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The phone rang while John was talking, but the secertary still listened to John, but not in the overwhelmed why he had probably hoped for, but just idly paying attention to him, almost measuring him up.

"Eh," She said to the guard, "Something is wrong on the east courtyard, probably nothing they say." The guard grunted off out the doors.

She then looked toward John and shook her head, "You know, it's slightly out of sorts to ask a girl to get drink while she is...verking."

Now, John may or may not have been to Iowa, Idaho, but that last word was defintely in accent that wasn't American.

"Well, here is your pass, Percy, but I may a word of caution. Why don't you just check out the courtyards. Do not go any further. And then," she said writing something down. "Meet me here. I think I can get you what you are looking for, and much more. At a price."

She picked up the phone, though it did not wrong and she did not dial any numbers, and her eyes drifted like one who is on the phone, "You can go ahead as you planned, but I do think that is wise." She laughed as if the conversation she was having over the phone was entertaining. "Sure you have a pass, but once you leave here... Anyone ever asked you that hypothetical question: What would you do if you only had three days to live? Continue on and you might want to start thinking about that."

She hung up the phone and gave John a smile as soft and lovely as newly fallen snow, "I vould be must pleased now, if you vould meet me for a drink, at the location on the peice of paper I just gave you."

The note read:

Brookstone Pub, 25 minutes. Two blocks south of here. Meet me outside. a nice looking tie.

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John gave the girl a funny look when she had finished speaking, she sounded German, a horrid warlike bosch no doubt. He eyed her up until she gave him the paper, after reading it he put it in his blazer pocket. Then he turned on her, "I will meet you after viewing the courtyard but I want answers and I intend to get them. Dont you even try to doublecross me, I have powerful friends that could save me from any situation."

John finally said, "With three days to live I would make sure I destroyed everything that had put me in that situation, dont forget it. Meet me in this pub and I shall try to get a tie for whatever queer reason you suggest? A tie fetish perhaps?"

John shook his head in wonder before following the guard to the courtyard just to see what the woman was talking about.

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The courtyyard was almost perfectly maintained, and perhaps to Masterson's displeasure, almost perfectly empty. A few older fellows, probably in there seventies, walked along with a younger guide, probably no one important. They walked past John with a nod, and continued a quiet conversation after they past.

Five--ten--fiveteen minutes past, but nothing seemed to be catching his attention out in this courtyard.

The security guard that had been sent out by the secretary was out seemingly wondering until he spotted John and slowly made his way towards him, and finally was walking right next to him.

Oddly he didn't talk at first, merely blew into his hands trying to keep the bite away.

Finally as if realizing he had just been walking next to Masterson, the security guard turned to him, "Yeah, you got a pass, I just saw you inside." He said to both himself and to Masterson at the same time. He walked next to John for another awkward moment and then stopped, and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his inside breast pocket, putting on display, for a flash, his sidearm.

"Emma, actually talked to you. Yeah--" he had a burst of laughter, "that's the most she's talked in months. She's business like, never does anything without a purpose--you English guys, probably call her a tart or something. That she is."

The guard looked as though he feared he was boring John, "Hey, you want one?" He said offering his cigarettes, then before he could even answer the question, he took a step forward as if vying for his attention, "Buddy, aren't you supposed to see someone about a tie?"

The guard then sighed heavily, and shook his head quickly almost irratated, "Name is Eddie. I'm from Manhattan." He lit up his cigarette finally. "I was here for most the war, but I ain't ever home sick because...places ain't that much different. Island...crowded, bustle, ya know? 'Cept...Manhattan didn't get the hell bombed out of her, and I can't stand the thought of that ever even coming close to happening."

Eddie stopped talking...for once. And undid his own tie, as if he needed some air, "Sorry, talk a lot, I know. But I don't see any harm in it, as long as someone is listening. It's just that when people stop listening when others are try to speak is when all hell breaks loose. I ain't a brain, but that's the only way I think we got out of all this, people started listening."

