Chapter 1 Edit

I was a senior in high school. I was walking down one of the high school's many white corridors and past the bluish-silver lockers, when I saw someone round the corner of the hall ahead. I couldn't believe what I was seeing; it was a female geek.

I loved girls; that was astute, but something that wasn't so obvious was the fact that I loved the ones that were geeks. She was probably the most beautiful geek I had ever seen. She had dark-red hair in pigtails, pale skin, indigo-blue eyes behind a pair of magnifying glasses, and she had cute freckles spread across her cheeks. She was five feet, nine inches tall, and she had porcelain-white, buck-teeth. She was wearing a rose-red shirt with a buttoned collar with a sapphire-blue, plaid skirt, and a pair of black, velcro-tennis-shoes with knee-high, galaxy-white stockings.

I stopped walking and waited until she was very close to me. Then I said, "hello, Beautiful."

She stopped walking, looked at me, and removed her glasses. Gosh, her eyes were even more beautiful without the glasses. She said, "hello, Handsome." Her voice was so heavenly; it sounded like an angel was playing a harp. I was blushing, and she kissed me on the cheek. She said, "thank you for being so kind as to call me beautiful."

I said, "you're welcome," and I chuckled. "Thank you for calling me handsome," I said.

She giggled and said, "you're welcome," and she sighed. "You have the most amazing eyes. I see love, gentleness, kindness; oh, I see everything good about you in your eyes. Will you go out to dinner with me?" She asked.

I was shocked she even asked that question. I thought I'd cry. Other girls would've probably shunned me, but she didn't. I nodded my head; I was too dumbfounded for words.

"See you tonight around six or so. Do you like Bojangles'?" She asked.

I nodded.

"See you there, then. Bye, Handsome," she continued her walk down the hall after putting her glasses back on. I sighed and leaned against the locker.

"I love geeks," I said to myself aloud.

Chapter 2 Edit

That night of Monday, October 11, 2010 at around 6:15PM, I and the female geek I met at school went to the fast-food restaurant known as Bojangles'. As we stood in line waiting to order our food, I asked the geek her name.

"My name is Teri. That's T-E-R-I," she said.

"Oh, what a beautiful name. I am sorry I forgot to ask your name at school. I was so distracted by your beauty," I said.

Teri giggled, "that's okay; I'm sorry I forgot to ask your name, too. I was also distracted by your beauty. What is your name?" She asked.

"My name is James," I said.

"What a cute name: James," Teri giggled. By the time she said that, it was time for us to order. I allowed Teri to order first since she was a lady.

"Thank you," Teri said. She approached the counter with a cash register and a microphone. There was a stout, black woman behind the counter; her name tag said her name was "Gladys."

"Good evening, Gladys," Teri said to the black woman.

"Hello, Teri-girl, how are you tonight, sugar?" Gladys asked.

"I feel rushed. Life has been going by like a train that can go supersonic speed!" Teri said. "Anyway, Gladys, I'd like you to meet my date, James," she introduced me, and I came up beside her.

"Girl! You got a date! Wow! That's great! Have you ever even had a date?" Gladys asked. Teri shook her head and looked at me, smiling. She had a beautiful smile and a dimple in her left cheek. I put my arm around her.

"God has truly blessed you. This young man here looks very nice!" Gladys said.

"I appreciate the compliment, ma'am, but can we get to ordering our food? I'm famished," I said.

"Oh, oh, of course, sugar," Gladys said.

Chapter 3 Edit

I and Teri sat down at a table near a window. The table was designed for two people. We prayed to God to bless the food, and we began eating.

"It is a very nice twilight," Teri said.

"A very romantic twilight," I said. Teri looked at me, and her eyes twinkled.

"I want to thank you, James, for coming out with me. Other boys would just-- just shun me," Teri said.

"It seems we share something in common. Girls would shun me, too," I said. Teri began to cry. "Oh, dear, what's the matter?" I asked; I was surprised by her sudden episode.

