Author Mightyerick (Works) is fine with any constructive edits you wish to make to this literary work.

Last night I dreamt of you,
last time I felt so doomed,
because you were my girl,
you went away like bird,
you do not tell me why
you are sliming up my mind,
please look at me, my love,
please tell you are not a dove,
that wants to escape from me,
indeed, just like you did.
I am so confussed,
I am so doomed,
I can not think other thing about you,
Is that harsh word,
Like a con world,
Reminding this time I am not now your dude.

Abc thought that Monaco is wrong,
then Serpex told me Monobook was rock,
Fythring begins to write things on chinese,
but my PC does not get that char set and freezes.

(My PC is named Plus. I really like her. I would marry her, she is my only friend)

I wrote some summaries to get rid my pain,
but Abc tells that those things are just lame.
He tells my English just looks like Spanish,
I dont want to say where I am, I just vanish.

I wonder why Fiction was renamed Novellas,
The only things I see are talk pages and fellas,
It is a weird chat room or some sort of forum,
where Recent Changes has always the quorum.

This Novellas logo is so psychedelic,
makes me to see hallucinations... a medic!
I try to escape but it is so "I dont know",
It looks like Pascal when it gets overflow.

(Runtime error Number Five, I think. Do you know programming, Serpex?)

Suddenly Hou and the NonImp are gone,
looks like this wiki just loses its core,
but there remain a strange team of guys,
a leftie, a poet, some hippies, a spy.

(Hey, The CIA thingy is really weird)

May be it was the weird GFDL,
that scares away all the fellas from here,
at least it's not empty like Imagination,
where you will never get any conversation.

(Justin will never talk!!!)

The saddy side bar reminds me her hair,
but she just has left me, so I do not care.
I will write some poems but she'll never read them,
is a waste of my time, but at least I remind her.

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