"Yeah, Emma, never does anything without a purpose." Eddie flicked the cherry off his cigarette, and stuffed the rest back in his pack.

Eddie, then pulled his tie free from his neck, "So, yeah, gonna need this?" He said holding his tie out.

Still holding out the tie, but looking Masterson in the eye he continued, "Getting to ask questions is something you earn around here, but belated Christmas, if you got a real big one, ask it now. 'Else take the tie, two blocks south, you don't even have to cross the street. She'll meet you seven minutes."

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John was by now thoroughly confused, he listened to Eddie ramble on before taking his tie. Softly he flicked his collar up and put it on as he spoke to the man, "I will go and meet her then, after all these matters must be solved in time and fear not. I shall go and I shall listen all I can." John saying that straightened his tie and left the building, he walked two "blocks" (how he hated that word) south. He stood outside Brookstone Pub for the girl.

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John walked down the streets, it took sometime with all the early morning bustle, and he would have to weave in between folks obviously getting to work, or running errands for work.

It took a bit longer than he might suspect, but eventually he would spot Emma, her eyebrows furrowed, and casting daggers at him as soon as she spotted him.

"There are timelines to these things you know. I can just be away from work forever, come one."

She led him inside the Brookstone, a slightly upscale place. Inside many men in suits and ties, talked loudly, with some secretaries taking notes. Most the men were enjoying some very early morning drinks.

She led John to a very secluded part of the pub, and sat down, all in a hurried fashion, and lit up a cigarette.

Emma spoke in a very low-tone, "This is how, this is going to verk. Because you are obviously new to dis. I will ask a question, you will give me an answer, and I will give a gift. And not that kind of gift." There was that accent again, and it wasn't German, it was Russian.

She reached inside of her coak, and pulled out some papers neatly folded, "Blueprints?" She said quirking an eyebrow. "Now, who do you verk for?"

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"? ?????? ?????? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ??????????????" John softly mumbled to the girl. Softly he looked at her and straightened the infernal scratchy tie before continuing. "Look on the matter of who I work for, it is an old clichee but I really would have to kill you, and I especially dont negotiate with the commies. Look I know you helped us and all in the war but I dont trust you or your brethren."

John puts his hands on the table, softly he wiped his brow with his forehand, and looked at the girl, "Look I dont work for anyone, I am doing a job for a man who claims to be a member of the Ministry of Defense but I am not with them. I am just a humble Oxford student turned spy suddenly." He paused and licked his lips before going on, "I am looking for the fate of an international thief and that is all I know. You tell me that and I am sure I can help you somehow." John looked at the girl, god how he loved the Russian accent, it gave him goosebumbs even now.

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She listened to John, and inhaled deeply on her cigarette, cocking her head to the side, "Let me pose a question to you then...are you still looking for this thief?"

She threw the blueprints at him, they would bounce off his chest, and land into drift into his lap.

Emma ashed her cigarette quited pointedly into the ash tray, "Tell, me what kind of things would someone steal from an embassy? An international, vat vould they be interested in?"

She looked at the blueprints that were now in John's lap, with a frustion and an almost malice in her eyes.

"Ever cross your mind, the theif never left?"

A waitress was walking by, and Emma rich out a lightly tapped the girls arm, "Excuse me, miss, would you tell that man at the bar, I would like to buy him a shot of vodka. Thank you."

She crushed her cigarette into the ash tray, "Perhaps you vould like something to drink, now?"

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Among some circles in London John Masterton was a name that meant something. he could make women swoon and he could make men envious. Softly he looked at the blueprints, and then at the woman scoffing slightly. "I must say I have never spoken to a woman with such a boche accent before, you hide it remarkably well."

He smiled gently, "Hope you realise I dont really need blueprints but this thief you mention is worth about a night at the Savoy for me so lets get at it." He gently folded the prints and slipped them into his case, they might prove handy. "Drinky eh, yes how about allowing my eyes to drink in your radiant Teutonic features and besides that methinks a whisky and soda." He grinned and sat back, "Ah you know at Eton I have a ladyfriend by the name of Helga, jolly nice but could not understand a word she said. Seemed to be obsessed with the number nine." He shrugged, John had got French under his belt but he was no Prussian.

