once lived and what happened to it. I had to see. I pointed the cameras hidden in the atmosphere down on my old hometown, and went to gound vision. From there, I pointed to the underground vision. The jewels under my house kept going down lower, and eventually they were put in a locked position. They remained in the same place, just with every hit above ground they went lower. Then, I found a break in the storm. No more cannons were firing. Just briefly, I saw my old home start to build itself back up out of dust. The war had moved out of my hometown, for now. I could only wonder what was happening to my other friends back home.

"What do you think is going to happen to our old friends?" I asked. "I mean, if we want to succeed in giving back Earth's population-"

"We might not be able to do that this time, because of Man's worst mistakes now and in the past. We may be the last of the human race. It doesn't matter, because what is there to look forward to? We've almost completely destroyed our home planet. By now, who cares if we all die? We're lucky we even made it out in time." Stephen said.

I went back to my part of the building, where I had Internet and could do whatever I wanted. Stephen did have a point, and I knew it. But to say 'Man has come so far and I don't give a hoot'- that's when you can start to go nuts. It's not like we're worthless. We've invented so many things, over all these millenia- and now we don't even care-we take it for granted.

As I'm playing with a couple of Arduinos, a thought comes into my mind, where we could do whatever, and just invent one great last thing. That last thing will be able to multiply and be able to live a decent life where we would've been able to live. A mouse, but adapted to toxic waste, nuclear radiation, cancer, heart diesease, and anything else, and would be able to live forever. That's when it hit me. This adpatable idea can be made into a pill. We would have no problem living-we could even go without food. This is the greatest idea that I'd had.

I go to our medicine officer and creator, and I tell him to get the ingredients together. Then, I go up to our DNA specialists, and tell them to take a sample of everyone's DNA. By the end of the day, the genetic pills are making everyone feel full, and are making everyone able to go without sleep and able to go without water. The pills give us nutrients, plus life. There is at least 10 extra years packed in each pill, and each pill is made by a machine that only uses air. Our air supply is unlimited, so we have nothing to worry about.

The best thing happened, and we were able to do everything we wanted. Not only that, but I also made my way back to DreamHost, after they shut down their apps service, and I got free hosting. I generally didn't do much, virtually no one was able to view my website. That's when my Skype rung.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey bro." said a voice I couldn't believe still existed.

My stepbrother was calling from Earth. I didn't know where, but I knew he was somewhere below the ground.

"You're still alive? After all that crap that happened? I remember those days where we used to go to school, and now look at me. I'm in a lab flying so fast I can't tell where I am." I said.

"I know, right? It's been forever. I wonder if we'll still be here when the war's over." said my stepbrother.

How'd you get into a bunker? I mean, I heard that no one from our area had one." I queried.

"Oh yeah. I had one build by volunteers around the community. It turns out we had enough time time that could build underground houses that had TVs and stuff. I've got the master computer, which means I'm responsible for all the other computers, laptops and netbooks." he said.

Ryan, the guy I've only really known for gaming, is becoming a tech geek just like me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It's like he wanted to be like me, even though we both knew he didn't.

"Now, I have to go tell the guys we have in our data centers that there are people they can actually broadcast to. We probably won't have any TV stations or anything, though. But I can guarentee that you'll get to watch some Smosh." I said.

"Wow. You found a way to copy YouTube?" said Ryan.

"Even bvetter. We have YouTube up right now. Google's with us." I said.

"Well, I'm gonna go check it out. Keep it lcoked." said Ryan.

"Keep it 100." I clicked out of Skype. I knew I had to get over to the microphone quick.

"Hello, everyone. There's still one bunker that has managed to get the Internet. They are no longer scared to use it, and currently, we have some interest in YouTube. Note to Google, there are some requests for you to broadcast yourselves." I said. From the left side of the building, you could hear laughing. From the other side, silence. I went to go get Stephen.

The development team for Google went back to work straightaway. The people at Wikia were still finding new ways to improve the Monaco skin. From my perspective, Monaco had been the best thing from Wikia I'd experienced. But by the time Oasis came, I couldn't live with Wikia. They had come out with insanely stupid features (Auto Adopt - yes, that's how I would like to adopt my children) and insanely stupid names (DumpsOnDemand - yeah, I don't want mine published). But by the time they returned here, Jimmy Wales and Angela Beasley had decided to try and turn things back around. They knew they'd have a bigger fanbase if they did. And, now Wikia is its good old self again. I found Stephen working with mechanics, and trying to clone servers. Our cloning machines could clone themselves, too. They could clone generators, and fix things while cloning them. Servers were needed for Wikia, and we decided to do it a new way.

The motherboard would be located on one side. All the ram and other things would be on that side. But the other side held hard disks and bandwidth and everything else. That way, it was a balanced, lighter system. And, if a new server was needed, they could clone all of the content onto the new servers within less than 10 seconds. The people from the bunkers were starting to come out. People, one by one logged into Google. Google redirected the ones looking to create a website to Wikia and Dreamhost. Other than that, there was basically no other websites around. Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, and all other providers were gone for good. We couldn't really tell what was left of the world - all we knew was that there had to be some hope for rebuilding everything.

Stephen and I landed the flying building where San Francisco used to be. Google had pictures of every building and every home in California. We used the cloning machines to scan the buildings and cities back onto the map. Over 2 million people were forming barriers around where we were. Now, think about 4 or 5 cities filled up, cheering joyfully. But not only that, we were able to form a government and give new names and make new buildings using our cloning machines, and eventually we had the newest form of state ever. There was no more United States. There was Jappell, the first ever country where humanity couldn't take over.

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