"Thank you for not shunning me, James. You are one of the nicest boys I ever met. Not even my own father was as nice as you. He was always drunk, and he verbally abused me," Teri said.

I got up from the table, and I told Teri to get up. She got up, and I hugged her. She buried her head in my chest and cried, which put stains on my white shirt. After she finished crying, we sat back down and began to eat again.

"Tell me some things about yourself, Teri," I said.

"I love video games; my favorite game in the whole world has to be F-Zero GX for the Nintendo GameCube," Teri said.

"That's my favorite video game, too!" I said.

"Seriously?" Teri asked.

"Yes, my favorite course is Lightning: Loop Cross," I said.

"I really love Lightning: Thunder Road," Teri said.

"That's a nice one, too," I said, "tell me some more about yourself."

"I like to read; in fact, I read a lot. I like the book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," Teri said.

"I am a writer; in fact, I got a book published last year. It is called Cerulean Sisters," I said, but before I could explain what my book was about, a group of girls came in, and they looked almost identical to each other!

"Oh, my gosh!" Teri said.

"Hey! I once asked the girl leading that group out to dinner, and she told me she would never go out with a loser like me!" I said with disdain. Then, the girl I was referring to, who was blonde, skinny as a twig, and had periwinkle eyes, looked at us.

"Oh, look girls at the two losers sitting at that table-for-two over there. Hey, Teri, I didn't think you could ever get a boy, not even a loser one!" She and the other girls laughed.

"Oh, put a sock in it, Lynette! Why don't you just order yer food?" I asked.

"I think makin' fun of you two will satisfy my hunger," Lynette said and walked over to our table.

"Lynette, my dear, if I am such a loser, which I am not, why even approach me? Hmm?" I asked.

"Good point, James," Teri said.

"Oh, so that's yer name: James. That is such a loser name!" Lynette and the others laughed again.

"Is there a problem here?" Gladys asked as she came over.

"Oh, yes--" I began.

"Them!" I and Teri said simultaneously.

"Oh, hey, Gladys," Lynette said.

"Don't you hey, Gladys me, sugar! Now, you leave these young'uns alone. They've done nothin' to y'all!" Gladys said.

"Actually, like, by just existing, they've, like, disgraced us," said a girl named Bella in Lynette's group. I and Teri busted out laughing. "What's so, like, funny?" She asked.

"If you have a problem with, like, our existance, then, like, you talk to our parents then!" Teri said, saying like mockingly. I laughed very hard. Bella gasped in a whiny way and departed the group.

"Hmph! I'll let you off the hook this time, Sister, but be warned: I'll be back!" Lynette said to Teri and Lynette and her group went away after Bella.

"Disrespectful young'uns. Are you two okay?" Asked Gladys.

"Yeah, we're fine," Teri said. Gladys went away.

Chapter 4 Edit

As Teri was taking me home in her scotia-white, Honda del-Sol, I asked her a question.

"Teri, have-- have you ever been into-um, space?"

"No, I haven't, why?" She asked.

"Would you like to come with me to the Stellar Inn, the hotel they just recently opened in space in orbit of Earth?" I asked. Teri laughed.

"Are you joking? I mean, going up into space costs, like, three hundred fifty thousand dollars plus tax!" Teri said.

"I have the money. Remember? I told you I wrote a book and got it published, and thusly, I get royalties," I said.

"James, I'd be glad to go up into space with you. What's the name of that hotel again?" She asked.

"It is called the Stellar Inn," I answered. "You're coming?"

"Are you kidding? I'd never miss an opportunity like this! I think I might cry again," Teri said, and tears fell from her eyes.

"Oh, dear, you're crying again," I said.

"James," Teri wiped the tears, "these are tears of pure joy."