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"You are the most thick spy I've ever met," she said, sucking her cigarette, "but I'm sure it is your charm that got you dis far."

The waitress arrived at the man at the bar with a shot. He was heavyset and wore a worn and tightly fit, small-brimmed fedora. His posture changed upon receiving the shot and he turned around to meet eyes with Emma. Recognition crossed his face and he tipped his hat to her, then proceeded to sip his drink.

"Ve can help each other, silly man. Pass the files in your lap to the man at the bar. I will give you the name of your thief ven you return."

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When a man did not listen to a German wars began to John was quick to comply with the orders. He did not like pubs, they tended to contain Irishmen and scum of the earth. Naturally the Irish languished beneath scum of the earth but they were not much better. John handed the tick set man the files not really caring who he was or what the consequences of his actions were. He wanted to get his money and go and have a drinky.

Still he walked back to the table and stood behind the woman, he was rather upfront in putting his hands on her shoulders and gently beginning to rub as he began, "So about this spy then, should I at least sleep with you before you tell me? I though that was what spies did, technically you should be jolly unhappy about telling me but should swoon over my lovely words and mastery of language. Then you fall in love with me, I get the info off of you and then bugger off." John continued to stroke, "sounds about right, then off the Savoy for cakes."

  • Author: Laveaux, PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2005 8:39 am

The man at the bar did not even look up at John as he approached and left the files. No words were exchanged and no eyes were met. He continued sipping vodka and behaved as if the files were never there.

When John returned to the elusive young woman from Iowa, she did not react to his hands on her shoulder, except to emit an icy coolness that even the least receptive person in the country would notice.

Glancing upward at him she said, "I promised you to reveal your thief."

She reached into her purse and pulled out a compact mirror. With precision, she lifted the mirror in in front of John's face.

"There is your thief. His name, I think, jou already know."

Almost is if a miracle occurred, the man at the bar was gone and the files with him.

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John turned his head and saw a empty space at the bar. He suddenly felt as though he were in a Hopper painting ot possibly a Noel Coward play. Silence, death and a lack of humanity surrounded him as he realised what he had done. Still had he really cared he would have tried to find the man. But this went deeper than need, he did not really want to work for the ministry of defence, he was no good as a spy it was far too difficult. Instead he wanted to play golf and marry well. Possibly do some work in the colonies and a piddling thousand for such a complex job was outrageous. His honour however had been questioned.

"I have never hit a woman before and I dont intend to start now but they say over in Boche-land the women resemble men so maybe I am able to strike you." He took his hands from her throat and moved around to his side of the table and sat down once again. "I would hit you if I really cared about those plans or being a spy. You have likely noticed I am about a good a spy as the Irish are at being loyal subjects." He grinned slighly, "So you know good luck with whatever you feel like doing, you cost me a cool thousand that would of got me a night at the Savoy but I wont hold it against you." Gently John stood and gave a curt little bow, "you outplayed me so well done and good bye." John gave a last smile and walked out of the building. The bloody ministry of defence would be after him now but John reasoned they had offered him a job he had fumbled like a buffoon since spying was not his line of work. He still was confused about the woman, he was searching for a spy, where on earth did those files come from. Who knew? Still he wandered along the street towards Picadilly hoping to pop into the East India Club before deciding what to do. A little jaunt down to the county maybe? Get himself invited to a country estate where he could woo the aristocracy. He smiled and walked his hat resting happily on his head.

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Her smile was smug and her lack of fear was evident. She lit a cigarette and said, "Tell the Ministry of Defence I said hello."

Not moving as John left the restaurant, she continued to smoke her cigarette, her job was done. John left unnoticed and made it to the East India Club without being followed. It seemed the Ministry of Defence had not yet caught on to the events of that afternoon.

