Imperial Warcraft
Directed by George A. Romero
Steven Spielberg
Produced by George A. Romero
Written by George A. Romero
Vin Diesel
Starring Vin Diesel
EriK Frillery
Samuel L. Jackson
Music by Random
Editing by John Manson
Distributed by Walt Disney
Release date(s) November 28, 2003
Running time 102 Min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget 50,000 $
Gross revenue 748,409,478 USD
Followed by Imperial Warcraft II (2004)

Imperial Warcraft is an american action-thriller film about two soldiers (Vin Diesel, EriK Frillery) who are in battle with an Imperial company called the Empire of the United States of America.

The film stars, Vin Diesel as Devon Collins, EriK Frillery as Jonas Collins (Younger days), Samuel L. Jackson as General Michael Richards, and Dennis Hopper as Jonas Collins (Older days)

Plot Edit

The film starts at the where Jonas in his older days is preparing a story about his days as a hero, and not a villain, while he's telling the story he also mentions that he turned against life a few years ago and he has many stories to tell.

While in a snowy tundra, Devon is fleeing a helicopter which keeps shooting missiles at him, and keeps missing, then as he goes to a cave he jumps off the snowmobile, and the missile hits the snowmobile making a big explosion, but, Devon did not know that he was in the enemies base, and the helicopter pilot works there, but Devon got rid of the helicopter by making it run into a wall.

When he got back to New York the enemies has taken over the Government of New York, making it a serious state, Jonas then take control of a military base in Manhattan, which has been turn into a military base and prison, and as Jonas meets a guy named Michael Richards, the head of the military, asks if Jonas would like to join (In reference to his future where he becomes there leader), he replies with no and then he says that they'll do anything for him, he still says no, he says that he will regret this.

Then it hits night time where Michael is about to turn on a huge killer machine called the Exterminator and as he starts going around town running things over and killing people with it, soon Jonas is on a date and wonders what's that noise, then as the Exterminator comes and is about to destroy the building, Devon comes and destroy's the Exterminator with a car.

The next day later the Exterminator II is in progress, and as he is preparing for battle, then Jonas comes in and asks if the offer is still active, and he says yes, then Jonas joins him, then as Michael told Jonas to kill everyone that works here, he then kills everyone, in town and then attacks Devon but fails, ends up in the hospital, Devon visits him, and said "Why were you in the helicopter killing people? Did you join the Death Crew?" Jonas replied, "Yes, I did, I need to have a new life, and a new world is a start." then as Michael Richards comes and gives him a formula that recharges you, and makes heal faster, and as the next day, he heals, and as he heads outside, he wants to fight Devon, and kill him, and as the Death Crew is dying, the company decides to kill everyone who works there, then they release robotic droids, that slash and shoot the workers to death, then they head outside, and kill everyone, while Jonas, decides to doe one last good deed, he kills the owner of the company.

After the cold bloody rampage, Jonas decides he'll never come back to New York ever again. And Devon decided to try and kill Jonas, and stop Death Crew forever.

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