100 years after the Battle of Hoth life is still flourishing. Other than the tauntauns and the dreaded Wampa Ice Monsters there is a small colony. A Lost Colony of Sith hiding out on Hoth has set up an academy and is training the next generation of Sith warriors waiting for their chance to strike at the Jedi. When a Jedi task force led by Fell Skyhawk arrives confrontation could be inevitable. It might not be Sith vs. Jedi but rather Master vs. Apprentice.


"It's just so cold," said Fell, shivering. "It's the Dark Side, I sense it is strong on this planet," Keira stated.

"I sensed it was all the death," Fell added. "Fell! That was a century ago!" A cold and awkward silence followed. Fell soon broke it by saying, "Mind your feelings. Anger and frustration are the ways of the dark side."

"I know, I know just a little on edge that's all."

"I hope so." he said relieved. Curiously, Fell wondered what would happen if Keira turned to the Dark Side; she was strong enough in the force to kill an entire squad of Jedi. Shaking his head Fell decided not to even think about it he had to keep his concentration on the here and now.

Chapter 1Edit

"Again run through the drills again." Kall heard his master say it time after time this was one of the times he was beginning to doubt himself.

"You must be faster, quicker. Absorb the dark side, use your hatred to make you powerful, use your anger to make you strong." Sweating profusely, Kall harnessed all his hatred, all his anger, at his master, at his weakness and unleashed into a mad flury of attacks and parries. Darth Shasa smiled.

"Good my apprentice that will be all for now." "You may leave." Kall shut off his lightsaber and hobbled over to the exit.

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