Home is the début album by American punk band, IDeKay.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Gone Crazy" (2:18)
  2. "Rock Out" (2:00)
  3. "Severed" (1:55)
  4. "Real Journey's" (2:33)
  5. "The Question is..." (1:46)
  6. "Ours for the Taking" (1:49)
  7. "I Know" (1:50)
  8. "Stronghold" (2:42)
  9. "Home" (1:56)
  10. "Hatred" (2:00)
  11. "The City Collapses" (1:40)
  12. "Outro" (1:00)

Production Edit

The albums production began in February 1975 to April 1975 and the album featured twelve songs that were recorded in two months since they didn't create very long songs, but they took a lot of effort to produce and make them into real-life songs whereupon "The recording was the hard stuff" said, Nick Raynier, the former vocalist of Residence of Evil and the album had critical ratings of 2.0/10.0 and the lowest was, 1.2/5.0.

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