(so this a short story im trying to experiment so fell free to help me)

School Days is set in the fictional city called Lokka in a small country Rallkyri, the main cast is composed of Andrew Ublay an intelligent boy yet shy,daydreamer that fells easily in love with every girl he meets and the second caracter is Dustin Hardget  another intteligent boy that falls in similar fashion with Andrew in love with every girl he meets however he is not shy he is very social and it seems that any girl loves him or so it seems.

Both boys go together at the same elementary school in Lokka the Hirukami Elementary School from 1st to 8th grade.

Both of our heros dont know what adventure they are about to enter since recently in the higher realms of reality also know as the realms of the devas a battle of turmoil has begun with a creature know as Draqke this is a primitive lifeform that feeds from negative energy and it has come from the lower realms by mistake to the devas. The realm of the devas unlike other dimensions is a very balanced one and any minor changes can cause catcatastrophic results however the Devas decide to take no action in order to stop the Draqke since they are beings alien to the word fear and so it happens that the Drakqe eats a small amount of energy that implodes the entire realm after that a epic explosion arises from where you can see dark beings dancing, bending and twisting  in the ligth of the explosion fleeing to different realms.

The oldes of the devas (of course devas cannot be damaged ) Cassiel also know as Prime Watcher sees the shadows as a potential danger for humans since the human cannot see their power much less use it they are surely to be backtracked on their cosmic destiny so cassiel decides to send on earth his chariot know as the Pheonix Merkabah in order to bend with humans at random in hopes that the selected humans will be able to deal with the shadows and allow the continuation of the cosmic destiny go more rapid than anticipated. 

Our young heros are at school trying to get the attention of some girls this is a special day since Andrew is really trying to combate his shyness and Dustin observes that however he is also very competitive and starts telling him that no girl ever wants to talk with since he is a looser just then Hirukami's most popular kid enters the scene meet Alvin his is quite litteraly Mr Perfection and start to make fun of both saying "Ya looser no one of you can beat me" he smiles and his smile blinds both of our heros and when theyre sigth comes back they see each other kissing the other one and they start screamming like hell  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"  only to wake up from theyre sleep both start to say "Thank god it was only a dream" and they both go to the bathroom to wash their teeth

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