An English version of Seratus Hari

Time passed by so quickly...

Two children grew up under
differently influenced by teacher.
Only friendships impede them
to cross their way through fighting...

New books cameEdit

"Let's go to uncle Bücher's book store!" yelled the boy to his fellows, who were sat at a big table, discussing or just reading, along the old building.

"Yeah, there should be new books coming, shouldn't there?" another boy told him, who was excited at the very instant he heard the word 'book'.

"Sure!" answered the other. "It's the first Tuesday of the month, isn't it? The day when new books are delivered to the book store," added the other boy before his companions had a chance to say it.

"Come on! Let's go!" the others yelled. And then all the boys went to the book store, which was known as Book Store 'Uncle Bücher'.

Among the excited kids there was one, that, even though he felt the same excitation about new books as the others, was sad. He was Arme. Arme and his friends were students of a writing school, whose graduates work as writers.

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