Most of the characters in this story do not belong to me; however, my own original characters will make appearances. I will put an asterisk "*" beside the ones that are mine.

It is a beautiful, sunny day in the lush-green, healthy-watered Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach Toadstool, who has long, blonde hair, has blue eyes, and wears a pink dress, is taking her daily constitutional with the red-clad, Italian plumber, Mario. Mario wears a monogrammed red cap, red shirt, blue overalls, brown boots, and like Princess Peach, he wears white gloves.

Anyway, as the two are walking, minding their own business, something appears in the sky. The object is on fire. Upon closer inspection, Peach and Mario notice that it has a round saucer connected to a cylindric structure via a neck. The cylindric structure has two pylons coming from the top of it, and each pylon holds another cylindric structure with a red hemisphere at the front of it. The couple gasps as they realize the object is going to crash.

"Oh, dear, Mario, what are we gunna do?" Peach asks in her high-pitched voice. Mario ponders on that question a moment, and then, he sticks up his finger.

"Ah-ha!" Says Mario, he whistles, and a yellow cloud appears; a little boy wearing an orange gi with spiky black hair and a brown tail is riding it.

"What the--" The little boy says.

"Goku, we need Flying Nimbus." Mario says in his Italian accent, referring to the yellow cloud.

"Why?" Goku asks and Mario points up. Goku looks up, and he sees the object with the saucer, neck, and three cylindric structures bearing down upon them. "Yikes! That thing is going to crash!" Goku says.

"Yes, we need Flying Nimbus so that thing crashing down can soft-land." Mario says. Goku jumps off Flying Nimbus.

"Okay, Flying Nimbus, enlarge yourself." Goku commands, and Flying Nimbus does so.

Onboard the crashing object, which is actually a starship called the U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, Kirk is not sitting in his command chair because he's too busy holding Mr. Spock's leg because he is scared. Kirk is a buff man with short, dirty-blonde hair, and brown eyes, and he is currently wearing his green uniform-shirt and black pants.

Mr. Spock, unlike Captain Kirk, is a Vulcan (well, actually, he is half-Vulcan, half-human), and he isn't scared because he just doesn't see the logic in it. He is wearing a blue shirt and black pants.

"Mr. Sulu! Pull up!" Captain Kirk whines.

"For the last time, Captain, I broke the manual steering joystick!" Sulu yells. Mr. Sulu is an Asian man wearing a gold shirt and black pants. He sits at the helm in front of the command chair, which is in the center of the circular command center.

Meanwhile, back on the ground, the Enterprise is closer than it was the last time. Some moments later, the Enterprise soft-landed on Flying Nimbus. Mario, Peach, and Goku look at the huge starship in awe, and it is still on fire.

"Let's dunk 'er in the water." Mario says.

"Are you sure Mario? The waters of the Mushroom Kingdom have a tendency to make metal rust quickly." Peach says.

"Then why is it when I become Metal Mario, which I use to walk on the ocean-floor, the water doesn't rust me?" Mario asks. Peach ponders on that for a second.

Back on the Enterprise, Kirk is surprised at the soft-landing, and he doesn't understand what's going on. "Mr. Spock, you're logical; what's going on here?" Kirk asks.

"What has happened is illogical, Captain." Spock says. "As well as your cowardice."

"Whatever, Mr. Decker, Miss Ilia, come with me, please; you come along, too, Mr. Spock." Kirk says and presses a button on the arm of his command chair. "Dr. McCoy, report to the transporter room." Kirk says to the arm.

"Damn it, Jim, I'm shaving!" McCoy says.

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