Hope and Love

Lost in a Maze
With all its wrong turns,
But yet in every turn lies Hope,
Such a hope that would bring one a great Feeling,
Such a Feeling that is unexplainable,
The feeling that makes one think they are on top of the world,
But then it happens.
You reach the end of the turn,
And you realize that it was all just a Mirage,
All that is there is a great black wall--
A wall--keeping you from the one thing you desire most,
And the little Light that guided you towards that turn fades away
And you fall,
You fall into the depths of Darkness,
And you feel like you’re Drowning,
Drowning in a River of Hate and Sorrow:
Hate for the light that guided you there,
There to something that Wasn’t there,
Something that you wanted too much--
Something you Longed for and Hoped for.
And then it all happens Again like a Never Ending Process;
Yet you Continue to follow a Light which lead you to another Mirage,
And another Black Wall.

But you don’t care, you don’t mind
The Pain and Sorrow
All because of that little Light that gives you Hope:
Hope that eventually you will make the right turn someday.
Then it will all be worth it.
There at the End you will find it--
The Feeling keeps you going,
The one that will last Forever,
The feeling that gives you Hope,
Hope in a Dark Maze:
A Dark Maze and all its Wrong Turns...

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