The club was garish and opulant as usual. Tons of wealthy gentlemen in their finest attire waltzed into the various rooms, some for dining, some for smoking. A young, greasy-haired, pristine-postured Maitre d' immediately came to his aid. A white tuxedo jacket and cumberbun decoraetd his torso and a black tie and handkerchief served as accessories.

"Ah, good day to you, sir. Will you be dining this afternoon?"

  • Author: John Masterton, PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2005 11:11 am

"No just sitting for the moment, I think I will eat later, for the moment. Yes for the moment I need to do a little fishing if you will excuse me." John stood and moving in that supple and confident way only a well educated Englishman can he breezed like an ethereal beast into the smoking room. His earlier troubles had served as a nice distraction until lunch. Now however this was work, this was about getting a free ride for a little bit.

He scanned the smoking room. Removing a cigarette from his case he lit it quickly and trained his eye across the room. He had not been in the club for some time but he knew the rich were here. Now all he needed was some rich old woman who did not mind a little flirting and would put him up in her estate for a few days. He could hone his seduction powers on her and then move onto the daughter/niece/cousin/milkmaid/servant girl or whoever else cropped up. He rubbed his hands as he moved about the room looking for a prime target to latch onto like a predatory disease.

  • Author: Laveaux, PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 9:04 am

The Smoking Room was filling with clientele, being the middle of the day. The very wealthy or the assistants of the very wealthy enjoyed brandy, cigars, pipes, and cigarettes while seated in Italian leather chairs and enjoying the company of young debutants and their leathery-skinned mothers.

There was a twenty-something cocktail waitress delivering tobacco and spirits, as well as a young man who cleaned up after everyone. Aside from them, the rest of the room were Britain's elite, enjoying an hour with good company.

No woman in the room was without a man, except for one. An exceptional black-haired beauty with a bob cut, red lipstick an riding uniform complete with khakis and knee-high boots. Enjoying a glass of Chablis, she simply stood to the side of the room exploring all of the inhabitants with classy disinterest.

  • Author: John Masterton, PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 3:18 pm

John spotted his target. Softly he licked his lips and ran a hand over his hair flattening it against his skull. His tongue darted out like a snake and gently soothed his lips. He had expected some fifty something woman he could charm and then visit her estate. Even if this woman lived in a hovel in the heart of Ireland he would not care. As long as the hovel was heated. Still he sidled up to her, his shoes making a delightful crack against the floor as he walked.

"My aunt was the head of the Rorchester ride, it was sometimes remarked that you could hear her voice across two counties, I feel sorry for the little blighters but I shoot rather than dash about on horses. Despite the fact I am a corporal in the cavalry. However I did not come over to tell you of my extended family. I came here to ask you if I could escort you to lunch today?"

John paused for a second, "My name is John by the way, John Hercules Masterton and I am just back from Sandhurst and Cabridge, thought I would sample my membership here and I am not dissapointed." John awaited the woman's answer with a great deal of trepidation. For once he felt a sense of necessity in securing this woman's charms.

  • Author: Laveaux, PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2005 8:37 am

Black eyes scanned John as he spoke, her pale skin starkly contrasted against finely cared for bobcut hair. She kept her head low and her eyes up like women in the picture shows, trying to seduce men. Limply toting her white wine with her fingers, she allowed the index finger to extend to her chin.

"Why, Mr. Masterton, do you always disclose your family history to strange girls?"

She took a confident sip and said, "Perhaps I know your aunt, I am familiar with the Rochester ride. Surely she must have been proud about her young dapper nephew fighting for Queen."

She glanced only for a second at his cigarette and then added, "Are you sharing, Mr. Masterton?"

  • Author: John Masterton, PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2005 10:30 am

John smiled amiably, "Oh you know I give my family details to women who look like they are worth talking to." He smiled, his lips attractively curving and seeming to become more prevalent. Softly his body moved just a bit closer to hers as he leaned against the wall almost sending a signal that he was the male now courting this woman. This part of the room was his.

