IDeKay is an American hardcore punk band that formed in the early 1970s in Miami, Florida. The band is fronted by Nick Raynier, who is also the vocalist from Lost Land.

History Edit

The band was a very unpopular band that formed in 1972 and split up in 1989. The band reunited briefly in 1999 and for a 30th anniversary tour in 2002; in 2006, citing growing popularity among a new generation of fans, they decided to formally re-establish themselves as a band with Raynier's daughter Charlie Gutierrez Raynier, who of course grew up with the band's material, as lead vocalist.

Raynier, an avid surfer who grew up in Seal Beach, California, was vacationing in Miami in late 1971 when he met future Punk Hall of Fame guitarist Jeff Ashley at a party at the University of Miami. Ashley was was heavily influenced by reggae and ska music, as his father was a sales representative for Chevrolet in Jamaica, and the younger Ashley lived with his father for part of the year in Kingston as he was growing up in the 1960's.

Nick, who tended to be influenced by the Beach Boys and similar Southern California sounds he grew up with, as well as rockabilly, was impressed with Ashley's mastery of his now-iconic pale yellow Gretsch 6120 guitar, the same model used by rockabilly musicians such as Duane Eddy, whom Raynier idolized. The pair had a couple of impromptu jam sessions with Jeff in the Ashley family's Fort Lauderdale garage in the fall and winter of 1971-72. The South Florida region was in the grip of a fan frenzy for their successful pro football franchise, the Miami Dolphins, and most young people in the area were only interested in the Top 40 radio sounds, so the IDeKay musicians only had a small following outside of a few parties and coffeehouses near the University of Miami campus.

Drummer Ruben Gutierrez, the oldest son of the Ashley family maid, joined almost immediately and still performs with IDeKay to this day. Raynier began dating Ruben's younger sister Marina (who later became an accomplished jazz vocalist in her own right) not long afterward; the pair married in 1975 and had two children: Arturo "Artie" Raynier, who became an accomplished drummer, songwriter and guitarist; and Charlie, who became the lead singer of IDeKay upon the band's revival in 2006.

Charlie's voice is often compared to her famous mother's in tonality, with her father's signature soft raspiness thrown in.

Dave Dykhoff, lead guitarist for Raynier's original project, Lost Land, is also considered a member of IDeKay and often fills in for Ashley when IDeKay is in concert.

Artie Raynier married Dave Dykhoff's daughter Kirstie in 2007; the couple have a son, David Ruben, born in 2008.

The sound of IDeKay was a very early and innovative attempt to fuse Southern California beach rock rhythms with ska and reggae, which led in part to the American brand of punk rock enjoyed today.

Members Edit

  • Charlie Raynier - vocals (2006-present)
  • Nick Raynier - vocals, bass (1972-1989, 2006-present)
  • Jeff Ashley - guitar (1972-1989, 2006-present)
  • Ruben Gutierrez - drums (1972-1989, 2006-present)

Discography Edit

Main article: IDeKay discography

Studio albums Edit

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Compilations Edit

Live Edit

Split albums Edit

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