This is the cover page of Herrol's Journey!

Herrol's Journey is an epic story, taking inspiration from the great myths and legends of the past, when almighty heroes fought against monstrous beasts and sometimes saved beautiful damsels who kind of just stood there waiting to be saved like retarded children. But that's not the point! The point is that the heroes were great men, who changed the very fate of the World, and defied the wills of the Gods. And their great feats were told and retold throughout the ages.

In the land of Gargathor, there is an ancient ritual that has been written by an ancient wizard to be realized when a king dies with no heir. The sacred rite of kingmaking will make sure that the king will be the divinely mandated Chosen One, who will rule as only the Rightful King ever could. The tale of Herrol is masterfully narrated by one of the Great Chroniclers, as the peasant fights against nigh-insurmountable odds in his Fated Quest.


Herrol's Journey/1 - The Prologue, and When Adventure Calls, the first two parts of this great tale of great people accomplishing great things. The reader is brilliantly introduced to the mystical land of Gargathor where vile beasts hide in every forest, and the forces of magick run wild, which greatly impairs SV reception. In this land there lives Herrol, a peasant with a nobleman's heart, and a divine Destiny. Read on, as the Call is suspensefully resisted, a shield is bought, the Secret Council of Shadows is introduced, and the first Quest in the path to kingdom is accomplished.

Herrol's Journey/2 - In The Road of Trials, the third part of the amazing chronicle of this great warrior of old, Herrol, shaken by his battle against the dreadful boar of Humba, tries goes back to the peasant life, only to realize that his adventures have changed him so much that he no longer can survive in the mundane world! With this realization, he trains under the mystical and mysterious The Immortal One, in the manifold skills and arts of swordmanship, before rejoining his Gods-Given Mission.

Herrol's Journey/3 - to be written

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