"I never fought, my Uncle who funded me through Eton kept me at Sandhurst and my education was paramount. I was rather peeved but quite releived actually, just imagine I could have died on the beaches or I could be atalking witgh lovely women in expensive clubs."

"Oh and my aunt is rather well known, married a rather rich man named Travers no less. But I assure you I am far more interesting." On the girls question he grinned, "Excuse my lax etiquette but I always find it more plesant to share a single cigarette than start a new one." John offered his cigarette to the girl, putting it up to her lips.

"So I hope this is not going to be a short conversation, rather I would prefer to accompany you from now till this evening. Possibly lunch here and then we could wander through the city streets and discuss various world matters." John smiled and leaned against the wall, it was lcear that he wanted her and she knew it.

  • Author: Laveaux, PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 9:55 am

Keeping her eyes unblinking and locked, she quietly accepted his banter and with elegance took a hit off his cigarette, blowing smoke out delicately. Not changing her expression with his plans for the day, she only cocked her head slightly and then took his cigarette.

"You assume I have nothing better to do, Mr. Masterton."

Turning her shoulder to him she went to a nearby cocktail waiter and ordered a martini. Not completely closing to him, she still maintained control of the situation.

"Can I presume you are able to afford lunch here?" She said not looking at him.

  • Author: John Masterton, PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 3:15 pm

"You may presume as much, money is no problem at the moment but I would like lunch with a jolly attractive woman with the ability to talk, lunch with an ice maiden may get a bit tiresome." He now had the delicate task of regaining control of the woman without pushing her away. He enjoyed these sparrings but had to be careful. How he wanted this woman. She was attractive and seemed rich as well. Handy and a potential marriage candiadate especially if she had good relations and a title.

"To be honesy my dear I do assume you have nothing better to do, only meeting the Queen and possibly having lunch with the leading golfers of the day would be more enthralling than lunch with me and I dont think you are doing either." He carefully adjusted his collar and ran a hand through his hair.

"Now we have reached a critical moment in how our lives with travel from this moment, either you are content with my cugarette alone or seek to dine with me. Now I am going to get a table, if you feel the need for company feel free, I shall be glad to have you." With that John walked off into the dining room where he took a seat and waited. He would either eat alone or with her. The food would quell the dissapointment or render a perfect moment even better.

  • Author: Laveaux, PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 7:50 am

She turned back to him and then took another pull of the cigarette, "Even an Ice Maiden needs a fire to warm her hands by."

Stepping forward she put both arms around his neck, gripping the cigarette in between her fingers.

"I shall see if my schedule has opened up."

She returned the cigarette to John and watched him leave for the dining room. Waiting long enough to be interesting but not short enough to be desperate, she joined John at his table.

"There is something you should know about me, Mr. Masterton, I enjoy taking money from the wealthy. Men I sit with are generally ones I am making fools of. You are not easily conned, so I decided to come clean before we talk about anything else."

She paused, "Of course, I am interested in the wine selection as well."

  • Author: John Masterton, PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 11:43 am

John smiled as she confessed to him, "You know the advantage of going to Eton, Oxford and Sandhurst is you get to know the right people. Now if we are talking about honesty I shall let you know my family is not rich, I am not rich myself not do I have any means of getting a lot of money. I am a perennial parasite on my chums so you are in good company. However I can stretch to pay for you now have no fear of that." He gently took a puff from the cigarette.

Gently he gazed at her through the tabacco mist, she was quite stunning and totally opportunistic, "you know when I saw you I fully intended to get some cash off you. I mean I had you down for a countess or some other genrtywoman who had a big country estate somewhere in Devon. I am quite dissapointed I wont get to spend time in the country now." Softly he picked up the wine menu before discarding it. "You choose the wine then I have no eye for these things."