Chapter 5 Edit

On Saturday, October 16, 2010, I and Teri took an airplane flight to Berlin, Germany. In Berlin was Germany's massive spaceport: the Morgen vom Raumflug. After paying for the flight and being checked by security, I and Teri got on board the D.S.S. Frau der Sterne, registry number: MVR-209.

D.S.S. Frau der Sterne

The D.S.S. Frau der Sterne (MVR-209)

Chapter 6 Edit

Frau der Sterne with engines lowered

Frau der Sterne preparing to dock at Stellar Inn by lowering her engines

The Frau der Sterne approached a cylinder jutting out from the Stellar Inn. The ship lowered her engines and docked. I and Teri got off the starship and headed for the hotel's lobby. The corridors were red-and-white tubes with doors that would slide open automatically for a person in enough proximity to the door.

"Hey, Teri, what do you think of this place, hmm?" I asked.

"I like the corridors. The cylinder is my favorite geometric figure," Teri said.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"I am not really sure," Teri said. We came up to a three-way intersection between our corridor and another one to our right. A sign on the ceiling said, "Lobby" with an arrow pointing in the direction of the intersecting corridor.

"You reckon that sign might be misleading us?" Teri asked and laughed.

"It looks like to me if we were to keep going forward, we'd end up here again," I said, "and another thing, why would the good people of this hotel wanna mislead us?"

"To get a laugh out of it," Teri laughed.

"Oh, come on you silly-gorgeous geek!" I said and laughed and we went down the corridor to our right. We ended up at the center of the Stellar Inn; this was where the lobby was. There was a man in a snazzy suit that looked like a tuxedo, but it was green. His undershirt was white, and he wore a black tie with Pac-Men all over it. He was behind the desk with a cash register, and behind him were royal-blue keycards with numbers.

"Good early morning, sir, madame," he greeted; the name tag he wore said his name was "Hector."

"Good early morning to you, too, uh, Hector," I said.

"The same," Teri said, "how much is it to stay here?" She asked.

"Two thousand two hundred fifty dollars a night," Hector said.

Teri whistled, "man, that's a lot of money!" She said.

"Indeed," I agreed, and I gave Hector a gold credit card.

"Now, you understand, sir, that it is our hotel's policy to charge a deposit on your card?" He asked.

"Go right ahead!" I said. Hector snapped his fingers, and a woman came by his side.

"Helena, go escort these people to their room, and take their luggage." Hector ordered.

Chapter 7 Edit

We were now in our room, which had two, lovely, full-sized beds with dark-blue blankets, sky-blue sheets, and pure-white pillows. Like the hotel interior, the hotel exterior, and the Frau der Sterne, the room was painted in a red-and-white checkered pattern.

"You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say this was Swiss," I said, and Teri giggled.

"Yeah, the Swiss flag has a white cross with a red background," Teri said.

"Actually, this hotel is Swiss," Said Helena.

"You're still here?" I asked.

"I just want to see if you find the room to your liking," Helena said and smiled. I got on the bed nearest a rectangular window with a view of Earth.

"Earth is very, very beautiful from here," I said.

"Yeah, it is," Teri said, "oh, and Helena, we love the room."

"Oh, good, well, I guess I'll be on my way then, buh-bye," Said Helena, and she left the room.

"Buh-bye," I and Teri said simultaneously, "well, Teri, this hotel is Swiss. It reminds me of Swiss Miss hot chocolate," I said.

"But the Frau der Sterne was German, so why is it red-and-white?" Teri asked.

"Maybe she was built in Switzerland," I surmised. Then, I saw something interesting on the small table in between our beds. It was a brochure about the Stellar Inn; I opened it to immediately find that this place had a Bojangles'. "Holy inferno! Look, Teri, this hotel's got a Bojangles'!" I said with excitement, but Teri was too busy staring at me dreamily. We locked eyes, and she removed her glasses. She had a loving gleam in them, and before I knew it, we had locked lips, being guided completely by our hearts.

I am revamping this story, so to read the the new version, click here.

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