Existentialism in Fiction & Non Fiction yet again. Posting homework yet again because some people disapprove, while others play poor puns and say upliftingUser:Serprex 18:07, October 10, 2011 (UTC)

The Other. I wouldn't so much use the singular form. There are plenty of others

The Others. Or is the point that each one is their own individual The Self?

I don't have 250 words to say about that guy. He isn't even looking at me. He doesn't care about me. How am I suppose to write 250 words going about how this guy is some other guy when it's already obvious in 45 words?

But we can all try

Standing in air port security there's a couple who are bored standing in line and so involved in themselves that the woman doesn't notice she's pressing against my baggage while they swap spit. Her life is looking forward to gaining her mother's crinkles in the next thirty years

A man watchs his daughter fall on the airport ground and look up at him with joy. I do not exist to this man. For him, he just saw a straight on view of her face. I'm at a low angle. She makes eye contact with me later. I'm just another notmom crowding this strange place she'll hardly remember

Getting off the plane, I'm "that guy": We can get off after that guy gets out. They've spent their last fiv hours in seats 22DEF after boarding at Reykjavik. My own transfer there had been from a plane which would have most going to either New York or Toronto. Some staying in Iceland. Where are they now? No clue

The airport is full of people who've come from some random place and are going to another random place. I'm just another random wire on the switchboard. As is everybody

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