Silently he sat and brooded before saying, "You know I am afraid that I am rather slipping behind my chums, I mean by rights I should be a member of the gentry by now Lording over an estate in a quaint town in rural England. I mean I am a loafer. I dont suppose you have any unmarried landed ladyfriends who need a husband do you?" He chuckled gently showing he was less than serious or optimistic.

John put a hand to his mouth and rubbed his lips for a moment before looking at the girl quizically, "You know if I am buying you lunch ice queen you could at least tell me your name and occupation besides money filtcher of course?" John sat back and intrigued that he was waited for an answer.

  • Author: Laveaux, PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2005 9:27 am

After John's confession the woman smiled as well, "It seems we are two peas in a pod."

"I may not have a big country estate in Devon, but I know many who do. I think the two of us can still go to the country, but perhaps with a clever plan. There are several families of whom I've made an aquaintance. We simply need to plot how to get them to give us their wealth willingly.

"Depending on how well you work, Mr. Masterton, I may ask you to be my partner."

She smiled quite sweetly at his request and said, "Christian. Angela Christian. I swindle people out of their money for a living. I have some rather big plots and so have been waiting for the right . . . persuasion to help me."

The waiter then arrived, "Good afternoon to you, would you like to see the wine list?"

"Your finest Bordeaux," she said, keeping her eyes on John, "and an assortment of cheese."

Momentarily stunned that the woman ordered, the waiter cleared his throat , said, "Yes, right away madam" and proceeded to the kitchen.

  • Author: John Masterton, PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2005 3:15 pm

John raised an eyebrow, "partner eh, in what sense I wonder." John sat mulling until the wine and cheese arrived. While softly sipping some extravagantly priced wine he retured to the conversation. "You realise I have a reputation. I am a Colonel in the army, I went to Oxford and a bit of fraud on my record could be very very detrimental to my future career. But if I was to travel down to these estates with a woman who had told me she was possibly a respectable member of the community, and it emerged I had been tricked as much as anyone else. I dont think they could blame me then could they? Plus the money we could make would be rather nice. Buying titles is a bit crasse but there are some nice little castles up in Scotland or little estates in the north I am interested in. However if we go into this we are not going for pocket change, no pilfering the pearl necklace, we go in for the whole deal. We taken all we can, Estate, title, money and everything from these families, I will not risk a sully to my reputation for pennies."

Gently he put a piece of bree in his mouth and ate it, then gently held it out to her mouth. Just holding it near those lips, "Fromage pour madam?" He softly said, "You like the high life, so lets make sure we stay at the top of the British socia hierachy. A beau with such a good background may well add credibility to your scheme, what do you think?"

He smiled again quite liking how the plan was going thusfar, "So tell me who have you got lined up? Some nice little counts, or perhaps a shipping magnate, I would naturally prefer to take as much money as possible."

  • Author: Laveaux, PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:09 am

"I too have a reputation, Mr. Masterton, that is why I choose one of many aliases when I participate in such schemes. You could be anyone you want for a small price and with a few humble excuses utilize your earnings as your true identity. With war and organized crime in this world, no one pays a passing fancy to people like us and they certainly do not care where our wealth came from.

"I have my sights on a newspaper tycoon. He should have died 10 years ago, but the mummified old man keeps ticking. He is London elite, but has taken residence in Devon. His promiscuities drove him away from his baby daughter not 20 years ago. Estranged and destitute his daughter and the woman who bore her never passed before his eyes again.

"To, as you say, go in for the whole deal, I will need to assume the identify of his daughter and you will shall be my lawyer. Our scheme will be to take his estate before he dies.

"Unless, you have a better plan."

Smiling devilishly, she sipped her wine.

  • Author: John Masterton, PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 6:37 am

John smiled, it was one of those smiles that contained no joy or any kind of nice emotion. It was a smile that radiated greed and lust, a smile of the most horrific sort. "My dear Angela before today I never thought I would meet a woman that was my equal in debate and in ambition. I tip my hat to you."

