I said I started writing poetry, but that I wouldn't be able to write anything long like they use to. I need to contradict myself more, so this is the attemptUser:Serprex 22:24, February 25, 2011 (UTC)

Sniffle sniffle is how it starts
Achoo achoo is how it smarts
Cart the bodies, row by row
Reaped, and so we sow
Babes are born with the disease
Cows give milk more sour than cheese

No man is island
All men are dying to die
Who is immune?

We want blood
Everyone is changing
Ravenous all night
Everyone is dying
Where is heaven?
Only God knows
Lonesome for someone
Fuck the world

Walk by night
Sleep by day
Lose every fight
Dead by May

Some go out to find doctors
Some stay in to die by a fire
Some get blamed with a pyre
Some still work their tractor

We pray every night, that someone else is immune
That someone else won't cry to the moon
That someone else might cure us soon

Might this barren land bear snow?
Is there no news bearing west?
We reap nothing of what we sow
So half ran east, and a quarter took eternal rest
The other quarter? Bore north
I've been their unsuspected guest
When they tary, I drive them forth
I've elected them to my quest
I've got until next month's fourth
The fifth is either my triumph, or my funeral
If they prove hardier than their bravery, it'll be my triumph
They're certainly brave; they'll only lose by force
My intent are my respite; for now my deeds are only viral
By the load, humph

It happened during the night
He stood across a wolf held at bay
He lasted the fight,
but a single scratch marked his final day
He had two choices:
to live on and die,
or die with a try
He need only listen to the sheperd's voice
Sheep fear men dressed as wolves
Men fear wolves dressed as sheep
Wolves fear sheep dressed as men
By fear, he took the sheep
By pride, he made them men
By hunger, he'd slay the wolves

There was a wolf who dressed as a woman
Nobody feared her; nobody saw
She saw their plight, their flaw
She brought the king as a man
She was there when it began
She would watch it withdraw
It was the course of law
The age of man faced its ban

For he listened with two ears
Collecting wisdom before years

Half went east
Half of that half died
The rest weren't so lucky in the least
They yearned for a feast
They'd kept the north eyed
Looking wearily for before, but now they were the beasts

Insatiable benalities
Unjust realities
The den grew close
The men did not repose
The heart of man's mother
Stolen by his brothers

At the summit,
they grew lust for blood,
but alas, struck by a flood
of fur, from the east
They earned their feast
Hope fell a high plummet

They were now sure
that there was no cure

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