it starts in the year 0 AAM when the Several Tribes arrive at the World called supraterra bringed by a Unknown Specie to See evolution of a new Society, out of nothing, within this world most of the civilization groups are prior to the wide usage of Gunpowder weaponry, and after the agricultural revolution on earth history

  • 0 AAM: all tribes arrive, and settle in the continents they are going to remain to, and or begin their a massive diaspora through the entire world's population (which is not higher than 7 million people) in this year starts the age of Nomadism, in which most if not all tribes continue travelling through the landmasses and attempting to settle in lands with failures, due to a relatively harsh environment at the moment
  • 12 AAM: In this year a asteroid hit the Antarctic ice causing a heating of the temperature in most of the world increasing the chances for the humans to populate their current positions, but this aswell caused a great damage as the farms failed continuing the nomad age, but in this year, the Roman, Greek and Belgae tribes in eurachia continued to move southwards aswell as the other tribes, in which eventually the would reach positions that would allow them reach their finally positions in southern eurachia
  • 45 AAM: almost most of the peoples in the Eurachian continent had already settled in their final sites, same occurs with the roman tribes that after the battle of Aetia Lucilla Hill gained primacy over nova Italia, in which the ended the belgae attempts to invade the small city states of western Italica ( or nova italia) and the Formation of the Dominium Romanum which would be " Lordship of the Romans, which controlled most of the northern italica
  • 59 AAM: in Mesopotamia some Aztec-Nahuatl tribes begin forming the usual Lordships in the south, under the Ruling of the Prominent Moctezuma, in Eurachia the Dominium Romanum gains some power as the Western eurachian trading power as most of the goods from Southern Eurachia must pass through the Ports of the Lordship, the Senate is Organized after the Dominus Maximus Iulius Marcus Dronicus Leaded an uprising in Venetia nova which almost succesfully overthrew the Roman Leadership but, the General Marcus Scipio "Veneticus" put it down in the Battle of Siracusa forcing to Leave the Iulian army the lands of the Federation, in Eastern Serica the King Lao Tse "Qing" Lord of Suongshi Begins seeking to Unify the Qing Peoples in the Region, under Suongese Sovereignity Beginning with the Occupation of Laoshuo in the coast
  • 75 AAM: The Greek City states form the Dimokratia Ellade, a Federation of Greek States under one Democratic Ruling in which the king, Duke or President of said nation could be choosen by the People of the Federations member to Rule over their Dominions as leader of their Culture and Civilization, While this in The Roman Lordships the General Veneticus Dies, Leaving His Son, Arcadius Iulius Scipio "Venetiae" as General and dux of the Dominium Venetiorum in the north, in the border between Terra Belgarum Orientalis (Land of the West Belgae), and Terra Celtensis Gallorum (Land of the Gaulish celts), by 79 AAM a Celtic Leader under the name of Lugos Nordius Invades Venetia Ulterior, Taking and Sacking the City of Scipia Augusta, founded by "Veneticus" with this the Roman Arcadius Leads a Recovery campaign with no success Turning out as a Crushing defeat of the Roman Armies in the Battle Scipiensis, which means most of the northern Regions of Venetia Falling under Celtic Hands, by March of 80 the Dux Arcadius Scipio "Venetiae", Visits the center of the Federation, Nova Roma, To Study Tactics used by the Roman Armies Decades before him,
  • Lao tse Empire grows as his armies crush the small tribal ruled small kingdoms in its vecinity with no mercy,he was at the top of their known world, no man would stand along his path to Refuse the pass of time and growth of a new empire,but in the East a Great man arosed, Hiro Hathan (Randomness) King of the Small Shathan a Nomad Hinduist Kingdom,he Said to Protect his brothers in the West and that he would end Lao Tse's Expansionism once in for all,Serica was at war, and no one could stop both leaders to fall in a bloody conflict, Tahir, Leader of the Shathanese armies Made the first strike in Taihadan a  Serican imperial Island Easily taking the Unprotected island and Opening the only direct path to the capital to the shathan kingdom by 76 aam the Armies inland of the Serican and Shathanese were almost drowned in each others blood, but a group of 5000 man remained at the island as the Serican fleet was unable to carry so many troops to fight the shathanese army in the island, the King and tahir realized that continuing the war was useless and would only give them time to reinforce their power and ruling on the west rather than weaken them, so the army was splited into three in the continent, one to protect the border between the Shathan and Serica and two to Invade serica's capital,using the island as command base for the fleet to enter the enemies head, Sixty ships sailed from Ahmanisraya to Taihadan each ship with about 500 man each     and Landed in the port. the King Pronounced the great words in Shathanian "akhii ka turhe althar ibraer kuter arruq annhe" "Those who had destroy our lands shall perish now" the now 35 thousand man army sailed at Sariqia capital of the Serican Empire with the sixty transport ships and now with 60 warships to raid and destroy the Serican fleet to allow the troops to be deployed in the port but as planned the 60 transport ships separated into three groups,both landing outside the city one in the west one in the east, easily taking down the weaken military defenses, and sieging the city,in the afternoon of the third day of the second Lunar cycle the city was taken after the fleet destroyed the serican fleet and crushed the armies in land, the Emperor Lao Tse Fleed with the last of His army to the north hoping to retake his City from the hand of the Unworthy Shathanese the city is Annexed to the Shatanese Empire and the Rest of the Kingdom is divided in Several Small parts,Called, Marajhaas or Small Kingdoms in the Shathanese language all vassal or allies to the shathan emperor, the Emperor begin the rule "akhii aber kuter" Or the rule of "those,their lands" in the East of the Serican Sea(Sariq Ismahara) traders found the "Rahir Alkhan kuter"- Northern Winds Lands or Simplified as Rakutia a Small Kingdom of an Unknown People called the Alkhanians and the tribe of rahir,the Kingdom begin to use the Shathanian Scripture as the Kingdom lacks of its own scripture currently, the King Hiro Hathan Dies in 86 AAM as the old man of 64 years old Falls ill in the Capital Sahhakuter his Empire falls to the hand of his Son Balcathar I Emperor of Shahathan,King of Sahhakuter,Lord of Caris,Lord of Salhaen and King of Rullhian,at the ironic view of the world, he is like the enemy his father fought for his greatness Lao tse, who with 45 years old Sees the events in Shahathan and the Sariqian Sea as a Good chance to retake what was his, in 89 he launches a campaign at the civil warring province of Nahra Ilah in the farthest of the Serican Territories

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