John took another sip of wine, "Then lets rob this old coot, the estate would only go to a labour government when he died so why not good stock of the British establishment." He turned his eyes on the girl, they were piercing and fiery and warranted his old university nickname, "The lion of the union." He smiled showing a row of pearly teeth much like a shark with especially good dental care, "Now look here however, it is all very well me being your lawyer and going down and helping you do all these things. Advising the old coot to give you his estate and his empire and whatnot, but when he is six feet under god rest his soul why am I supicious that suddenly the lady of the manor will see me as the cog in the machine that is surplus to requirements. I dont doubt you will do all you can to keep my sweet but forgive me for assuming you are not the sharing kind of girl."

He leaned back and while she no doubt looked for an answer he said quite offhandedly, "Will be nice to escape London for a while, but I do wonder what this reputation of yours is? You are a conwoman yes, but besides that? I mean you mentioned you were familiar with my aunt's ride, are you of good birth yourself?"

  • Author: Laveaux, PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 9:43 am

"Well now," she said with seduction drenching her voice, "that is a legitimate concern. I suppose you shall have to make sharing my wealth worth my while. If you do become, as you say, a cog in the wheel, then perhaps you will need to figure out how to become . . . grease in my wheel.

"Of course, if you don't trust me, this is not worth embarking on."

Satisfied with her non answer, she sipped more of the expensive Bordeaux.

"I liked to you about my reputation, Mr. Masterton. I have never heard of your aunt, nor have I ever ridden."

She winked, "I was born in Liverpool and escaped home at 16. I have been working for myself ever since."

  • Author: John Masterton, PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:31 am

"Lied to me eh? I can only admire that I suppose. I think you are the most clever northern person I have ever met. As for meeting my aunt, you seem to have your hearing so I saw through that lie. I think it will be fun trying to become as you say grease in your wheel but I am not a risktaker my dear, I am a sensible Tory and as such will have ways of assuring my gain. Oh and I shall teach you to ride if we have time."

John himself took a sip of the wine wondering if he could charge it to someone elses account "But I will trust you for now, please dont try and swindle me because you will regret it." He took his pocketwatch from his waistcoat pocket and scanned its face. "We could get the night train if you like, there is no point wasting any time is there? After all if this chap needs a little help to wade across the Styx then we should oblige." He drained his glass and began to finger through his wallet for the bills to pay hoping they would set off soon. It was only a brief jaunt to the station from here and they could be in Devon or wherever this place was quickly he imagined.

  • Author: Laveaux, PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2005 3:23 pm

Only half-smiling at John's remark, she gathered her purse taking his cue to leave.

The waiter came by, taking their leftovers and then said, "Are you finished then? Will you be charging this to your account, or do you wish to settle now?"

Her interested eyes darted quietly to John to see how he would handle this opportunity.

  • Author: John Masterton, PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 8:53 am

John was a practical man and while he could pay now replaced his wallet and smiled at the waiter. "Righto charge this to the account of Lewis Caruthers will you, I am a guest at his house, he will pick up the bill, just tell him John Masterton asked him to. We went to Eton and Oxford together." He smiled at the waiter, and quickly took a note from his pocket, "Oh and I know tips are supposed to be handed in at the front office, but buy yourself something nice eh?" He softly put the note in the man's front pocket. "Now if you will excuse me I am taking this lovely lady to the county. She tires of the city this time of year."

He smiled and put and arm around Angela, "Come on Darling we will miss the train." He turned to the waiter again and smiled, "I tell you they cant move unless full to the brim of wine and expensive food." With that he began to walk away with the woman, naturally if he was stopped he would pay but he had signed in with his name so they could tell it was John here not some flippant imposter. Besides he wanted to get the night train, and while he held that woman to him he contemplated getting only a single carriage. Saving money and maybe she would not mind sharing a bed...." He grinned to himself, "So while we walk, tell me do you want to take this man's house and money or his entire company. I have always fancied the life of a newspaper magnate myself." He mused as he collected his hat and set it on his head, gently he picked up his briefcase that had all his necessities in it. "Now do you need to get things from somewhere before we go?"

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